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April 2020

Makeup Magic with Cynderella by Cynthia Oh

Meet the talented and fashion-forward Cynderella makeup artist Cynthia Oh, and read a real bride’s reviews about Cynderella makeup services.

Well-known in both the wedding scene and the fashion editorial industry, makeup artist Cynthia Oh of Cynderella has won awards for her hair and makeup skills. Editorially trained, Cynthia has worked with celebrities such as Hong Kong star Bernice Liu, Taiwanese music artiste Eric Chou, and local artistes Michelle Chong, Jean Danker, and Amy Cheng, and had her work featured on cover pages and editorial in magazines locally and abroad.

Her background in fashion has shaped her hair and makeup aesthetic, and her brides love her keen eye for style. “I started my career in the editorial department thanks to celebrity makeup extraordinaire Grego Oh,” shares Cynthia, who is now celebrating her makeup company Cynderella’s eighth year. “Going through the fashion path has made me very versatile in my taste and fashion sense, and my hair and makeup style has a hint of fashion in it.”

Image by Antelope StudiosImage by Antelope StudiosImage by Antelope Studios

Cynthia’s sense of style is what caught bride Shiyan’s eye when she was looking for a makeup artist for a pre-wedding shoot in Santorini. “Beyond technical skills, I also consider the makeup artist’s style and creativity,” says Shiyan. “I find myself especially drawn to makeup artists with not only a great sense of style, but also the ability to use their creativity to take it up a notch tastefully. In addition, a good makeup artist should be informed about the products that they use, and how to adapt them for different skin types. Cynthia had all those qualities and on top of that, she had a good eye for colour, which made all the difference in creating an exceptional makeup look.”

As someone who usually went bare-faced, Shiyan was initially confused about selecting a bridal look, but Cynthia soon laid her concerns to rest. “Communication is key, and I always talk to my brides about their likes and dislikes, the theme of the wedding, what dress she will be wearing, and a host of other things so that I can better understand her and create something that’s truly hers,” Cynthia says. She took time to get to know Shiyan better before recommending makeup styles that would suit her, and even voguish hairstyles that she would never have explored. “Cynthia is incredibly talented with a great eye for style and aesthetics, and she created hair and makeup looks that made me look the best I had ever looked in my life!” exclaims a very happy Shiyan.

Image by Lightedpixels PhotographyImage by Lightedpixels PhotographyImage by Lightedpixels Photography

With a focus on enhancing a bride’s features, Cynthia creates beautiful, natural looks that emphasise the eyes, so her brides truly have a radiant bridal glow on their big day. “I adore the way Koreans and Japanese do the base of the skin to create natural, clean, and slightly luminous skin, and I love the perfect big eyes achieved by eye makeup, eye taping, and lashes application,” says Cynthia. “The eyes are so important. I really believe that they are the windows to the soul.” For bridal hairstyles, Cynthia’s specialty lies in soft and romantic American styles, such as those you find on Pinterest. “Braids and a hint of organised mess!” laughs Cynthia. “I feel that such bridal hairstyles are more relaxed and romantic. But it also largely depends on the theme of the wedding and the bride’s preference, as well as suitability.”

For Shiyan’s shoot in sunny Santorini, Cynthia designed a look that would look romantic and glamorous against the beautiful island cliffs, while being able to withstand the Mediterranean climate. “We decided to go for a timeless makeup look that looked like ‘me’, but enhanced and completely sweat-proof!” says Shiyan. The results were stunning, and acquaintances started asking her about her makeup artist when they saw her photos. “I received overwhelming compliments from my family and friends about my makeup and hair,” says Shiyan, adding that her husband, who doesn’t usually pay her compliments, was speechless and couldn’t stop smiling when he first saw her at the shoot.

Understanding the special joy and excitement of a pre-wedding shoot or a wedding day, Cynthia strives to form better relationships with her clients, and is always happy to go the extra mile so they fully enjoy their magical days. On destination shoots, her relationships with brides grow even closer. “Cynthia has a great personality!” shares Shiyan, who appreciated the care showed her by the mother of three with a special needs child. “My overall makeup experience with Cynthia was an incredible one and it eventually felt like we were good friends exploring an exotic location on a vacation.”

Beyond hair and makeup, Cynthia taught her tricks of the trade such as how to pose in the photos, and advised her on the style of gowns, accessories, and even bridal bouquets that would best suit her. “In Santorini, my hotel was nestled deep in the cliffs on Imerovigli, but despite that, on the day of the shoot, Cynthia showed up earlier to ensure that we had everything in place,” remembers Shiyan. “During our shoots, it was hard for me to walk in my big gown as we had to traverse steep slopes and narrow stairs, and Cynthia was such a dear in ensuring that I stayed safe and that my hair and makeup was on point.”

Well-travelled and experienced, Cynthia also advises her brides on skincare in various climates, and always uses suitable products when travelling. “Because of her skincare advice, my skin stayed healthy without breakouts despite the change of environment during my shoot,” shares Shiyan. “We shot under the scorching sun for two days, but Cynthia was adept at using the right products to protect my skin from sun damage and at the same time achieve a flawless look in pictures.”

Cynthia often reassures brides if they have concerns about their skin. While most bridal advice stresses taking good care of the skin before the wedding, Cynthia understands that women have different skin types. “Personally, I had very problematic skin growing up, so I understand the woes of bad skin, eczema, acne, and keloids scars, because I had them all!” she shares. “I am very experienced with bad skin, so I always tell my customers that we can still look beautiful even if our skin isn’t perfect.”

From doing hair and makeup for friends as a hobby during university, today, Cynthia has expanded her successful company Cynderella to include talented partners Nicole and Mibe, like-minded makeup artists who are known for natural and youthful Korean and Japanese hair and makeup. Previously in highly successful corporate careers, the three of them found the same intense passion for hair and makeup. Like Cynthia, Nicole and Mibe are also very experienced in editorial hair and makeup, having worked for both local and international celebrities, and are known for their eye for fashion. Meticulous about maintaining the highest standards, the Cynderella team only takes on one bridal assignment each day, so that they can give each bride their full focus.

Despite her success, Cynthia has never stopped upgrading her skills by learning from renowned beauty schools and experts in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and even all the way in Russia. “My motto is ‘Never stop learning!’” she shares about her passion to provide the best services to her clients for both makeup and hair. With their editorial experience, friendly personalities, and skill with the latest bridal hair and makeup trends, it’s no wonder the team at Cynderella play fairy godmother to so many happy, beautiful brides.


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Makeup Magic with Cynderella by Cynthia Oh