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September 2016

Dreamy DIY Lace Teepee Made Out of Bamboo Poles and Curtains!

This super easy DIY lace teepee is perfect for a boho pre-wedding shoot! All you need are some of Singapore’s laundry stalwarts—the humble “teck ko”—and some $15 lace curtains from IKEA.

This romantic, boho DIY lace teepee is ridiculously easy to make! I was actually surprised at how simple it was when I crafted the teepee for my sister’s casual engagement session, and it turned out beautiful. It only took an hour or so to pick up the bamboo poles from our neighbourhood sundry store, saw them in half (so that they’re easier to transport in a car), peel the coloured plastic off, and throw the teepee together with lace curtains borrowed from our bedroom. At the site, the teepee literally took minutes to set up, so if you’re styling your own shoot like we did, rest assured, it’s super easy! Read on for a step-by-step tutorial.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 “teck ko” or bamboo poles, sawn in half for portability, and stripped of coloured plastic
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • A pair of lace net curtains. We used ALVINE SPETS from IKEA.
  • Bunting, optional

Time taken: 1 hour

Average cost: $25

Diy Lace Teepee materials

1.Buy six bamboo poles from your local sundry store, preferably in their natural colour. I went for ones in the usual length, approximately 2 metres, sawed them in half with a hand saw, and stripped them of their coloured plastic. Just peel it off! I realised later that we could have just bought non-painted bamboo poles, and skipped the paint-peeling step. I decided on sawing the poles in half so that they would fit into the boot of a car, making transportation easy, but if you have a very long vehicle, you can skip that step.

At your photoshoot site, reassemble the bamboo poles by tying or taping the halves together.

DIY lace teepee 1diy lace teepee 2

2.Prop up your six reassembled poles, twist them slightly, and then tie them together with twine at about eye level. Spread the legs of the teepee out, making sure that it’s balanced. Leave a wider gap at its front, as the entrance to the teepee.

diy lace teepee 7diy lace teepee 3diy lace teepee frame

3.Drape the lace curtains on the poles, arranging the scalloped edges along the entrance of the teepee. Tie the curtains on with twine.

diy lace teepee 5diy lace teepee 8

4.Lace teepee, styled in minutes! It looks really pretty as is, but we wanted to inject some colour, so we draped paper bunting over it.

diy lace teepeediy lace teepee 4

See how easy it was? This DIY lace teepee is pretty spacious, and can fit both you and your love cosily, making for dreamy, romantic shots. Bring along a picnic mat so that you don’t stain your clothes when you sit down, or sit on a hidden plastic bag like we did! Add to the boho mood with some baskets of flowers, and have fun styling your own pre-wedding shoot!

Credits: Images by Chew Ziling and SingaporeBrides.

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Dreamy DIY Lace Teepee Made Out of Bamboo Poles and Curtains!