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August 2019

Aileen and Juluies’ Poolside Village Hotel Changi Wedding Solemnisation

Aileen and Juluies defied the rain during their Village Hotel Changi wedding solemnisation outdoors at the beautiful rooftop pool!

Aileen Tan, 35, Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Industry, and Juluies Lee, 40, Fleet Manager bonded over their love for Penang cuisine, and Juluies took the opportunity to ask Aileen out on a date to eat some of their favourite dishes. The couple held their wedding solemnisation outdoors at Village Hotel Changi’s beautiful rooftop pool on 5 January 2019, where the rain clouds magically cleared just in time for their ceremony!

How did you meet?

Aileen: We got to know each other through a mutual friend. We got connected via Facebook and started chatting with each other for a couple of months. One day, we started talking about our shared love for Penang food (as we are both Malaysians) and Juluies asked me out for a dinner of Penang fare. During that very first date, we realised we clicked pretty well and found that we had a lot in common.

Over the span of four years, we did a lot of things together. As I love travelling, we both have been travelling to new places, and trying activities together which we both have not done previously.

What do you love most about your partner?

Juluies: I love her independence. She is a very independent woman, and very caring and considerate to others.

Aileen: I love everything about Juluies! He is patient, happy-go-lucky, kind, gentlemanly, and hardworking. He can cook and most importantly, he helps out with the housework, which is so rare nowadays!

What was the proposal like?

Aileen: It was during a short getaway to Cebu in June 2018, a very much needed getaway for both of us. Nothing happened for the first couple of days. On our very last night there, we had dinner at one of Shangri-la Resort Cebu’s beachside restaurants, and took a walk on the beach afterward. The weather was good that night with lots of stars, and the moon was shining brightly over us. Juluies seized that opportunity to go down on one knee and asked if I would marry him.

How did you create your wedding theme?

During the wedding preparation period, I read a lot of wedding-related articles. The idea of an outdoor wedding caught both of our hearts and without any hesitance, we decided to do an outdoor wedding. I actually had a deep love for rustic decor and fairy lights. So that’s how we ended up with an outdoor wedding with fairy lights and an overall rustic theme.

As we both wanted to have an outdoor wedding, our focus was looking for any kind of outdoor venue. We went to a couple of hotels and venues with outdoor venues, but not many accommodated having the wedding banquet outdoors too. Most of the hotels had an outdoor venue for solemnisations, but we would eventually need to move indoors for the banquet. In the end, we chose Village Hotel Changi due to the look of the venue at their Creek Pool Side, which love at first sight for Juluies.

What was your wedding day like?

Aileen: Our wedding in Singapore was not a conventional one that started with a gate crash, tea ceremony, etc., as we will be holding those Chinese traditional ceremonies back in our hometown in Malaysia. So we only had our solemnisation ceremony followed by a dinner banquet at Village Hotel Changi.

Our wedding day was full of excitement! As our wedding was an outdoor event, the success of the event was very much dependent on the weather. A month prior to the actual day, I was checking the weather forecast almost every other day, praying for good weather for that couple of hours during our wedding banquet.

On the day itself, it was raining heavily in many parts of Singapore (except Changi Village) in the afternoon! And I got sooooo worried because you could actually see the dark clouds moving towards us. Our solemnisation was to be held at the rooftop pool of Village Hotel Changi and our banquet was to be held at the Creek Pool in Village Hotel Changi. So in the event of rain, the back up plan was to move everything indoors. But on the very same day, there was another wedding booked in the ballroom, so to move in for us meant we could only use the space which was connected to the hotel lobby!

For me and Juluies, we didn’t want to make any changes as we loved the Creek Pool so much. However, we needed to decide whether to move indoors by 4pm that day so that the banquet staff had adequate time to set up the banquet tables indoors. By 4pm that day, it started to drizzle! But we still want to believe that the wind would blow the thick clouds away and the rain would stop by the time our event started. Our wedding coordinator from Village Hotel Changi even called Changi Airport control tower to check on the wind direction! And finally at 4.30pm, the sky cleared up. Luck was definitely on our side!

So we proceeded with the original plan! Our solemnisation was a small and intimate event where we only invited family members and a couple of close friends. The view at the roof top pool was spectacular and to have our ceremony held there was one of the wisest choice we made. After the ROM ceremony, we headed down to the Creek Pool at Level 1 to welcome our guests. I was definitely the happiest bride to see the overall set up of the wedding venue.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Juluies: It was the moment I sang her a song on stage. It was so special because she had not hear me sing before. It was unplanned as it was a song request by my friend and he requested for me to sing.

Aileen: To be able to move around the wedding venue freely to mingle with our friends and family. As the wedding was held in an outdoor venue, it just felt very relaxing and non-restrictive.

The Size of the Wedding: 150 guests
The Venue: Village Hotel Changi
The Wedding Day Photographer: Natalie Wong Photography
The Gown: Yvonne Creative Bridal
The Bride’s Shoes: Christy Ng Shoes
The Suit: GMC, Bangkok
The Engagement Ring: Soo Kee Jewellery
The Wedding Bands: Venus Tears
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Minnie
The Wedding Stylist: Ronce Envy Creation
The Pre-Wedding Photographer: Yvonne Creative Bridal
The Photobooth: Canpix Photobooth
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Dreamweavers
The Wedding Favours: Dreamweavers
The Band: Musical Touch
The Solemniser: Goh Khon Chong, JP, BBM(L)
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Images by Natalie Wong Photography

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Aileen and Juluies’ Poolside Village Hotel Changi Wedding Solemnisation