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March 2012

Everything You Need

When planning for your wedding, one of the things you should get settled first is the venue for your banquet. As a bride-to-be planning her big day, you are pressed for time. You need a venue that your in-laws and older relatives would approve of, one that provides you with various food options, and one that takes care of your every wedding need. Well, lucky you; SingaporeBrides has just the place you’re searching for.

Conveniently located in Orchard Road, Orchard Hotel Singapore is the ideal venue for couples who prefer to stick to one location for all their wedding needs to minimise any additional hassle. Without further ado, we let you in on what makes Orchard Hotel your go-to hotel for the big day.

Go Cantonese

Score points with your in-laws and relatives by pampering them with Cantonese classics done with a modern twist from one of Singapore’s finest restaurants, Hua Ting. The award winning Chef Chan Kwok promises “unique dishes which haven’t lost the identity of traditional Cantonese food” that are guaranteed to please all your guests, both young and old.

“I believe in the use of new combinations of ingredients, but yet still maintaining the traditional Cantonese style of cooking,” Chef Chan Kwok elaborates.

One taste of Chef Chan’s cooking is all it’ll take to keep you wanting more. Take your guests to a whole new level of culinary experience by treating them to some of Chef Chan’s artistic creativity like Crispy Golden Prawns with Homemade Sauce and Homemade Beancurd with freshly peeled Roe Crab Meat, done using traditional cooking techniques. And, no wedding banquet is complete without some premium wine to complement the food. Thrill the wine enthusiasts among your guests with Orchard Hotel’s extensive list of wine hailing from France and Italy, to name a few.

Worry not if Cantonese food is not your thing, or you have Halal guests to cater for; Orchard Hotel offers two other set menus for couples to choose from: the Halal and Western set menus – both specially crafted by Orchard Hotel’s Chef Christoph.

We’ve Got Your Needs All Covered

Couples will also find dining in the 20,000 square feet Grand Ballroom a majestic experience at Orchard Hotel. Although the stylish space seats up to 1500 guests theatre style, the Grand Ballroom can be partitioned into three smaller ballrooms for more intimate receptions to accommodate your needs. Seating your guests will also be a breeze as the Grand Ballroom is pillarless, which means no matter where your guests are seated, they’d have an excellent view of the going-ons at your wedding.

Couples can save themselves some trouble by hosting their solemnisation or bachelor/hen parties at Orchard Hotel as well. The newly renovated Conference Centre, with a seating capacity of 70, offers a sleek and spacious area, which can be converted into an event space perfect for your pre-wedding needs. Brides, you may now focus on other areas of your wedding planning.

And Who Doesn’t Love A Themed Wedding

If you don’t already know, themed weddings have been all the rage recently. Don’t miss out on the fun by making yours a themed affair as well! Orchard Hotel offers three inspiring wedding themes that are bound to thrill couples to no end. The themes, Intimate Indulgence, Celestial Charm and Dazzling Dreams, are built around the colours red, gold and pink respectively. Each has been carefully thought through to bring a different ambience to the occasion to suit every couple’s needs.

Red, the colour of love, passion and romance, is the primary colour in Intimate Indulgence. And that’s what the theme’s all about. Expect red roses and large hearts as centerpieces and stage decoration, and surround your guests with the warmth, happiness and joy of your special day. We say, perfect for the passionate brides.

For the elegant bride who aspires for a little grandeur on her special day, Celestial Charm is the theme for you. Waltz into the pillar-less Grand Ballroom decked out in the colours of gold and ivory, and bask in its splendour.

Now, Dazzling Dreams is the theme for the dreamy ones. Fairytales come to life in the form of a dreamy garden-like atmosphere with flowers on tall stands and cascading crystal droplets, lanterns and candles for that magical glow.

With the pre-wedding and wedding day services Orchard Hotel offers, its prime location on the belt of Singapore’s shopping district and accessibility, the decision should be an easy one. So, what more are you waiting for?

Orchard Hotel is located at 442 Orchard Road. For more enquiries, call +65 6739 6553 or email [email protected]. For more information, log on here.

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Everything You Need