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March 2017

A Beginner’s Guide To Home Renovation

Congratulations on getting your new house! It’s time to make your house a home with some sprucing up. And while diving into a renovation can be a daunting journey, with endless decisions to be made, we’re here to help.

renovation guideInterior Designer: IN-EXPAT

Choosing an interior décor style

Start off by creating a mood board and looking for interior décor looks that strike your interest. If you are a fan of classic, iconic and timeless looks – think Audrey Hepburn or Marlon Brando – perhaps the Modern style is for you. Or if have a bold personality and love experimenting with unexpected combinations for fresh results, then an eclectic style may be the right fit – a mishmash of styles, influences and inspirations tied together. Just as your wardrobe or favourite movies reflect your personality, so does your space!

Take the time to explore interior ideas so you’ll be able to gain insight into what you think is hot, and what’s not. Then, you’ll be able to envision what your dream home might look like.

renovation guideInterior Designer: In2Space Interior

Figuring out your budget

Are you renovating a BTO or resale unit? For BTO units and condos, renovation costs can be kept lower since most fittings are new. But coming up with space maximising designs in these smaller spaces may add on significantly to your budget. A good ballpark range for your budget would be at least $20,000.

As resale flats are generally larger, they beget higher renovation costs. Unless your unit has been recently renovated, be prepared for a major overhaul of your plumbing, rewiring, flooring. It’s a necessary chore for sanitary purposes that may set you back by a good $20,000 to $30,000. All in all, you can expect to spend at least $50,000.

It’s also helpful to note that different interior looks also come with varying budgets, depending on whether it utilises a lot of loose furniture or built-in carpentry. Think through your requirements and priorities in order to come up with an accurate estimate of your budget.

renovation guide

Interior Designer vs Contractor

Contractors simply work according to your plan and instructions. On the other hand, an interior designer would take charge of the project management – from conceptualisation to execution. For minor renovation works, hiring a contractor would suffice. However, if you are doing a major overhaul or renovating a few areas, an interior designer would make the process a lot smoother and manageable.

Homeowners who engage a contractor may be looking to cut costs, but without proper research and preparation, they may end up incurring even higher costs with frequent hiccups. An interior designer with expertise would be able to propose ways in which homeowners can keep costs low without skimping on style.

They would not only be able to give you advice on your home’s overall design, but also on the technicalities involved that we may overlook. Is this material suitable for heavy cooking? How high should your built-in bed be? Is there a need to move around your power points or create new ones? These are the things a designer with a keen eye would pick up.

renovation guideInterior Designer: Colourbox Interior

During your renovation

Once you’ve collected your keys, check your unit for defects and bring your interior designer along. You’ll also need to set up your basic utilities so that workers will have electricity for their tools and water. Since there will be contractors, builders and electricians coming in and out, don’t leave valuables around, and install a lock only you and your interior designer have access to.

Make sure you’re getting updates from your interior designer regularly on the progress of the renovation. That said, try to drop by every week just to check that everything is going according to your plan, and the way you intended. Let your interior designer know if anything is unsatisfactory.

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After your renovation

Do a final check, running over details like power points, swing of hinges and highlight any problem areas. Arrange for furniture and other décor items to be delivered and once that is done – you did it! It’s time for the big reveal. Now all that’s left to do is invite friends and family over to ogle over your amazing new abode!

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A Beginner’s Guide To Home Renovation