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November 2015

Buon Appetito at Sopra Cucina & Bar

The Editor and I were invited to Sopra Cucina & Bar earlier this month for a preview of their revamped menu and signature dishes. Here’s a peek at what we had for lunch!

Nothing is more comforting than feasting on a sumptuous spread that reminds you of home, and that’s exactly how dining at Sopra Cucina & Bar felt like. Quaintly tucked away in a quiet corner next to Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel, just off the busy stretch of Orchard Road, the two-year old Italian restaurant is known for whipping up traditional, authentic and rustic flavours from less discovered parts of Italy such as Sardinia, Naples, Sicily and Milan.

The spacious indoor dining area was exquisitely decorated and it was impossible not to admire the details as we took a tour of the restaurant while we waited for our orders. An ode to the glamourous days of post-war Italy, the intricate yet homey elements gave the restaurant a rustic look that complemented the heartyflavours in their revamped menu of new additions and old favourites. I could hardly wait to taste the delicious spread we were about to dig into and thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long. Service was prompt and our food came to the table one after another in swift successions.

Biscotto di PecorinoPizza SopraCostolette D’Agnello

Everything tasted lovely, but the Malloreddus alla Campidanese, Porcheddu Sardo and Tiramisu stole my heart. The chewy texture of semolina pasta was a new experience for me and together with the sweetness of the rosemary pork sauce in Malloreddus alla Campidanese, the dish was delightful. The Porcheddu Sardo, a traditional Sardinian suckling pig with Mediterranean herbs and roasted potatoes, was extremely tender but the accompanying roasted potatoes blew me away – they were so well seasoned and cooked that I could hardly keep my hands off them! And then we have the Tiramisu – smooth and well-balanced with just a hint of liquor at the end – simply delizioso!

Porcheddu Sardo

We ended our gastronomic meal at Sopra Cucina & Bar on a perfect note – with some refreshing mocktails and wholesome Italian coffee. Sopra Cucina & Bar also offers other refreshments on their extensive beverages menu, including a range of eight classic Italian cocktails with a twist.

The cavernous space and warm, inviting atmosphere at Sopra Cucina & Bar make it a perfect venue for couples who are fans of authentic, hearty Italian cuisine. The roomy restaurant is also ideal for those who are seeking for a venue fit for an intimate wedding solemnisation or dinner of no more than 200 seated guests. And with both an indoor and outdoor alfresco area, you may choose to have your solemnisation outdoors before you adjourn indoors for a lively reception at the bar, followed by a yummilicious Italian dinner that’s bound to impress your guests.

Sopra Cucina & Bar is available for wedding bookings, with a minimum spending of $10,000, which includes an 8-course buffet and free flow of soft drinks, wine and beer for at least 3 hours. For more information and to enquire, please contact 6737 3253 or email them at [email protected].

Sopra Cucina & Bar is located at 10 Claymore Road, Singapore 229540.

Credit: Images by Sopra Cucina & Bar

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Buon Appetito at Sopra Cucina & Bar