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April 2017

Layla — The New Blessed Brides by Kenji Wedding Dress Collection

The new Blessed Brides by Kenji wedding dress collection is titled “Layla”, and features ephemeral, whimsical designs in filmy lace and tulle.

The new collection by Blessed Brides by Kenji is an ephemeral daydream. Titled “Layla,” the collection features gossamer silks and sheer skirts that float around the form like morning mist and half-forgotten dreams. “I was inspired by the book of poetry, Gypsy Ballads, written by Federico García Lorca,” designer Kenji shares. Whimsically bohemian and unguarded, the wedding dresses are as free as gypsies dancing for a moment under a bright, white moon.

“For this season, we have a lot of different styles and silhouettes, delightfully diverse with something for every taste,” shares Kenji. “If you are feeling delicate yet sexy, we have a lace and illusion mermaid gown, a classy and subtly glamorous pearl silk A-line, and a Victorian-inspired high-neck gown with beading embellishment. We want something in this collection to call to every bride.” Filmy tulle sheath delicate shoulders while whispers of lace kiss the wrists in beautiful long sleeves, and caress the throat in unconventional boat necklines. Gauzy slits add a texture of allure to A-line skirts, juxtaposed against pleated tulle sleeves and elegant lines.

The colour palette reflects a touch of the whimsical as well. “White wedding dresses will be forever classic and timeless, but we added some shades of pale pink, blush, and glimmering gold for this collection,” says Kenji. The fresh designs and youthful palette call to brides who want a different style of wedding dress, that reveals who they are within.

Campaign photographer Desmond Tang understood the ephemeral quality and gentle sensuality of the dresses, and sought to capture the momentous beauty of a bride wondering about the peculiarities of love. He shares, “I didn’t go for a story like every other shoot that I’ve done. I went off discovering and focusing on moments without much directing. The colours, movements, light, and everything else, created a little space for a girl to embrace her peculiarity. A brief fantasy; a daydream. I captured all the subtle details and emotions that inspired me.”

Drenched in moonbeams and pure, ivory lace, the Layla collection invites a girl to daydream about love and its many mysteries, and to grasp happiness and joy by the moment.

Blessed Brides by Kenji is located at Singapore Shopping Centre, 190 Clemenceau Avenue, #05-10, Singapore 239924. Contact Kenji at 9834 5543 or view their website.

Credits: Art direction and photography by Desmond Tang Photography. Flowers by Keira Floral. Hair and makeup by Zann Thiang, 27a Makeup. Hair adornments by Super Moon Online. Venue at Tamarind Hill.

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Layla — The New Blessed Brides by Kenji Wedding Dress Collection