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August 2014

Groom Your Way to The Altar

Looking immaculately dressed and well-groomed has always been associated more with women than men. But as men gradually start to embrace the need to look after his own appearance, a growing trend for masculine grooming and well-fitted, quality clothes begins to take root.

Let’s face it, when it comes to getting ready for a wedding, the bride gets all the pampering. She gets to wear a customised gown that fits her perfectly like a glove, and go for facial and manicure appointments to look healthy, glowing and well-groomed, all for the sake of looking her best on her big day. But what about the groom? Shouldn’t he get a slice of that pampering since it’s his big day too and deserves to look dapper for his once-in-a-lifetime as well? Point your soon-to-be-husband in the direction of emerging businesses that cater to male grooming and fashion needs, such as TailorMeOnline and Jermyn Street, so that he can enjoy the same pampering you do in preparation for your wedding day.

Clothes Make The Man

Raise your hands if you’ve ever bought an off-the-rack suit that doesn’t fit you properly in the right places. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives (both men and women), unless you’re lucky enough to have the same measurements as the standard sizing guide most mass produced clothes are manufactured according to. And on a day as momentous as your wedding day, where every pair of eyes in the room will be on you, your slightly-too-short pants will be a detail everyone is going to notice.

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Rather than buying a suit off-the-rack and altering it to fit you (only to find out that it still doesn’t fit you right), why not consider a make-to-measure set that’s guaranteed to fit you in all the right places? TailorMeOnline, or simply known as TMO, is a men’s multi-label online destination for all things of good quality and in good style, focusing on customised tailor suits. Don’t worry about having to pay exorbitant prices for your customised suit; the four founders of TMO understands how important it is for well-tailored suits to be of good quality and easy on the wallet and aims to provide men with affordable luxury they can wear out proudly.

So go ahead and create your own suit with TMO by selecting the fabric, collar and cuffs shapes and button colours you favour for your wedding day. Or if you’re unsure of what works best for you, consult their in-house stylists for advise on what cuts or colours suits you. TMO also offers shoes and other accessories such as cufflinks for grooms to choose from to complete their outfit. If you need ideas on how to wear your suit, check out TMO’s wedding day style guide for more inspirations.

TMO wedding day style guideTMO’s Wedding Day Style Guide

A Well-Coiffed Gentleman

Looking polished for your wedding day is more than just being well-dressed. It is also about how well-groomed you are, and that means not turning up for your wedding with unkempt hair or unshaven face – unless sporting a moustache is your thing. Nestled amongst the row of shophouses in Amoy Street lies Jermyn Street, an upscale barbershop where you can get professional male grooming services such as hair-styling and traditional straight razor face shaving done.

Jermyn Street1 Jermyn Street3

Inspired by the rich grooming heritage of its namesake in London, Jermyn Street is styled as a gentlemen’s club and is designed with 1930s inspired decor and furnishings. Experience what it feels like to be a gentleman in London in the 1930s as you an afternoon of masculine grooming in this sprawling 1,800 square-feet barbershop. Let the professionals at Jermyn Street, including in-house Master Barber Luke Strickland, groom you to perfection from a variety of barbering, tonsorial arts and personal grooming services, all while you’re unwinding with a cup of cappuccino and a screening of classic black and white films on personal iPads.

As male grooming becomes a norm and more businesses catering to those needs start to surface, men, especially grooms (and groomsmen!), will no longer have an excuse for not looking well-groomed. Look modern and preppy-cool for your wedding by swapping the classic neck tie for a bow tie and learn how to pick the correct one to complement your outfit. Give your groomsmen one to wear too for a fun look, or read up on the 6 most popular groomsmen dress trends for more ideas on how to dress your groomsmen in for your special day.

Jermyn Street is located at 108 Amoy Street.
TailorMeOnline is accessible at

TMO’s Wedding Style Guide by TailorMeOnline

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