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October 2017

Diana and Sufiyan’s Gorgeous Engagement Session and Blush and Green Wedding

Diana and Sufiyan celebrated their romantic love story with a gorgeous set of Malay pre-wedding photos, and a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at Royal Palm @ Clarke Quay!

Diana Nasril, 27, and Sufiyan Daud, 30, dated for a few months in their teens, but things didn’t work out. When they met five years later, sparks flew again, and rekindled into a loving relationship that culminated in a surprise proposal at Telunas Island, and a beautiful blush and green wedding on 29 April 2017.

How did your story begin?

Diana: We met over 10 years ago through a mutual friend. At that time, we were more acquaintances than friends. I was still in secondary school, and he was in the first year of polytechnic. Our friendship grew and we became a couple a little after I turned 18. I really liked him, but I was not ready to be in a committed relationship. We parted ways and did not stay in contact. Five years later, we bumped into each other again. It was so strange that despite all the time we spent apart from each other, the moment we rekindled, it was like we never separated.

Sufiyan: We both first met through one of my best friends. After a few years of meet ups and outings, I finally found the courage to ask her out. We dated for a few months, but things didn’t work out as at that point of time I was in the National Service and she was still finishing her diploma. Five years on, we met again at a friend’s wedding, and I guess the feelings we had for each other just came rushing back. After a few awkward moments and dates, we ended up together again and the rest, as they say, is history.

What drew you to each other?

Diana: We have a really strong chemistry and that is what has always drawn us to each other. We communicate well, and I think we are one of those couples who rarely argue because if there’s something we do not agree on, we always speak out on it. The thing I love most about him is how he reads me like a book. He really knows how to care for me; he understands me and respects me.

Sufiyan: What drew us together is the way we express our love. We both have our own unique and, at times, weird ways to show our love for each other that only we can comprehend. The one thing I love most about her is that whenever there is something funny happening around us, we would have this look we give each other, and we would immediately start laughing.

What was the proposal like?

Diana: Sufiyan told me that we were going off somewhere for a getaway. He wouldn’t tell me where, but I figured that we would be heading to Batam as I knew we were leaving from Harbourfront. However, when we reached Sekupang Terminal, we had to take another 1.5-hour boat ride elsewhere. I was really surprised when we reached Telunas Private Island in the Riau Islands. It had 15 overwater private villas. He proposed to me that evening, on the balcony of our villa. It was an emotional evening for me as I did not see it coming, and we had not planned to be married so soon. Everything was beautiful, with the sunset in the background. The proposal came with an intimate speech from him before he surprised me by getting down on one knee. I said, “Yes,” of course.

Sufiyan: When we arrived at Sekupang, she was confused about having to take another boat ride. When we finally arrived on the island after a long boat ride, she was pleasantly surprised with the location as it was quite remote and exclusive. Little did she know that I had brought an engagement ring with me to the island. I waited for a nice sunset, and on the balcony overlooking the sea, I got down on one knee and proposed. Her expression at that point of time was the happiest I had ever seen.

How did you create your wedding?

Diana: Sufiyan let me take the wheel throughout the whole planning process so I made most of the decisions. I’ve always wanted a private wedding – just our close friends and families. My initially worry was selecting the venue for our event as we wanted a combined wedding and needed to ensure that the location of the venue was central. We could not have searched for venues at a better time. Royal Palm @ Clarke Quay had just opened, and I was really happy with what they were offering. We settled on the colour theme for the wedding once I saw the bridesmaids’ dresses. I had actually bought the dresses one and a half years before the wedding. I saw the dress on a mannequin at a bridal show and immediately fell in love it with it. From then on, everything fell into place.

