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May 2014

Happily Ever After with Tirtha Weddings

It’s difficult to enjoy the whole wedding process when you are juggling your wedding preparations, work and fitness plans simultaneously by yourself. But with a little help, it is possible for you to enjoy the whole process, planning and all.

Tirtha Weddings is a sister company of a Japanese wedding consultancy company, Best Bridal, renowned for its excellent wedding planning services and beautiful venues in Japan, Hawaii and Bali. Centrally located in the majestic Fullerton Hotel Singapore, Tirtha Weddings is their first venture into the local wedding market to provide couples with their impeccable wedding planning services and beautiful venues in Singapore and overseas. “We believe that couples should be allowed to enjoy the whole wedding process, including the planning phase,” Kosuke Shima, Sales Manager at Tirtha Weddings, emphasises. “At Tirtha Weddings, couples will be allowed to do just that, as our seasoned wedding planners step in and take over the managing of details such as your wedding gown, venue and decorations.”


Aside from wedding planning services, couples can get their wedding gowns, groom’s suits and even wedding photography services from Tirtha Weddings. But, a trip to the brightly lit and spacious boutique is unlike any at other run-of-the-mill one-stop service bridal boutiques. Couples are made to feel like royalty with the trademark hospitality and impeccable service standards the Japanese are known for upon stepping into Tirtha Weddings. Their wide variety of couture wedding gowns from Italy and Norway will have brides agog as they take their pick from designers such as Andrea Couture, Nicole and Sadoni. Brides who are fans of the internationally renowned Japanese designer, Yumi Katsura, will be thrilled to know that the very first Yumi Katsura wedding range in Singapore will be available at Tirtha Weddings from April 2014 onwards.

But what makes Tirtha Weddings truly special and unique is their selection of beautiful venues made just for weddings. Couples can choose to celebrate their big day from a specially curated list of wedding venues including hotels such as The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, The St. Regis Hotel and The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel, or opt for smaller, more intimate venues at restaurants like Au Jardin or Tirtha Weddings’ sister restaurant, The Lewin Terrace. Set to open in Fort Canning Park, the Japanese-French fusion restaurant is within walking distance from both the Registry of Marriage and the Armenian Church. Specially created to cater to weddings, the luxuriously furnished restaurant boasts an in-house bridal changing room and seats a small group of 70-100 persons for a private wedding affair.


“Although weddings in Singapore tend to resemble a big party of 200-300 guests, we would like to focus on smaller and more intimate ones,” Koji Koreyasu, Director of Tirtha Weddings, explains. “Weddings should be a cozy and exclusive affair where the happy couple can mingle with every one of their guests before the celebration comes to a close. The Lewin Terrace, with its seating capacity of 100 persons, is the perfect venue for close interactions between the couple and their loved ones.”

For couples seeking out-of-the-ordinary destination wedding venues, Tirtha Weddings has two you can choose from, Tirtha Uluwatu and Tirtha Luhur. Located in an area named Uluwatu, Bali, both venues are set on the southern part of the island with sweeping views of the Indian Ocean, with Tirtha Luhur offering more seclusion and privacy. “Before Tirtha Uluwatu and Tirtha Luhur, destination weddings in Bali were stereotypically held in hotels and resorts, offering the happy couple and their guests little or no privacy as they had to share the grounds with other hotel guests,” Kosuke explains. “But we felt that a wedding should be an exclusive affair. Therefore, we explored the idea of creating a special and private venue just for weddings, and that was how our two destination wedding locations in Bali came about.” To help you orchestrate the most spectacular of weddings, wedding planning services are available for destination weddings in Bali as well.


In a nutshell, Tirtha Weddings is all about providing stellar wedding planning services, designer wedding gowns and beautiful venues, and if you are searching for a different wedding experience, then you should head down to Tirtha Weddings.

Tirtha Weddings is located at 1 Fullerton Square #01-08, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore. Contact them at +65 6557 0820 or [email protected] for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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Happily Ever After with Tirtha Weddings