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December 2017

Fall Head Over Heels With Newby Teas

If you love tea and have a weakness for beautiful packaging like me, then you’ll love what Newby Teas has to offer.

I love tea. I love its scent and its taste, but above all, I love its ability to magically put a smile on my face and brighten my day. Which is why I’m so excited to share a new tea find with all of you fellow tea lovers. I first got to know of Newby Teas, an award-winning high-end luxury tea supplier, at a wedding fair and their beautiful tea sachets and packaging caught my eye immediately. I was beyond thrilled when I had the chance to learn more about the brand and preview their extensive collection of tea earlier this month.

During my visit to the Newby Teas local office, I learnt that the brand was the culmination of founder, philanthropist and entrepreneur Nirmal Sethia’s love and passion for tea since an early age of 14 when he worked as an apprentice tea buyer in London. Determined to pursue his love for tea and preserve the character of tea, Mr Sethia established Newby Teas in year 2000, a company where the quality of tea supersedes profit. Partially owned by the charitable foundation set up by Mr Sethia, the N Sethia Foundation, a considerable portion of Newby’s profits go directly to the charitable foundation to help fund projects in education, medicine and social welfare, both in the UK and abroad. In addition, Newby Teas is also a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, committed to raising standards and improving work conditions within the tea industry.

At Newby, quality is of utmost importance. Not only are they sourced from only the finest of the world’s tea leaves picked at the height of their freshness, Newby’s tea also goes through a stringent selection by expert tasters and approval by Mr Sethia himself before they are ready to bear the Newby name. Every Newby tea is also compliant with the stringent EU Food safety regulations and undergoes vigorous tests to ensure each blend conforms with EU Food Safety compliance and safe for consumer health safety. To prevent the problem of compromised tea quality, all of Newby’s teas are preserved, stored, blended and packed at a world-leading, one-of-a-kind facility in Kolkata designed by Mr Sethia for Newby Teas.

Keeping the history and culture of tea alive is equally important to Mr Sethia, which is why the packaging of every Newby tea collection tells a story. The Classic Caddy Collection showcases designs from vintage handmade Indian textiles and the high quality craftsmenship while each box from the Heritage Collection bears a different design inspired by the Chitra Collection, the world’s largest privately owned collection of historic teawares founded by Mr Sethia, illustrating a time where tea was more of an art and a lifestyle, rather than just a drink.

A more heartwarming tale lies behind the design for The Crown Assortment collection of tea. A story of love, the collection features a different detail from Mr Sethia’s late wife’s private collection of vintage Indian pasminas, a tribute to the person who encouraged and supported his passion for tea. The romantic in me couldn’t help but be captivated by the history and the sentiments that went into the design of each and every Newby tea collection.

The Classic Caddy CollectionThe Heritage CollectionThe Crown Assortment

In fact, I think the alluring designs, beautiful stories and fragrant blends make Newby’s teas a unique and meaningful gift for almost any occasion, especially weddings. Newby’s silken pyramid range is exceptionally apt for weddings. Each of the 12 teas in the silken pyramid range is adorned with a different antique teapot from the company’s unique collection and packaged in the most exquisite gift box, making it an excellent choice for a wedding favour.

Speaking of gifts, with Christmas fast approaching, Newby has designed exclusive collections to prepare for your festive gift-giving needs. My favourite has got to be their Advent Calendar. Modeled after the N.Sethia house in London, the beautiful Advent Calendar opens up to reveal 24 little drawers, each containing four tea bags of 24 varieties of tea, making tea drinking a fun endeavour for everyone. And after you’ve finished the tea, you can store more tea in those drawers or repurpose it as an accessory organiser!

Another great gift idea for the festive season is Newby’s Carousel Collection. The majestic and whimsical carousel animals on the romantic white caddies conjures a visage of magic reminiscent of Christmas, making it a great gift and keepsake. For something a little more classic, the Classic Caddy Collection, Heritage Collection and the Crown Assortment is also available for Christmas gifting.

As a tea lover, I couldn’t help but be impressed and enthralled by the history of Newby Teas, their extensive product offerings, countless international awards and above all, the amount of care and dedication they put into making some of the world’s finest tea and packaging. If you share a similar affinity to tea, beautiful stories and exquisite packaging like I do, then you should definitely check what Newby Teas has to offer.

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Contact them at 6327 1108 or email [email protected] to enquire about their Christmas catalogue and wedding favour offerings.

Newby Teas is located at 600 North Bridge Rd, Parkview Square, #06-03/04, S(188778).

Credits: All images courtesy of Newby Teas.

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Fall Head Over Heels With Newby Teas