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January 2014

Z Wedding D’sign and Le Grand Wedding Spring 2014

Z Wedding D’sign and Le Grand Wedding launch their Spring 2014 bridal collections in style at CHIJMES Hall.

The Spring/Summer Runway by Le Grand Wedding and Z Wedding D’sign in Chijmes Hall was every bit the high fashion showcase I was expecting from these sister powerhouses. While the show was inspired by flowering gardens, the similarities between this runway and most other bridal runways in Singapore ended there, as Le Grand Wedding and Z Wedding D’sign took the theme and ran wild with it. The seeds of the garden theme grew to inspire a collection based on mythical sea beds and hard, strong silhouettes balanced with delicate blooms.

Le Grand Runway 19Le Grand Runway 30Le Grand Runway 31Le Grand Runway 20

Against an ethereal flower backdrop reminiscent of Chanel’s 2009 Spring Runway, Z Wedding D’sign opened their collection with soft shades of peach, mauve and rose. The gowns continued the designers’ play with shapes and textures, with multi-layered skirts in rich, contrasting fabrics. Floral print burst into bloom from beneath layers of tulle or latticework. Floral appliqués and ruffled peplums were prominent, and lace went modern with larger and bolder patterns. There was an effusion of textures, but the collection managed to balance out the you’re-a-bride-only-once drama with surprisingly clean lines and silhouettes, for a polished finish.

It was clear how the mythical city of Atlantis inspired Le Grand Wedding‘s collection, as the designers mixed hard and soft with their fluid yet strong gowns. Mermaid silhouettes, caged peplums and trumpet trains evoked the grace of those mythical sea creatures, while metallic embellishments adorned collars and bodices to emulate the scales that are a fish’s armour. The strong yet feminine allure of these guardians of the lost city manifested in gorgeous gold-green hues, boldly coloured prints and zipper-edged ruffles.

Le Grand Runway 6Le Grand Runway 34Le Grand Runway 15Le Grand Runway 33Le Grand Runway 14Le Grand Runway 35

The runway was certainly a memorable one, with its innovative shapes and beautifully striking fabric choices, as the design houses continue to push the envelope in bridal fashion. If you’re not quite ready to hop onto the pink wedding gown trend à la Anne Hathaway and Kaley Cucuo, an architectural shape, a soft floral print, or a mix of textures, à la Le Grand Wedding and Z Wedding D’sign, is each a great way to don something fashionably couture for your big day.

Le Grand Wedding is located at 79 Tanjong Pagar Road,Singapore 088500. Make an appointment by contacting them at +65 6327 8880 or [email protected].

Z Wedding D’sign is located at 93 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088514. For more information, contact them at +65 6337 2678 or [email protected].

Images by Chris Ling International Photographers

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Z Wedding D’sign and Le Grand Wedding Spring 2014