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October 2018

Brie and Matt’s Intimate Open Farm Community Solemnisation

The first time Brie met Matt was at an airport, when she flew halfway across the world to follow her heart, and now the couple are married! Read all about their inspiring story and see the photos from their intimate garden solemnisation at Open Farm Community.

Brie Doffing, 29, Model and Events Company Owner, and Matthew Benfell, 32, Personal Trainer, both grew up in the English countryside and went to the same college, but never met. After spotting her on television, Matthew friended her on Facebook, and they began chatting online while living in different cities. One day, Brie took the plunge and flew across the globe from LA to Sydney, and met Matthew for the first time at the airport. Three years later, he proposed in the very same airport they first met. Having settled in Singapore, the couple exchanged vows in an intimate solemnisation at Open Farm Community on 7 April 2018.

How did you meet?

Brie: We grew up in the countryside in England. I grew up in a village and he grew up in the nearest town. I went to college with him but I never knew his name. To me he was the “unknown fit guy.” I never did meet him then, but he saw me on a TV show a couple years after college and added me on Facebook. We were friends on Facebook for years, and used to message. Five years ago I messaged and said, “I wish we could hang out,” and he responded, “I have been wanting to hang out with you for the past eight years.” After that, we met each other for the first time on Skype. After four months of online dating, I flew to Australia (I was in LA) and met him for the first time at the airport. We had our first kiss at the airport and have been together ever since.

What do you love most about your partner?

Brie: Matthew is a man who isn’t afraid to show his sensitive side, which I appreciate so much. He is patient—probably the most patient man alive. He loves me fiercely and has sacrificed a lot for our love.

What was the proposal like?

Brie: My best friends had all thought I was crazy to travel across the world to meet a man I had never met but I can’t explain how right it felt. I knew I was going to marry him before even meeting him and I wasn’t scared to tell people that. Whilst planning our trip back to Sydney from Singapore, we discussed recreating how we first met when arriving at the Sydney airport. Like I said, three years ago it was our first encounter, our first hug, our first kiss, our first hello, our first everything. We had been in Melbourne for a couple days and arrived at Sydney Domestic Terminal and had to get to the International Terminal to get to the exact place where we met. In Brie fashion I wanted to buy a SIM card for data, I wanted to eat, and I wanted to shop! Matthew stayed calm while I did the things I wanted to. I had no idea my favourite story to tell was about to happen.

We arrived at the International Terminal and it was completely empty, just us. I started recording our reenactment. I filmed the ramp I walked down, the exact way I searched for Matthew. The moment I spotted him, I spent seconds that felt like hours trying to get enough courage to walk over and say my first, “Hello”. It was an overwhelmingly beautiful moment because it took me back to three years ago when the airport was bustling with people, but all I saw was him. I squealed and fell into his arms while we kissed, experiencing the exact same feelings I had three years ago.

Moments later, he was on one knee asking me the question I have been dreaming of since before I met him. Overwhelmed with a million emotions I can’t begin to describe I managed to mutter, “Yes, of course!” He then whisked me off to a surprise. He had rented a private yacht, a replica of the yacht where we first said, “I love you” to each other.

You had a hen’s party in Singapore, didn’t you?

Brie: I wanted a sleepover with pizza and champagne and that’s exactly what I did. I found the perfect room at Hotel Jen Orchardgateway (I planned it around Ladies’ Night of course; unlimited wine for $55++). I got flower crowns from Petite Petale, silk robes from Bells and Birds, and balloons from Celebloons. They made it all Instagram-worthy! We ordered Alt pizza and giggled the whole night. We used the hotel’s bikes and cycled to a park, went to the rooftop pool, and ended up watching movies in the room. Heng Films recorded it all, which was perfect as no one had to be on their phone! I highly recommend that! We had so many giggles and it was a perfect stay.


Brie’s hen’s party by Heng Films

What were your plans for your solemnisation?

Brie: When Matthew and I first moved to Singapore, he took me on a date to Open Farm Community. When we decided to solemnise the wedding before our ceremony in Italy, it was a no brainer that we would tie the knot at Open Farm Community. We had both our families fly out, and it was exactly what we wanted—an intimate fairytale setting nestled in the forest. Cheryl from Petite Petale made our day even better with dream flowers. She was perfect and so professional. She arrived early and set it all up so wonderfully!

We had Studio Five weddings film the day and the final video is a little dream we will cherish. Blair from Drooling for Love and Engtat from Iiiset photographed our day and I highly recommend them both. I have modelled in Singapore for three years and they are my favourite photographers!

What was your solemnisation day like?

Brie: It was a very relaxed, stress-free day filled with giggles, tears, and a whole lot of love. We kept it simple and enjoyed the day. The people at Open Farm Community were so very helpful with the set up and very easy to communicate with. They worked so well with Cheryl and I felt like I didn’t have to do anything, which is what the bride should feel like! It was a perfect day ending with Alt pizza and more champagne!

What was the most memorable moment of your solemnisation?

Brie: My most memorable part was of course saying “I do” with Matthew. I also loved walking down the aisle with my dad and seeing all the people we love the most together. The flowers, ambience, and food made it that much better. It was a day filled with love and those are the best days!


Highlights of the solemnisation by Studio Five Weddings


The Silk Robes: Bells and Birds
The Flowers: Petite Petale
The Videographer: Heng Films
The Photographer: Brand X Portraits
The Balloons: Celebloons
The Hotel: Hotel Jen Orchardgateway
The Dresses: Elizabeth Gregory Couture // Rentadella
The Wine: TTG Wines


The Size of the Wedding: 10 guests
The Venue: Open Farm Community
The Wedding Day Photographer: Engtat Leu Photographer // Drooling for Love
The Gown: $40 from Intoxiquette
The Nail Artist and Lashes: Mischievous Beauty
The Florist: Petite Petale
The Videographer: Studio Five Weddings
The Solemniser: Eileen Aw
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by Engtat Leu Photographer and Drooling for Love

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Brie and Matt’s Intimate Open Farm Community Solemnisation