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November 2014

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Shape

It doesn’t matter if you’re the bride or her bridesmaid. Your agenda is to look and feel good, especially on the Big Day. But when the media advocates a stick-thin figure as the yardstick for beauty, it’s difficult to feel beautiful in your less-than-taut-and-skinny body. The truth is, beauty has never had anything to do with how slender you are or how flat your tummy is. We show you how to transcend the media’s portrayal of beauty and bring out your inner beauty regardless of the number on your dress tag.

Beauty, my dears, is more about accentuating your best assets and drawing attention away from the ones you’re not so proud of than actually having a stick-thin body. It’s about accepting your body and owning the shape it takes. You can bet that Queen Latifah and Adele have parts of their bodies they aren’t fond of and are insecure about. They’re only human after all, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 8 or 12 – we all have wobbly bits we would like the world to never know about.

Recently, we discovered Triumph’s Shape Sensation Firm Body Curves. The scientifically-advanced NOVAREL Firming fabrics are infused with micro-capsules technology, containing active cosmetic ingredients that are released during wear, so you can lift, soften, and moisturise without having to move a thing! Wearing that under everything you wear can give you the confidence you need to feel good. In fact, it is recommended to start wearing Triumph’s shape-wear at least three months before your wedding so your body is at its best when the time comes.

Every woman’s figure is unique, but we will all have our own little “body issues”. On the Big Day, the last thing we want is for you to walk down the aisle feeling insecure. We’re sure you already know, but here arethe five most common body shapes most woman have. What you need to take note of, are the kinds of gown styles that most suits your body shape and the extra step you can take to highlight your assets and conceal your flaws.

The 5 Body Shapes

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Dress Size - 5 Body ShapesImage from cropped

The Pear (aka The A Shape)

The Characteristics: Narrower upper body characterised by narrow shoulders and small bust, and a wider lower body.

Work on: Slimming the hip and thigh area, drawing attention to the upper part of the body and drawing attention to the area below the knee to lengthen the body.

Recommended Silhouettes: Ball-gowns and Empire-cut dresses.

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Dress Size - Pear-shaped Brides(Left) Daalarna / cropped ; (Right) Triumph’s Long Leg (Top) and High-waist Mid-leg Girdles (Bottom)

Pear-shaped brides tend to have a narrower upper body and a bigger lower body, resembling the shape of the letter A. But not all pear-shaped brides are overweight. For a universally flattering silhouette that works on both skinny and fuller pear-shaped figures, opt for a ball-gown. The fitted bodice of this silhouette will give you a well-defined waist while the full skirt conceals your fuller lower body, creating an hour-glass figure. Empire-cut dresses are great as well because the waistline starts just beneath the bust, giving the impression of a bigger bust while the light and flowy fabric that usually accompanies this silhouette conceals the lower body, giving off the illusion of curves.

Figure hugging silhouettes like the mermaid and trumpet are also an option if you are a slender pear-shape. Enlist the help of shape-wears that target the mid-section and thigh areas, such as Triumph’s long-leg and high waist mid leg girdles to tone and firm up your torso and fuller thighs. Made with advanced Novarel Firming fabric, their shapewears facilitates skin shaping, firming and toning, ensuring strong shaping and support while offering the wearer the freedom to move about freely.

The Apple (aka The O Shape)

The Characteristics: Larger upper body with wide shoulders, thicker middle and a less defined waistline, and narrower lower body.

Work on: Elongating and slimming your torso and waist, and accentuating your upper body assets.

Recommended Silhouettes: A-line silhouette, Goddess or Empire-cut dresses.

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Dress Size - Apple-shaped Brides(Left) Esme by Monique Lhuillier ; (Right) Triumph’s Long Contouring Corsage (Top) and Long Leg Girdle (Bottom)

The A-line silhouette is excellent for concealing a rounder mid-section and elongating the body to create the illusion of curves and a slimming effect as the eye focuses on the length of the dress rather than your body imperfections. Go for a ruched bodice rather than a smooth-looking one as the ruching will draw the attention away from the width of your waist.

Apple-shaped brides can also opt for goddess or empire-cut dresses to hide their larger lower body, as the waistline of these silhouettes sits just above the natural waisline, thereby drawing attention away from the rounder middle. The lighter and non-clingy fabric of these silhouettes will flow beautiful around rather than cling to your less-than-favourite body parts. To further accentuate the hour-glass figure, wear Triumph’s long contouring corsage and long leg girdle under these silhouettes for added toning and firming around the tummy and thigh areas.

