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October 2014

From The Moment I Met You

Even back in his Secondary school days, Issac Ng, 28, Trading Executive, only had eyes for Linda Lee, 28, Senior Finance Analyst. Still too shy to initiate anything then, they remained close friends for over a decade before finally getting together during their university days. Being avid yoga practitioners, Linda and Issac demonstrated that they were flexible both in and out of the studio. Take a peek at how they stretched their dollar to plan a simple but elegant affair surrounded by their closest family and friends and themselves for their pre-wedding photoshoot on 29 December 2013.

What was the proposal like?

Issac: My first attempt in Taiwan was a flop as Linda found the engagement ring in my luggage, so when her favourite singer Rachael Yamagata came to Singapore for a concert, I seized the chance for a second try. I liaised with the backstage crew to have Rachael dedicate a song to Linda and after the concert, we went back to her place and I got down on one knee.

Issac: I said yes, of course! I was completely taken aback by the song dedication and thankfully Issac knew me well enough to reject the crew’s suggestion of having me go on stage!

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Walk us through the planning for your wedding.

Issac: We started planning for our big day a year ahead of time. Unlike most weddings, ours had no theme to it. We weren’t too bothered by it, as we simply wanted to be surrounded by people who shared our joy with us. Right off the bat, we knew we wanted an intimate celebration with maximum interaction time with our guests without an exorbitant price tag as we wanted to spend more money for our house renovation instead. So, we bought our own outfits – Linda got hers online, while I got mine from local stores. Linda’s sister and our close friends pitched in and helped us with our wedding invites and flower arrangement for our solemnisation and dinner setting.

How was the actual day like?

Issac: It was like we had hoped for – a simple dinner with approximately 140 guests whom we were able to talk to and take photos with throughout the night. Dinner took a mere two and half hours or thereabouts and we partied on with our close friends after dinner was over. Kudos to the Alkaff Mansion team who kick-started the after-party by serving us cocktails and shots!

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Your yoga-themed pre-wedding photos were impressive! What inspired you to incorporate acro-yoga into the photoshoot?

Issac: I picked up yoga after I joined Linda for a couple of lessons 3 years ago, and ever since then, we’ve both become avid yoga practitioners. We became curious about acro-yoga after Linda learned of it and signed up for some workshops. Since yoga was such a big part of us, we felt it was only natural to include it into our pre-wedding photoshoot. It turned out great, all thanks to Melvin from Multifolds Photography!

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Her Gown: BCBG
His Suit: H&M and Benjamin Baker
Venue: Alkaff Mansion
The Photographer: Melvin Lau from Multifolds Photography
Makeup & Hairstylist: Fionna Lau
Florist: Lindt from 85 Flowers

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From The Moment I Met You