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November 2014

Sparkles of Love at PARKROYAL on Beach Road

On Sunday, 12 October, PARKROYAL on Beach Road gave couples a glimpse into their glittering future. At the Sparkles of Love Wedding Show, the hotel unveiled Singapore’s newest wedding venues in their spectacular Ballrooms, where pretty wedding themes and dramatic performances were showcased that day.

Arriving from PARKROYAL on Beach Road‘s imposing separate entrance off Nicholl Highway, couples walked into the large alfresco courtyard that’s lovely for cocktail receptions. They streamed into the spacious foyer of the newly built Ballroom wing, a sophisticated venue that can cater for up to 820 guests with its 920 square metres of space. Immediately drawing the eye was a stunning display of canapés and desserts, with adorable creations such as porcupine shaped buns, glutinous rice balls on a model tree, and chocolate chess pieces. Couples were also offered a taste of the hotelier’s culinary technique, with frosty meringues made with liquid nitrogen.

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In the elegant Grand Ballroom, three wedding themes were displayed. Crystal Brilliance featured silvery blooms adorned with sparkling crystals and metallic beads, Enchanted Garden brought nature indoors with a floral arch in sweet pastel hues, and Pearl of the Orient was pure understated grandeur with its rich red blooms and oriental accents.

The lovely themes set off the crystal chandeliers overhead, designed in sparkling intertwined rings to symbolise eternal bliss for the marriage union. Reflecting the glittering chandelier designs in the Grand Ballroom, the hotel’s newly refurbished bridal suite is a luxurious space featuring separate living, dining and bedroom areas. It also has a walk-in wardrobe with ample storage space for bridal and evening gowns, and a luxurious stand-alone tub in an open concept bathroom to pamper the newlyweds.

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In the beautifully appointed Sky Ballroom, floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow natural light to flood the 7-metre high room, a perfect venue to let the outdoors in during day celebrations. Contemporary in style, the ballroom features blown glass chandeliers in the shape of raindrops, along with pinpointed lighting that lit the elegant long tables framing the stage that afternoon. Couples experienced the state of the art audio visual system as a live band opened the wedding show with gentle harmonies.

The four-course plated lunch was a feast of crispy salmon skin, shark’s fin soup and juicy black Atlantic cod, among other culinary delights from PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s wedding banquet favourites. Everyone was then treated to a stunning Wushu tea-pouring ceremony by a tea master from Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant. His acrobatic feats with the heavy bronze teapot were skillfully precise, as he poured the finest Chinese tea from the teapot’s metre-long spout. Couples who wish to introduce their guests to the art of traditional tea pouring may invite the tea master to display his skills at their weddings, and can also choose from the award-winning menus by Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant.

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Professional ballroom dancers put on a classic waltz for the next segment of the show. PARKROYAL on Beach Road understands that modern couples want to celebrate their union with a beautiful first dance moment, and offer packages that include professional ballroom dancing lessons so that they can dip and twirl to the rhythm of their love. Couples also get to practice their steps in the hotel’s premier ballroom club, Club 5. The Sparkles of Love show ended on a sweet note, with fluffy strawberry shortcake and a chocolate praline for dessert. Sweeter still were the $150 off each table and other exclusive deals enjoyed by couples who booked their wedding on that day!

PARKROYAL on Beach Roadis located at 7500 Beach Road, Singapore 199591. Contact them at +65 6505 5697 or[email protected]for more information.

Credits: Images courtesy of PARKROYAL on Beach Road.

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Sparkles of Love at PARKROYAL on Beach Road