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November 2014

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is arguably the most important ring for both you and your bride-to-be, and if you’re not well versed in diamond talk, then shopping for one may seem a little intimidating for you. To help you overcome this hurdle and surprise your lady with the most romantic of proposals, we’ve put together a concise pictorial guide on everything you need to know when buying an engagement ring. From the different parts of a diamond to the most commonly talked about 4C’s and more, this series of 4 infographics will tide you through your quest for the perfect ring.

The Anatomy of A Ring And A Diamond

Before we dive head first into a diamond’s 4C’s and available shapes, you need to learn where the shank of a ring is and where the diamond’s girdle is located. Knowing what parts of a ring and diamond is called will facilitate your discussion with your jeweler when picking your engagement ring.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring - Anatomy of Ring

Get Your Diamond Basics Right : The Four C’s

Even if you’re no diamond connoisseur, you’ve certainly heard of the 4C’s of a diamond at some point in your life. A diamond’s Cut is indisputably its most important characteristics, regardless of its Colour, Clarity and Carat weight. Colour, Clarity and Carat weight are seldom ranked in terms of importance, simply because it depends on what you want from your diamond. If you want a bigger stone, then Carat weight will come before Colour and Clarity. Likewise, if you want the best colour grade for a colourless diamond, then Colour will come after Cut.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring - 4Cs

Get Your Diamond Basics Right: Diamond Shapes

The most common and sought after diamond shape is the Solitaire, a round shaped diamond. But diamonds come in far more shapes than that and not every girl lusts after a round shaped diamond. Learn what diamond shapes there are in the market before you buy her the ring of her dreams.

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Engagement Ring - Diamond Shapes

15 Engagement Ring Settings You Need To Know

This is a slightly more challenging aspect of buying an engagement ring, but with a little determination from you and some help from us, you’ll be identifying various ring settings in no time at all. But, before that can happen, you’ll have to learn about the 15 most commonly worn engagement ring settings of all time and their characteristics first.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a groom searching for the perfect ring or a bride-to-be picking your own ring. These infographics are convenient to look at whether you’re on the desktop or on-the-go. Want to look at them later? Just save them to your desktop or Pinterest boards for future viewing!

Feature Image: MochaRings from Etsy.com / cropped from original.

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