The Inverted Triangle (The Y Shape)

The Characteristics: Broader upper body characterised by wide shoulders and larger bust with narrow hips and less or not defined waistline.

Work on: Constructing a balanced body proportion by creating a more defined waistline, drawing attention away from your shoulders and making your hips look wider.

Recommended Silhouettes: Ball-gowns with peplum, ruffles or pleat detailing and Goddess dresses.

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Dress Size - Inverted Triangle Brides(Left) Charmed by Anne Barge ; (Right) Triumph’s Long Contouring Corsage (Top) and High-waist Girdle (Bottom)

Inverted triangle-shaped brides should go for dresses that add more volume and width around the hips and thighs with a cinched-in waistline, like ball-gowns with peplum, ruffles or pleat detailing around the hip area. The defined waistline and full skirt of this silhouette creates the illusion of an hourglass figure as it balances out the unproportionate waist and hip line. Goddess dresses are another option for these brides as the high waistline draws attention to the ample bust while the flowy fabric draws attention away from the less defined waistline and narrow hips, creating the impression of curves.

Use Triumph’s long contouring corsage to sculpt out a more defined waistline and smooth out any tummy bulge. Or if you’re wearing a sleeveless wedding gown, then Triumph’s high waist girdle will do the trick as well. Draw attention away from your wide shoulders with a sleeveless, strapped, scoop, boat-neck or square neckline, as these will accentuate your bust without being too revealing.

The Rectangle (The I Shape)

The Characteristics: A rectangular shaped slender figure characterised by a small bust, undefined waist and narrow hips.

Work on: “Breaking up” your silhouette to create curves from the waist up and waist down, creating definition at the waist

Recommended Silhouettes: Fit-and-flare silhouettes like Mermaids and Trumpets, Empire or Goddess dresses, A-line silhouettes.

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Dress Size - Rectangle Brides(Left) Jade by Lihi Hod ; (Right) Triumph’s Shape Support Bra (Top) and High-waist Girdle (Bottom)

Rectangular-shaped brides tend to have a slender figure, but their straight-lined and boyish figure lacks the curves often associated with a female body. But if Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson have managed to convince the world that they look great despite their straight figures, so can you. Make full use of your slender figure by opting for body-fitting silhouettes like mermaid and trumpet dresses. These dresses narrow at the waist and flares out at the hips, creating the illusion of curves and a defined waist. These snug silhouetttes are also perfect for showing off your slender figure as they cling to your every curve unforgivingly.

Wear Triumph’s high-waist girdle to further firm up the tummy and love handles for a more pronounced waistline and curvaceous silhouette, and use the Shape Support Bra to create a sexy decolletage.

The Hourglass (The S Shape)

The Characteristics: Equally wide bust and hips with a well-defined waist that is 9″ smaller than your bust.

Work on: Accentuating your curvaceous body.

Recommended Silhouettes: Fit-and-flare silhouettes like Mermaids and Trumpets, Drop-waist gowns, Empire or Goddess dresses

The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Dress Size - Hour-glass shaped Brides(Left) Naeem Khan; (Right) Triumph’s Bodydress

Think Scarlett Johansson. Her voluptuous figure is the envy of many (men want her, women want to beher), and if like her, you’re lucky enough to possess the most feminine and archetypal of all female shapes, you’ll find that most silhouettes would flatter your figure. Bring those curves out to play and show off that defined waist with body-hugging silhouettes like mermaid and trumpet dresses to accentuate your slender figure and curvy hip. A drop-waist gown is another great option as it flatters that perfect bust-waist-hip ratio that hourglass shaped brides have. Empire or goddess dresses in light and floaty fabric such as chiffon or georgette will also complement your curves, while A-line dresses are a better option for curvier hourglass shaped brides.

Make your hour-glass figure even tighter with Triumph’s body dress for instant shaping and toning from the bust area to the thighs. While most dresses will flatter an hourglass figure, you need to avoid stiff fabrics to prevent looking overly bulky and boxy silhouettes like a straight skirt.


Feature Image: Image cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo by Ryan Polei / cropped
Images of Forever Young Shapewear and Bra courtesy of Triumph International.

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The Art of Looking Beautiful in Any Shape