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April 2017

Hartawan and Kezia’s Rustic White Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu

Hartawan and Kezia tied the knot in a beautiful rustic ceremony at Tirtha Uluwatu.

Hartawan and Kezia met at work and fell in love two years ago. Having found soulmates in each other, the lovebirds decide to tie the knot at the elegant Tirtha Uluwatu after they fell in love with its chapel. Take a peek at the highlights of their beautiful rustic white and blue wedding here.

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During our search for a venue, we fell in love at first sight when we saw the Tirtha chapel. There and then, we decided not to visit other venues and set our minds on getting wed at Tirtha Uluwatu. They had a fusion Asian and International menu for weddings, which was exactly what we wanted for our big day.

To complement the elegant venue, we decided to go with a rustic theme that was predominantly white with subtle hints of blue and peach. Even though the rustic theme has been used many times for weddings, we felt that it was a look that will never go out of style. To this day, whenever we look back on our wedding photographs, we still love that rustic look.

Initially, we planned to go with an in-house photographer at Tirtha Weddings. However, after we met with Irwan from Onlymono, we decided to go with him instead. We loved that he was very pro-active and open-minded towards our preferences and of course, his style of photography – something classic with an elaborated tone of sepia that is of a yellowish and warm tone to complement our theme and décor. Plus, Onlymono offers a photo and video package executed by one team, which put us at ease on our wedding day.

What was your actual day like?

Hartawan: We had a very memorable Temu Pengantin Ceremony – where the groom meets the bride for the first time before the wedding with a simple gate crashing ceremony – at the hotel before we departed for the Tirtha Chapel for a tea ceremony with our immediate family. Also, it was such a dream-come-true when I walked down the aisle!

Kezia: The walk down the aisle is classically a bride’s favourite moment, but it’s the most memorable for me. I couldn’t even hold my tears back when I walked down the aisle on the rehearsal day. We were also very thankful that it didn’t rain on our wedding day – the clear sky made our big day even more magical.

Do you have any wedding advice for soon-to-be-wed couples?

First, it is important to set aside a budget and prioritise your spending according to their importance in your wedding. Secondly, discuss with your partner, family and best friends on what is required for the wedding. In this area, we were truly lucky to have many friends who offered good support and advice for our big day.

Last but not least, always have a positive attitude. There is always the chance of something going wrong at a wedding and it usually stresses out the bride-to-be. In such situations, it is better to keep a positive attitude and search for an alternative solution rather than dwell on the mistake. Hartawan truly embodied the true spirit of a positive attitude, focusing more on the solution and alternatives rather than fixate on the never-ending stress. At the end of the day, we have no regrets and we consider all our worries and efforts equally good memories of our big day to us!

The Venue: Tirtha Uluwatu
The Size of Wedding: 70 Guests
The Photographer and Videographer: Onlymono
The Wedding Gown: GeenaDevi
The Wedding Shoes: Everbest
The Groom’s Suit: Elegante Taylor
The Groom’s Shoes: Keeve
Hair and Makeup: Cindy Lin
The Ring Box: Tiny Things
The Wedding Florist: In-house florist
The Wedding Planner: Tirtha Weddings
The Wedding Entertainment: d’soul Entertainment Bali
The Emcee: MC Putri

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Hartawan and Kezia’s Rustic White Wedding at Tirtha Uluwatu