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October 2011

How Not To Pose For Wedding Photos

Pre-wedding photography. You either love it, or hate it. This is the one day where couples try to outwit, outlast and outdo each other in terms of venue creativity. But no matter where you shoot them, in Singapore or in some exotic locale, in the studio or outdoors, just know that it will be one really tiring day, especially for your cheek muscles. This is speaking from personal experience. And sometimes, your tired body might just betray you…

When starting on this article, I thought it would be really fun to interview many couples and showcase their funny pre-wedding photos. As it turned out, it was really hard finding subjects to interview for this. Those couples that do have unintentionally hilarious wedding photos have politely declined to have them featured, and the rest, well, just have perfect wedding shots. So in the name of journalistic professionalism, I am subjecting myself and my husband to ridicule by showcasing my own wedding photography boo-boos and hope you will learn some things from my mistakes. Enjoy.

Exhibit A

What it was supposed to be:

Bride and Groom smiling blissfully at the joy of being married.

What it looks like:

Dominating Bride and her unwilling Groom, who’s trying to sneak a peek down her gown.

Is this couple in love at all, because the photo sure doesn’t show it. Take a closer look at their hands. Bride is clearly holding Groom’s hand, but he’s not exactly “holding her hand back”. Guys! Limp fingers are a no-no. Grip your partner’s hand firmly, like you really believe you’ve won the first prize in the lottery and you don’t want to let it go!

Exhibit B

What it was supposed to be:

A sweet “here’s looking at you, babe” picture.

What it looks like:

A guy making space between himself and his new bride, who can’t hold a wedding bouquet properly for crying out loud.

Is it just me or are crossed arms too “bochup” for a wedding shot? And what’s with the Bride’s fingers? Come on girl, get your act together; clasp your hands around the bouquet properly!

Wedding Photographer Gabriel Mendes from Gabriel Mendes Photography suggests, “The bouquet’s height is too high; it’s better if the Bride were to hold it a bit lower.” I have to agree; why choose a gown with such a pretty bodice and then block it with the bouquet? What in the world was I thinking?

Exhibit C

What it was supposed to be:

Couple sitting in a casual, relaxed pose.

What it looks like:

Does it not look like bride’s hand is between Groom’s thighs? And does his facial expression not say “Gasp! What is that!”?

This is quite a funny one, isn’t it? Bride looks like she’s groping Groom between his legs, smiling lecherously, and Groom looks slightly bemused. Girls, keep your hands to yourselves! And if you’re seated, keep your hands on his knees. You’ll also get to show off your wedding band that way. And Grooms, please, no slouching in a suit!


In kissing shots, lips should be merely touching. Too much will cause both mouths to look distorted. Think Donald Duck sausage kisses.

Exhibit D

What it was supposed to be:

A candid moment where the couple was exchanging a few loving words during the photoshoot.

What it looks like:

A couple on their first date, with a confident guy and an overly eager girl.

Gosh! The body language seems all wrong. Why didn’t we realise it then? With the Groom’s legs crossed like that, it makes him seem overly nonchalant and casual. The Bride, with her hand on Groom’s thigh, looks like a sweet gesture by itself, but coupled with the Groom’s pose, makes her look overly eager. If I could now add thought bubbles in this picture, they’d be:

Above Bride’s head: “I really like this guy.”
Above Groom’s head: “I wonder what’s the score on the EPL now.”

Gabriel suggests that guys put their legs down instead of crossing them. Also, “If you really want the groom to hold the bouquet, put both your elbows on your thighs instead.” And make sure the bouquet doesn’t look limp and unhappy.


As photoshoots are generally day-long affairs, Gabriel recommends that you wear comfortable shoes; only slip on those dainty heels if and when there are shots that show off your footwear.

Exhibit E

What it was supposed to be:

A lovely final shot at sunset to end the photo book with.

What it looks like:

Two very tired people who no longer have any energy to stand up straight for one last photo.

Oh my gosh, our postures are terrible! I’m hunching and he’s standing like a troll! You’re probably going to be wiped out by the end of the day and the last thing you want to do is to stretch your cheek muscles some more, but keep your chin up (well, not literally) because just a few more shots and that will all be behind you. According to Gabriel, my posture could have been saved via Photoshop! I wish I had known that before.

You know you can do it. It’s going to be a l-o-o-o-n-g day on the day you do your pre-wedding photography, but it’s all going to be worth it. For the sake of your wedding album, suck in those tummies, and straighten up those backs. Feet together, hands together, and smile! Also, make sure you tell your photographer to look out for situations like these. But once you find a photographer you can trust, relax and have fun at your pre-wedding shoot!

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