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July 2019

Melisa and Brice’s Botanical Andaz Singapore Wedding

After a five-year long-distance relationship, Melisa and Brice tied the knot in church, then celebrated in a botanical Andaz Singapore wedding, where they lit up the dance floor!

Melisa Jane Lazaroo, 30, Dentist, and Brice Roger Chambraud, 29, E-commerce Director, talked to each other so much every day during their five-year long-distance relationship that Brice had to invent a fake flight to cover up for his silence during his secret seven-hour flight to Adelaide for a surprise proposal! On 1 December 2018, the couple celebrated their love for the outdoors with a beautiful botanical wedding at Andaz Singapore, where the night ended with a party on the dance floor.

Express Highlights by Substance Films

How did you meet?

Melisa: We met at a Christmas party a long time ago. I remember the first time I saw Brice, he was playing Guitar Hero and I asked my best friend who he was. I always thought he was very handsome. We met a few times after that with other friends. In 2010, Brice and I started chatting on Facebook. We found out that we liked the same kind of music, and we had a whole bunch of things in common; it was really easy to talk to each other and I think we both felt an instant connection.

He then asked me out on our first date and it was extremely magical. I remember that after my first date with him, I told my sister I was going to marry him. It was an amazing feeling and I knew he was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

Brice: About a year after we starting dating, Melisa got accepted into dental school in Adelaide. At first, it was really difficult to accept that we had to go through a five-year long-distance relationship. However, we knew that we had something special and worth holding on to. So we decided that we were going to make it work no matter what. We would see each other about three to four times a year, and made the effort to talk to each other every day. After five years of living apart from Melisa, we just picked up where we left off and it has been amazing ever since!

What do you love most about your partner?

Melisa: I love everything about Brice! He’s patient, kind, reliable, enthusiastic, intelligent, he has a wonderful sense of humour, he’s a true gentleman (which is so rare nowadays), and he’s devastatingly handsome.

Brice: I love that Melisa has a big heart. She is extremely loyal, smart, kind, and has an amazing sense of humour! I can talk to her about anything. Not forgetting, she is absolutely stunning!

What was the proposal like?

Melisa: I was studying in Adelaide at the time and Brice secretly travelled there to propose to me on our 4th anniversary as a couple.

Brice had an arrangement with my housemate to let him into the apartment building at 7am on a Monday morning. My housemate knocked on my door to wake me up, saying there was a fire and we had to evacuate. I rushed to open the door to see Brice kneeling on one knee with a ring! Still groggy and in my pyjamas, I smiled and said yes!

Brice: It was months in the making. While she was in Adelaide studying, I had to find ways to get ahold of her ring size and organise the proposal. A challenging feat keeping it covert since we communicate so frequently! Eventually, to cover for the seven-hour surprise flight to Adelaide I had to make, I got my Dad to tell Melisa I was going to visit him in Vietnam instead (giving her a different flight number departing at a similar time) and, to buy myself some time, that I had phone problems once I arrived. The moment I touched down in Adelaide, I rushed to her apartment, told her housemate to say something to get her out of her room, and you’ve heard the rest!

How did you create your wedding?

Melisa: Brice and I love adventures and being outdoors and exploring. We love trekking together and so we thought that a lush, botanical theme would be representative of what we like. The theme was mostly for the décor. Other than that, we knew we wanted a classy and nostalgic kind of wedding.

What was your wedding day like?

Our wedding day was so much fun! Our wedding entourage was extremely efficient and organised, which made the day go a lot smoother so we could enjoy it a lot more. Everything happened so fast but it was so great to see all our loved ones together. Some of our friends and relatives travelled from abroad to attend our wedding. It was quite surreal, but at the same time absolutely amazing to see everyone we loved in one room.

Yang from Substance Films was awesome. At first we were quite nervous because our schedule for the day did not give a lot of time for them to edit and put together the express highlights video for the dinner. We were so lucky because not only did they manage to make it in time, the video itself exceeded our expectations and we love it so much! Our guests were also raving about the Substance Films videos shown during and even after our wedding.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Melisa: Walking down the aisle in church with my Dad because I had always imagined this since I was a little girl! And it was especially meaningful to me because I was wearing my Mum’s wedding veil. Also, my first dance with Brice. We did a Jazz-Lindy Hop routine dedicated to my grandparents. We had practised for months and I think everyone was entertained! It was so much fun.

Brice: It had to be at the end of the dinner celebration, when the disco lights came on and our friends and family were all on the dance floor dancing the night away. It was fantastic to see everyone really enjoying themselves. After months of planning the wedding, it was great to end our wedding day on such a high.


The Size of the Wedding: 230 guests
The Cost of the Wedding: $80, 000
The Venue: Andaz Singapore
The Wedding Day Photographer: Androids in Boots
The Videographer: Yang, Substance Films
The Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
The Kwa: The Red Wedding
The Bride’s Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
The Suit: Tailor Couture
The Groom’s Shoes: Custom-made
The Engagement Ring: Canary Diamonds
The Wedding Bands: Canary Diamonds
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Shona Joy, Australia
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Tailor Couture
The Flower Girls’ Dresses: Kiddy Palace
The Page Boys’ Suits: H&M
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Melissa Towpich
The Nail Artist: The Nailist
The Florist: The Olive 3 // Jay from Grand Hyatt
The Pre-Wedding Videographer: Yang, Substance Films
The Photobooth: Hello Forever
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Pine on Paper
The Wedding Favours: Church Favours – Ben’s Cookies // Dinner Favours: Marou Chocolate
The Band: Mathilda D’Silva & The Summertime Hotshots, High Notes Singapore
The Emcee: John Klass
The Dance Instructor: Sinclair Ang, Jazz Inc Singapore
The Church Choir: Catholic Wedding Solutions

Credits: Images by Androids in Boots

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Melisa and Brice

Melisa and Brice’s Botanical Andaz Singapore Wedding