I told my wedding planner that I wanted my wedding to be filled with fresh flowers but only in the shades of white and green. The unique thing about Malay weddings is that we tend to dress not only the bridesmaids and groomsmen, but also the rest of our families. My mother and I spent a lot of time at Jakel in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, choosing the perfect fabrics for our families. We dressed all our family members attending the event in shades of apple green and cream songket, lace and chiffon. From the photos, we could see how it came together, which was really nice. When it was time to choose my cake, all I said was that I wanted a three-tiered cake with fresh flowers, without choosing flavours or design. I was pleasantly surprised on the wedding day when I saw the cake. It was a three-tiered rich, moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate buttercream filling, coated with swiss meringue buttercream and cranberry bits, topped with fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and fresh roses to complete the elegant look. It was amazing to know that our guests loved it too. For my hand bouquet, I let my florist have photos of my outfit, and let her choose the colours and types of flowers as well. I think the biggest detail about the wedding was that my partner and I trusted our vendors with everything. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Tell us about your wedding day.

Diana: Both our families booked a couple of rooms at Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel on the day before the wedding. Our solemnisation was not until 5pm so we had plenty of time to get ready before the ceremony. When I arrived at our venue, which was just across the road, all my close relatives were already seated. I went to the dais with my mother and future mother-in-law, who sat with me on the dais to witness the solemnisation. The person to marry me off was my younger brother.

Sufiyan: We were worried the solemnisation might be delayed due to a previous event, but they managed to set up the place as we requested in time.

Diana: After the solemnisation, we had a short photoshoot with our bridesmaids and groomsmen at the hotel before changing into our second outfits. At 7.15pm, we made our way back to the reception hall. We entered the wedding hall with the kompang, which is a traditional welcome procession. They performed a couple of songs along with some silat performances. After that, we had a photo-taking session with the guests. We changed into our third outfit in five minutes, as the venue had an office which they allowed us to use as a changing room. We walked in to the reception hall to the song “Kaulah Segalanya” performed by our wedding singer. Our flower girls led the way as they threw faux rose petals along the aisle. We continued with a wedding speech followed by the cake-cutting session. More photography sessions followed before we ended the night by thanking our guests.

Sufiyan: It was a short yet memorable and beautiful wedding, just the way we both planned.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Diana: The solemnisation. Hearing the solemniser mentioning our future duties as husband and wife was very emotional. I was stepping into a brand new phase of life which is so full of uncertainty but so very exciting at the same time.

Sufiyan: I believe it was the heartwarming speech given by my wife, which filled my eyes with tears.

The Size of the Wedding: 500 pax
The Cost of the Wedding: $50,000
The Venue: Royal Palm @ Clarke Quay
The Wedding Photographer: Colossal Weddings
The Gown: The Wedding Brocade
The Bride’s Shoes: Charles & Keith
The Suit: Red Dot Bespoke
The Groom’s Shoes: Pedro
The Engagement Ring: SK Jewellery
The Wedding Bands: Golden Chance
The Wedding Trays: Exquisiteqasih Gubahan
The Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Sufyaa
The Groomsmen’s Suits: Jakel – Palace of Silk and Furnishing, Johor Bahru
The Dresses for Female Cousins: Poplook
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Sihah Rahman for pre-wedding // The Wedding Brocade for wedding day
The Henna Artist: Es Henna Fix
The Caterer: Royal Palm @ Clarke Quay
The Wedding Cake: Juriah Dali
The Florist: Cherriesmitten and Colours of Autumn
The Groom Stylist: Mr. Gentleman Groom Stylist
The Wedding Stylist: Sentimentals
The Wedding Videographer: Red Tape Projects
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Cards by Jasvy Marketing Agency // Printing of wedding card inserts by Cmyk Media Singapore Pte. Ltd.
The Wedding Favours: Bunga Jelita at Angsana Mall, Johor Bahru
The Wedding MC: SugarPop Productions by Gridmedia
The Wedding Singer: Rabiatul Adawiyah
The Solemniser: Naib Kadi Mohammad Irwan Shah Bin Sudiman
The Wedding Car: Family Car

Credits: Images by Colossal Weddings.

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Diana and Sufiyan’s Gorgeous Engagement Session and Blush and Green Wedding