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January 2015

A Hallmark of Bespoke with Bridal Veil and The Men’s Club

We attended a wedding show late last year by Bridal Veil and The Men’s Club that was held at a beautiful venue and was full of pleasant surprises. Read on to find out more.

On the 9th of November last year, we were invited to a wedding showcase at Capella Singapore by Michelle Huimin and Colin of Bridal Veil and The Men’s Club. When we arrived at Capella, we were escorted to the pool side, where it has been stylishly set up to resemble an actual wedding solemnisation. The couples that had turned up were expecting a wedding show, but this was meant to be a special treat.


Soon enough, the music started and we strained our necks to see who would be walking down the aisle. Led by two flower girls, Melody Chen and Randall Tan appeared at the top of the stairs, both dressed in white. Melody was in a strapless, knee-length dress with a tulle skirt and lace-scalloped overlay, while Randall was dashing in a well-fitted blazer and ankle-length pants. Once they reached the start of the petaled carpet, they cheekily kicked off their shoes and walked down the aisle, into the partially-submerged deck in the pool. Then, under the softly draped canopy, Melody and Randall got married all over again.


We followed Melody and Randall back up, this time to the beautiful circular ballroom with a domed roof, where there were more surprises waiting for us. Bridal Veil and The Men’s Club had brought their boutique down to Capella! Upon entering the ballroom, we were greeted by real couples, rather than models. The couples were all dressed in gowns by Bridal Veil and suits by The Men’s Club. Some of them, like Glenda Chong and her husband Justin, who were only recently married, were wearing what they had worn to their own weddings, while others had chosen to have new gowns specifically made for the show. Even the girls from Bridal Veil were clad in beautiful designed evening gowns.


Wedding shows by Michelle Huimin and Colin have always been spectacular, but this experience had been very memorable. After walking around the ballroom, checking out the displays they had personally done for the show, we spoke to a few brides and asked them about their gowns.

For Glenda, she had simply wanted a gown that would allow her to move around easily as she mingled with guests at her wedding. And while she wanted it to be sexy, it had to be presentable enough for the elders who would be at her wedding. Michelle came up with a silhouette that would hug Glenda’s slender frame, and a dramatic French lace train that spread out in a circle behind her. Glenda then showed us how the train could be cinched up behind her at the waist after her walk-in.

Another bride who was passing by overheard our conversation and joined in. “Michelle is very good with personalisation. She listens to your preferences and concerns, then you leave her to it. The next time you meet her, she has the design of your dream gown right in front of you. Michelle made this new gown for me and I love the way it looks and feels. I’m very comfortable in it.” She was wearing a black satin gown with capped sleeves and a deep V-neck, and a tulle skirt.

We also spotted Vernetta Lopez mingling with couples wearing a black strapless gown with Swarovski details at the waist. It is well-recognised that the fabrics and materials Michelle HuiMin uses for her designs are always of the highest quality, and coupled with skillful cuts and great instincts, her gowns has always turned out the way the brides wanted.


And as expected, the grooms were very happy with their three-piece suits. “For some men, the suit they wear on their wedding would be their first bespoke suit,” said one of them. Men often step into The Men’s Club clueless about cuts, weaves, and collar shapes. Good thing that Colin is very patient and generous with his knowledge. “He sat me down and started drawing and explaining collar types,” said Justin, laughing. “I think most Singaporean men are not used to proper suits, so they don’t feel confident about wearing them,” quipped another. “But Colin’s suits are actually very comfortable, and not as stiff as I had imagined it to be.”

It was a really unique experience mingling with actual brides and grooms who have nothing but praise and admiration for Bridal Veil and The Men’s Club. I’m sure the couples who are preparing for their weddings had a great time chatting with the “real models” and could see and feel for themselves what the two experienced designers can do for them.

Great show, Michelle and Colin!


Credit: All images by Avenue 8

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A Hallmark of Bespoke with Bridal Veil and The Men’s Club