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August 2015

Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

Should you have a destination wedding? Answer this 15-question quiz to find out!

Many couples toy with the idea of a destination wedding at some point of their wedding planning. Pledging your love to your partner against a stunning backdrop of the sun setting into glittering turquoise waters, surrounded by an intimate group of family and friends, and then following your ceremony with a weekend’s vacation in paradise—it all sounds incredibly romantic and blissful. But there are many questions to think about before taking the plunge and deciding on a destination wedding.

With questions about the people you want at your destination wedding, to the logistics of planning from somewhere else, this quiz will help you figure out if you really should have a destination wedding, or if you’re better suited to celebrating on home ground. If you can answer an honest “Yes” to each of these 15 questions, head on to booking your destination wedding in paradise!

1. Is your other half from a different country?

In this global day and age, we meet our partners from all over the world. Perhaps you’re deciding on getting married in your partner’s hometown, where most of his family live. Or, if you met your partner while you were studying overseas, and your family and friends are from different continents and would have to travel no matter where you hold your wedding, a destination wedding may be right for you.

2. Did you meet somewhere special?

Maybe you met while on a humanitarian trip to a far-flung country, or had an incredible connection while learning skydiving in New Zealand. A destination wedding may be perfect to commemorate your special experience and share your adventure with those near and dear to you. Holding your wedding where you have such special memories will be a great way to relive those meaningful experiences as you begin this new adventure.

Sarah and Jonathan’s Ethereal Ceremony in the Tirtha Uluwatu Wedding Chapel by AndroidsinBoots

3. Will your family and your bridal party be able to fly out for a few days?

Before you book your destination wedding, ask the people essential to your wedding if they can float the idea of an out-of-town celebration, such as your parents, siblings, and bridal party. This way, you won’t have important people pull out mid-way through the planning.

4. Do you want an intimate wedding with a small guest list?

An intimate destination wedding is a great way for you to limit the guest list, and avoid feeling obligated to invite all your colleagues, your neighbours, your third cousins and all their children, and all the people you’ve ever said two words to.

5. Will you understand if some of the people you really wanted to be there can’t attend for financial or other reasons?

You might feel relief that you won’t have to invite everyone, but what about the people you really want to celebrate with you? With the costs of airfare and accommodation, guests will have to fork out a lot to attend your destination wedding, and not everyone will be able to afford to fly out, even if they really wanted to. A destination wedding is typically a few-days affair, and some of your loved ones might have work or family commitments, or have children that they can’t bring along for a short trip. When some of your guests RSVP their regrets, will you be able to understand instead of making them feel bad about not coming to celebrate with you?

The Adventures of John and Sher Phuket Wedding 51 The Greatest Adventure of John and Sher, captured by Jonathan Ong // Visual Storytelling

6. Are you able to afford the additional costs of having a destination wedding?

Weddings in Singapore can be expensive, but the costs of flying out for a destination wedding are sure to stack up even more. Accommodation, airfare, hiring a wedding planner who knows the local legal procedures and vendors, all these could end up costing a lot. When there are other costs like your new home to think about, keeping your wedding under budget is definitely an important consideration.

7. Will you be okay if important elderly members of your family can’t make it to your destination wedding?

Elderly relatives who are getting on in years might find it difficult or impossible to travel out for your destination wedding, due to physical conditions and ailments. Although the airports might be wheelchair accessible, an island resort with its isolated villas and sandy beaches might not be the most convenient place for the frail grandparents you can’t imagine getting married without.

8. Will your friendships survive friends turning down your invitation?

Whether it’s due to financial restrictions or other commitments, some of your dearest will not be able to make it to your wedding, and will feel bad about it. Some might even feel that you shouldn’t have put them in such an awkward position of having to turn you down, or feel obligated to come, but unhappy about paying so much for a vacation in a location not of their choosing. Are you confident that your friendships will come through any awkward or guilty feelings?

Destination wedding Beautiful Clifftop Wedding in Bali by Tawan Conchonet

9. Do you want to enjoy a honeymoon immediately after the wedding?

A destination wedding has its honeymoon or mini-moon built into it. You’ll get to enjoy the celebrations for longer in a relaxing and beautiful setting. However, your wedding guests are likely to extend their stay after the wedding as well, so be aware of that if you’re looking for alone time as newlyweds.

10. Do you want to enjoy a beautiful outdoor wedding, without the heat and humidity?

The local weather conditions certainly don’t inspire much excitement when you think of wearing three-piece suits and layered wedding gowns. Yet, garden weddings and beach weddings are so beautiful. What’s a bride to do? Hold her wedding in a cooler locale, perhaps.

11. Do you want to spend more time with your guests?

Most weddings don’t allow you to spend much time with all the family and friends you’ve invited, what with rushing to get your hair and makeup done to changing your gown to taking portraits with everyone. At a destination wedding spanning two to three days, you could spend quality time with all the people you care about, in a beautiful setting.

Weddings in Pictures: Gorgeous Tropical Island Wedding by Tinydot Photography

12. Do you want to save on flowers and wedding décor?

Your destination wedding venue of a romantic vineyard or a majestic cliff would provide more than enough gorgeous scenery for everyone to enjoy, and you won’t need much in the way of wedding décor.

13. Do you want a beautiful and unique wedding venue?

A destination wedding is a sure way to stand out from the crowd, with beautiful scenery and a vacation vibe. And, wedding photos are almost certainly to be gorgeous, with all the lovely backdrops!

14. Can you relinquish control and allow other people to see to the details?

While you might make an initial trip to your wedding destination, you’ll definitely have to leave a lot of the details to a trusted wedding planner and coordinator because you can’t be there all the time. If you’re the type who absolutely needs every little detail to be pre-approved and perfect, it might be best to celebrate locally, where you can oversee things.

15. Will you have time to help your guests with their travel arrangements?

Of course, you don’t need to book tickets for each guest, but some help with nearby hotels or welcoming your guests with a map of the local area would be nice for guests who might not know anything about your destination wedding country.

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, a destination wedding might be a great choice for you!

Credits: Feature image from Caiyun and Terence’s Gorgeous, Romantic Wedding at Montigo Resorts Nongsa by SVK Studio

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