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September 2015

Rebecca and Johnathon’s Charming Solemnisation at Skyve Wine Bistro

Like opposite poles of a magnet, Rebecca and Johnathon were destined to meet and fall in love. Despite having many mutual friends, this young couple did not cross paths until a party five years ago. Once they met, his sense of humour and sincerity and her bubbly, outgoing nature drew them together. Read about their not-so-surprise proposal at Henderson Waves Bridge, the place where they first started, and catch a glimpse of their beautiful intimate solemnisation at Skyve Wine Bistro, photographed beautifully by the talented Fiona from Smittenpixels Photography.

Rebecca Soh, 25, Marketing Executive& Johnathon Lim, 26, Republic of Singapore Navy Military Expert
27 June 2015

The Gown:Flamingo Bridal
The Suit:RSN Number 5 Uniform
The Wedding Venue:Skyve Wine Bistro
Balloon Decorations: Fiore Folio
The Makeup Artist and Hairstylist:Shu Ling from The Aisle Bridal
The Photographer:Fiona Sng from Smittenpixels Photography
Wedding Planning:

When you met Johnathon, did you expect sparks to fly between you two?

To be honest, no. When I first met Johnathon at the party five years ago, I didn’t think we would end up together. But I guess, deep down, his proper and gracious behaviour that night left such an impression on me that I didn’t mind hanging out with him after our first meeting.

Share with us your Labour Day proposal!

It was magical! I made several guesses as to when he was going to propose but none of them were right. That is, until our mutual friend insisted on meeting me at Mount Faber for dinner on Labour Day.Mount Faber holds a special place in our hearts as it was where our relationship began and where we celebrated his 21st birthday. Knowing that Johnathon may have planned a proposal that night, I made extra effort to doll up before meeting my girlfriends for brunch, and shared with them my hunch.

Little did I know they were also involved in the surprise proposal! Upon their suggestion to counter surprise Johnathon, we made our way to Henderson Wave bridge ahead of time and that’s when the crazy started happening.

I never thought Johnathon would propose in the middle of a crowded bridge, much less decorated the bridge with balloons, our dating photographs and heartfelt words about our relationship and his feelings. My sisters and our closest friends held onto balloons that read ‘Marry Me’ as he went down on one knee in front of me and uttered the four magical words I’ve been waiting to hear. Over the moon that we’re finally taking the next step in our relationship, I yelled ‘Yes!’

Take us back to the day Johnathon and you pledged yourselves to one another at the lovely Skyve Wine Bistro.

It was an extraordinary day! While waiting at Skyve’s entrance to march in with my parents, I couldn’t help but feel nervous. Butas I walked towards Johnathon, I wanted time to just stop so that I could savour that precious moment.

I remembered the day when I came across Skyve Wine Bistro’s feature on Both Johnathon and I loved the place so much that I phoned them up to check on their availability for our solemnisation, and arranged a time to pay them a visit. Maggie, our coordinator from Skyve, was very helpful and approachable throughout the whole process.

Walk us through your planning process

I did most of the planning and preparations for our solemnisation as Johnathon had just joined the Navy and was swamped with trainings and exams, so I didn’t want to stress him out further. We also didn’t have a wedding theme because we wanted our guests to feel at home.So, we jazzed up the already well decorated Skyve with some handmade flower balls I made myself, photos of us and some balloons.

What did your family and friends have to say about your solemnisation?

Even though Skyve’s location isn’t exactly the most convenient for those who don’t drive, everyone enjoyed themselves, even my 97-year old great grandmother!

Share with us some memorable moments during your solemnisation.

Having my great grandmother and grandparents witness my marriage was my biggest blessing. And as cheesy as it may sound, saying ‘I do’ to a man with the biggest and most sincere heart was the beginning of creating more special moments like this together.

Credits: Proposal photos by Kiap Shots.

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Rebecca and Johnathon’s Charming Solemnisation at Skyve Wine Bistro