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March 2015

Raising the Bar: 13 Fun Wedding Food Bar or Food Station Ideas

These 13 fun wedding food bar ideas will spice up your wedding menu and feed your guests with a dash of fun! Let everyone build their own sundae, or pick their favourite mashed potato toppings with these alternative wedding food stations.

Get creative with your wedding menu with these alternative food bar ideas that your guests will love! Beyond dessert tables, food bars are a popular party and celebration addition to have some fun with your menu. Guests can help themselves to an array of toppings and dips to create their favourite ice cream sundae or waffles combo, so everyone gets to eat what they like! From healthy fruit smoothie bars to local ice kacang bars to decadent mashed potato bars with all your favourite toppings, these food station themes will get the ideas rolling and, quite possibly, your stomach rumbling.

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1. Cupcake Bar Set out a few different cupcake flavours and a variety of frostings and toppings like nuts, sprinkles, chocolate shavings, and candy bar bits for your guests to create their own sweet combination.

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2. Mojito Bar Let your guests mix up their own mojitos to taste with a DIY mojito bar. Set out syrups, mint and basil leaves, rum, club soda, and lime wedges in a pretty bar cart. To shake things up, offer them alternative ingredients like candy canes or ginger, and an assortment of fruit and flavoured syrups so that they can create their own signature cocktail.

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3. Fro-Yo Bar Who doesn’t love a sundae bar with chocolate fudge, cookie bits, and sprinkles? For the health conscious, you can opt for a frozen yoghurt bar with fresh berries and soft fruit, granola, honey and fruit conserves for toppings. Scoop the ice cream or frozen yoghurt into mason jars and set them out in an iced cooler if you don’t want to get a machine for your wedding.

Fun Wedding Food Bar and Food Station Ideas- Ice Cream SandwichesStrawberry Sprinkle Ice Cream Sandwiches CC licensedby Annie

4. Ice Cream Sandwich Bar A mashup of a sundae bar and a cookie bar, an ice cream sandwich bar will make your guests all scream for joy. With an array of chocolate chip cookies, colourful funfetti ones, or retro ice cream wafers, and a selection of ice cream flavours, your guests will be transported back to their childhoods.

Fun Wedding Food Bar and Food Station Ideas - Laksa StationLaksa SarawakCC licensed by farah marzuki

5. Laksa Cart A hot food station will be sure to make Grandma happier than fancy desserts. A delicious laksa bar with a choice of condiments and piping hot gravy will add a dash of local flavour to your wedding. Ask your wedding caterer if they are able to provide a hot food cart station.

Fun Wedding Food Bar and Food Station Ideas - Popcorn BarOlde Fashioned Rustic Popcorn Bar by Hostess with the Mostess

6. Popcorn Bar Let everyone get creative with their gourmet popcorn flavours by setting out sweet and savoury dips, spices, and toppings like caramel, peanut butter, cheese, candy, garlic powder, chilli flakes, and whatever else you like! Set out pretty paper bags or cones and your guests can bring their popcorn home as wedding favours.

Fun Wedding Food Bar and Food Station Ideas - Waffle BarRise and Shine Waffle Bar CC licensed by Annie

7. Waffle Bar If you’re having a morning wedding reception, serve your guests a brunch favourite with a fun waffle bar! Set out fruit, ice cream, caramel and chocolate sauces, bacon, sausages, and other favourite waffle toppings.

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8. Cheesecake Bar For a fun and easy cheesecake station, whip up some chilled cheesecake in mason jars and set them out with toppings and drizzles for your guests to fill their jars with. Cheesecake can be created in almost every flavour imaginable, so get creative and set out berries, crumbled candy bars, salted caramel, mocha drizzles and pretzels for starters. Those decadently layered cheesecake jars will also make great wedding favours to bring home.

Fun Wedding Food Bar and Food Station Ideas - Ice Kacang BarShaved Ice ToppingsCC licensed by superkimbo

9. Ice Kacang Bar This local dessert is another great one for guests to customise and build their own. Hire an ice shaving machine and set out all the traditional condiments, plus some fun additions like chocolate syrups and candy, and let your guests have some colourful fun.

Desserts to Serve at Your Wedding - Donuts barDonut bar from 15 Desserts to Serve at Your Wedding

10. Donut Bar Who doesn’t love these deep fried delights, especially when you can coat them in whatever topping you want? Let your guests go crazy with nuts, sprinkles, chocolate dips, jam spreads and flavoured sugars to toss their donut holes or rings in.

Fun Wedding Food Bar and Food Station Ideas - Pretzel BarChocolate Dipped Pretzels CC licensed by Christi from Love From The Oven

11. Pretzel Bar Set out flavour favourites like caramel dipping sauces, cinnamon sugar, chocolate, nuts, seaweed flakes, sour cream and onion powder, and some good ol’ butter for guests to create both sweet and savoury pretzel treats.

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12. Brunch Pastry Bar If you’re holding a morning wedding, or want to feed your wedding party before a hectic day, why not set out a breakfast pastry bar with Danish pastries and bread rolls, and an assortment of berries, custards, jams and spreads for your guests to dig into? Stomachs rumbling during the reverent silence before you say ‘I do” isn’t what you want, after all.

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13. Potato Bar And we’ve saved the best idea for last! Meet the ‘mashtini,’ mashed potato served in an elegant martini glass and topped with your choice of poison. Serve with a variety of delicious toppings like cheese, sour cream, bacon, more cheese, salsa, garlic powder, spring onions and truffle oil for your guests to load their mashtini with. Oh my.

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Raising the Bar: 13 Fun Wedding Food Bar or Food Station Ideas