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May 2015

Love that Lasts

Mei Cheng and Samuel had a serendipitous meeting on the isle of Penang, and Samuel fell in love at first sight. After a long-distance relationship that stood the test of nine years, Samuel decided to seal the deal with a very unique ring box that marked the beginning of their new chapter together.

Fong Mei Cheng, 37, Managing Director & Samuel Toh, 39, Doctor
8 June 2014

The Gown: My Bridal Room
The Shoes: Cinderella
The Suit: Suit Select
The Groom’s Shoes: Bally
The Engagement Ring: Meyson
The Wedding Bands: Goldheart
The Hairstylist: Seah from My Bridal Room
The Wedding Cake: Sher’s Kitchen
The Photographer: Alan from Timeline Photography
The Videographer: Sean from Firewerkz
The Photobooth:
The Invitation Cards and Paper Goods: Raffles Hotel
The Wedding Favours: Raffles Hotel
The Solemniser: Judith Lee Lye Pheng
The Wedding Singer: Audrey from A Little Dream

How did the two of you meet?

Mei Cheng: We met each other for the first time in a bar called Slippery Señorita in Penang. I had just come back to Penang during my annual leave, and Sam had just returned back from Ireland. It was love at first sight for Sam. We bumped into each other a few times during that night, which ended with Sam getting my friend’s phone number instead of mine! I went back to Singapore a few days later, and we managed to somehow get to know each other after that night. It was purely serendipity and fate at work.

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When did you know that this was the man you wanted to be with forever?

Mei Cheng: It was a slow courtship between us because of the distance. However, as we get to know each other better, I became convinced that he was the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

How did Samuel tell you he felt the same way too?

Mei Cheng: After nine years of being together, one day, Sam brought me to Mount Faber, and while we were walking around, he brought out a giant red egg and asked me to give it a kiss. This egg then opened up and revealed a ring. A panda ring. And with it, he proposed to me. It was too cute; I had to say yes.

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How adorable! Now, tell us about your wedding.

Samuel: We did not have a theme specifically for our wedding. But we wanted it to be sweet, short, and classy. We requested our family members to come in black and white formal wear, and the wedding ceremonies were all done in one place, Raffles Hotel. We skipped the traditional guo da li and just had a simple tea ceremony in our hotel room on the wedding day. Our wedding ceremony was held at the lawn in Raffles Hotel. And shortly after, the wedding dinner was served in The Casuarina Hall at Raffles Hotel.

Mei Cheng: The wedding decorations were done by Raffles. We added a few things of our own like balloons, wooden signage of our names, and paper lanterns. Most of the additional decorations were handmade DIY projects. Even our video presentation is a home project made by Sam. We have to thank our family members for helping out with the preparations. As we were both very busy with work, we tried to keep things as simple as possible, and just went with the flow during the actual day. Sam did most of the coordination and event management. I was very lucky, as my job was only to appear pretty on the actual day!

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Sounds like a good time! What is your favourite memory of your wedding?

Mei Cheng: The most memorable moment was the speech given by my husband.

Can you tell us how much you spent on your wedding?

Mei Cheng: All in all, we spent about 65k. Which included everything; shoes and accessories, Sam’s suit, decorations, pastry buffet table, hotel stay for family, rental of the lawn, dinner, wedding singer, videographer, and photographer. Most of it was spent on the dinner package.

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Credits: Photography by Timeline Photography

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Love that Lasts