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February 2016

Customising Wedding Cakes with Winifred Kristé Cake

Winifred Kristé Cake is known for the gorgeous, incredibly lifelike sugar flowers on their haute couture bespoke wedding cakes.

Bespoke wedding cakes are a great way to add personality and a touch of glamour to a wedding reception. Instead of a dummy cake that no one gets to enjoy, many couples these days choose to have a beautifully customised real wedding cake that they can actually serve their guests to add a sweet note to the celebrations.

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There are a growing number of bespoke wedding cake creators in Singapore who are happy to design your cake to reflect your wedding theme. And if you’re looking for romantic floral sprays or bright, realistic blooms, look no further than Winifred of Winifred Kristé Cake. Known for her incredibly lifelike sugar flowers dusted in gorgeous, natural shades, Winifred custom-designs wedding cakes that feature your wedding flowers and colours, so that your cake is as unique as you are.

Crafting the delicate, thin frills on her lifelike sugar flowers, often mistaken for real blooms, involves some of the techniques she learnt during her internship with the prestigious Maggie Austin in Washington, D.C. Under her tutelage, Winifred honed her craft by spending painstaking hours creating delicate, tissue-thin petals to craft flowers that are often mistaken for the real deal. During her formal training with Maggie Austin, Winifred has worked on commissions from Michelle Obama, the First Lady of the United States, for Victorian-style sugar flower vases for The White House Christmas in 2014, and on cake and dessert spread for Martha Stewart.

With the skills and techniques she gained under her formal training, Winifred founded Winifred Kristé Cake to bring lifelike sugar flowers and haute couture cakes to Singapore. “My passions range from craft to design to baking and decorating cakes,” Winifred shares about the birth of her couture cake boutique. “I found a platform to bring them together.” Her creativity translates her customer’s themes and ideas into bespoke wedding cakes for the most important event of their lives.

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Bespoke wedding cake designs require different time frames, but the bigger the cake, the longer lead time you should give. The design process begins with a consultation. “We do cake tastings with our clients, where the consultation usually starts with understanding the colour scheme or theme of the wedding,” Winifred explains. “As we specialise in sugar flowers, I usually ask them which their main wedding flowers are, and we will work those into the concept. A good time frame would be three – six months in advance, though we take orders up to one year. The earlier we get approached, the more time we have to plan and design the cake!” Her custom couture cakes are usually finished with fondant to form a porcelain-smooth base to showcase the cake’s design, but they also offer buttercream frosting for couples looking for simpler cakes.

The warm and personable Winifred is passionately meticulous about her craft, spending hours on the delicate sugar flowers that are her specialty. “Each petal involves long hours of work,” she tells us. “Making petals from scratch, one petal at a time, requires arduous hours to complete.” From colour palettes to bouquet combinations, her flower inspiration comes from her walks through nature, and from fashion runways as well. Because her couples get to keep the creations afterward, Winifred feels that the long hours spent on each sugar flower are well spent. “The best thing is these flowers will never wither and can be kept as a memento for the bride and groom, and many of my clients have done so,” she says.

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Although she is well known for her specialty sugar flowers, Winifred continues to add to her repertoire of design techniques, to offer more to her clients. Her portfolio includes beautifully hand-painted watercolours, delicate frills, wood-grain etching, cake embroidery, and gold foil. All crafted with a light hand and an artistic eye, her cake designs are truly stunning.

Cake flavours are also creative at Winifred Kristé Cake. Popular flavours include their Salted Caramel Chocolate Baileys Cake, Lemon Cream Cheese Cake, and Blackberry Vanilla Bean Cake, and Winifred’s own personal favourite, their Earl Grey Chocolate Cake.

To get started on a beautiful, custom-made cake that celebrates your love, contact Winifred Kristé Cake here.

Feature image by Glenn Taubenfeld. Other images courtesy of Winifred Kristé Cake, unless otherwise stated.

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Customising Wedding Cakes with Winifred Kristé Cake