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September 2014

My Aide-De-Camp in NYC

As the title suggests, I found a great field assistant for my April trip to New York for the New York Bridal Fashion Week. And it’s a bag.

Knowing that my iPhoneography skills weren’t going to get me the prettiest pictures during the shows in NYC, I decided to bring my Sony Nex 5 along. It may be a small camera but lugging around a camera, an iPad mini, and a portable battery pack up a plane and everywhere else for the entire day wasn’t going to be easy on my shoulders. That was why I gave myself a pat on the back for thinking of an Aide de Camp bag.

My aide-de-camp in NYC My aide-de-camp in NYC

Meet Leyden from ADC. It doesn’t look like it from the outside, but Leyden is actually a camera bag. Pretty, isn’t it? I used it as a flight bag on my way up to New York, with my camera placed snugly and safely inside the removable padded divider. Everything you could ever need on a plane went into the bag, including a water tumbler and a paperback.

There are many compartments and roomy external pockets for the little things, like keys and change. Every time I unzipped a compartment (where I found a handwritten card from the founder), I found even more mini compartments inside! I love such pleasant surprises, but I’m nerdy that way. Look what I managed to fit in.

My aide-de-camp in NYC My aide-de-camp in NYC My aide-de-camp in NYC

I once put these same things, minus the camera, into a branded bag on my way to a meeting, and the clasp on the shoulder strap broke. I was really hoping this didn’t happen while I was in New York because, well, it is embarrassing to have the contents of my bag Hansel-and-Gretel-ing all over the streets of Manhattan. But also because it would have been a nightmare looking for a replacement bag, although I was, admittedly, staying right next to Macy’s at Times Square.

I liked that the founder of ADC Bags, Michele (we featured her wedding!), researched for and designed the bags as a solution to the problems she faced herself as a photographer, and a stylish woman with a busy lifestyle.

The Leyden held well. And it looked amazingly unfazed by the end of the trip from all the burden I had put it through. Made from lightweight, water-resistant nylon material with a leather trim, the bag didn’t make my contents lighter, but it sure made them easier to lug around, especially when the handles hide a neoprene centre for comfort. And the design of the bag suited the occasion and my work outfits really well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a photographer with me to take nice fashion shots of me with the bag, but you can see Andrea Chong with Valencia and Lenne Chai with Rei for ideas of how stylish the bags are.

My aide-de-camp in NYC My aide-de-camp in NYC

ADC currently has five camera bag designs, with the latest addition of a very useful camera insert pouch. You’ll see that they all come in very distinct sizes and designs that are versatile and functional at the same time. Remove the padding and you can also bring the bags out without your camera.

Thank you, Michele! Your bag was such a life-back-saver.

Check out the Aide de Camp website for more information.

Lookbook photos courtesy of the Aide de Camp website.

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