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September 2015

Mad About Sucre Review: Gorgeous Wedding Cakes and Teatime Treats

We visited the much-raved-about Mad About Sucre last week, and completely understood why so many have fallen in love with this couture cakery.

Nestled along the charming shopfronts on Teo Hong Road, Mad About Sucre greeted us with a stunning display of edible art, on golden chandeliers hung from the ceiling, revolving under bell jars, and lining the shelves at their shop entrance. Each cake was exquisitely crafted to reflect a theme. Some were adorned with incredibly lifelike fondant flowers, and others with fondant “print”. There was an amazing wedding cake topped with a detailed, 3D hot air balloon, with miniature couple figurines in the basket. And best of all, a glittering Game of Thrones cake emblazoned with the words, “Winter is coming.” Whaaaat?!

Mad About Sucre wedding cakes cafe interiorMad About Sucre cake Game of ThronesMad About Sucre wedding cakes bell jar

I tore myself away from drooling over that incredible cake to join Michelle and Audrie in meeting Eric Chan of the brother and sister duo behind Mad About Sucre. The cakery creates intricately designed tiered wedding cakes that are truly works of art for couples who are looking to add some bespoke glamour to their wedding day. Each wedding cake is thoughtfully designed and baked with love by cake couturier Lena, an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu who has practised her art with patisserie greats in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Sydney. During the cake consultation, cake flavours as well as the design of the cake are discussed to create a cake that epitomises the couple’s wedding theme and feel.

Besides baking amazing celebratory cakes, Mad About Sucre also serves sweet treats at the café, which was just what we were after. Lena bakes the cakes using only natural ingredients such as organic flour and raw sugar, and specialist ingredients sourced from all over the world. She also cuts down on 20-60 % of the sugar content in the cakes. Not so mad about sucre after all! To ensure the non-preservative cakes are always served fresh, Lena bakes in batches throughout the day. At 2pm, there were six different cakes available to choose from, and unfortunately for us, the artisan chocolate bars in the display case had already been reserved. Eric told us that the handcrafted chocolate, made with all-natural ingredients and presented in a leather-bound wooden box, have become a sought-after wedding favour with discerning couples.

Mad About Sucre wedding cake metallicMad about Sucre wedding cake carouselMad About Sucre wedding cake travel theme

After some help from Eric, who described each cake’s flavour profile, we finally decided to sample three of the pretty creations on display. We were ushered into their café’s sophisticated, modern interiors, where gold finishes, striped high backed chairs, and antler sculptures on the walls created a charming atmosphere. I especially liked the eclectic dinosaur print on a couple of the chairs, which Eric informed us were designed by an 11-year-old kid.

Our cakes were served like a fine dining three-course menu, with flavours served in graduating intensity. The lightest cake, the Passione ($10.80), was presented first. James, our waiter, explained how Lena blended passion fruit, different cheeses, sponge and shortcrust to create a light and dainty cheesecake, that tasted even better with the caramelised cocoa nibs served with it. Each cake course is also served with a specially paired tea that is blended in-house. To complement Passione, we had a fruity mango tea that smelled like summer. Next, we had the Jardin de Massialot ($17.80), served with a little patisserie history tidbit. Did you know that the person you have to thank for inventing crème brulee is named Massialot? Neither did I. Mad About Sucre’s traditional version is a lusciously creamy dessert modernised with liquored fruit and spearmint.

Mad About Sucre wedding cakes cafeMad About Sucre wedding cakes sliceMad About Sucre wedding cakes creme brulee

After a light rose and Madagascar vanilla tea, we moved on to our final course, which I was really looking forward to. The gorgeous San Domingue ($12.80) looks like an elegant ornament, with its gleaming 70% single origin dark chocolate coat, rum jewel box crown, and dusting of gold. Eric sliced it open to reveal its light mousse centre and caramelised plantain heart, and let its golden rum flow over the whole decadent dessert. We thought it would be too rich to enjoy for long, but we were blissfully wrong. The dark chocolate blended beautifully with the light mousse, and the rum was truly the jewel in this dessert’s crown, adding a slightly bitter alcoholic zing to complete the flavour profile. Yum!

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding cake to sweeten your celebration, you should head down to Mad About Sucre for a taste of their confections and a look at the gorgeous cakes on display. And while you’re at it, you might as well make a date of it with your SO in the really charming café!

Mad About Sucre is located at 27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334. Make a wedding cake consultation appointment by contacting them at +65 6221 3969 or [email protected].

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Mad About Sucre Review: Gorgeous Wedding Cakes and Teatime Treats