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November 2013

Say “I do” with Gustos!

Who doesn’t love a celebration filled with joy, good company and most of all, a plethora of mouthwatering food? Weddings are especially happy and grand celebrations where guests will undoubtedly expect an elaborate array of finger-licking good food, be it at a traditional sit-down dinner or a buffet style one. Live up to their expectations with Gustos and give them a meal to remember with Gustos’ immaculately executed menus.

Gustos Pte Ltd first opened their doors in 2007 offering premium and Italian centric menus as compared to their parent company, Four Seasons Catering. Just like the definition of the word “Gusto”, everyone at Gustos is enthusiastic and takes great enjoyment in helping their couples plan the perfect wedding menu for their big day. Their team has also prepared a wide variety of buffet packages to offer you a greater selection of menus to choose from for wedding lunches and dinners, as well as tea and cocktail receptions. For a seamless catering experience, Gustos also extends a suite of services such as venue decoration, flora arrangement and equipment rental for your convenience.

Say "I Do' with Gustos1 Say "I Do' with Gustos2

Taking wedding buffet catering one step further, Gustos has come up with two brand new thematic wedding packages that replicate the same experience, quality and satisfaction you’ll enjoy when you visit a fine-dining restaurant without having to break the bank. Conceptualised with the desire to bring fine-dining closer to home and to offer couples a unique wedding catering experience, Secret Garden and Dazzling Gems were introduced in 2012 and earlier this year respectively. Secret Garden is filled with romantic floral decorations and soft pastel shades while Dazzling Gems consists of luxurious gemstones and darker shades. Everything used in these two exclusive thematic wedding packages echoes its theme, from the naming of and the garnishes used in each dish right down to its setup. Hence, if you are planning for a daytime garden wedding, then Secret Garden will be perfect for your cause with its pastel colours and fruits and flowers based menu. For a romantic celebration under a night full of twinkling stars, go for Dazzling Gems and its darker tones and heartier menu.

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“The origins of Secret Garden and Dazzling Gems stems simply from a woman’s attraction to flowers and gemstones,” Fayth Teo, Group Marketing Manager at Four Seasons Group, explains. “Regardless of age, it is undeniable that all women are drawn to the allure of flowers and gemstones of any kind. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, our menus, particularly the Secret Garden menu, also consist of dishes with multiple health benefits such as younger-looking skin, which is also a big hit with the brides.”

“Together with our observation that the bride is often the one who makes the final decision, we came up with these two exclusive themes to fulfill every bride’s wedding dreams,” Fayth concludes.

Despite having wedding buffet packages and thematic menus, Gustos is an advocate of customisation and flexibility. All wedding menus are highly customisable depending on the couples’ wants, budget and dietary restrictions. “We can arrange for an upgrade or top-up if the couple requests for specific elements from any of our thematic wedding packages to be included in their chosen package,” Fayth reassures. “Therefore, we highly encourage couples to share their thoughts with us, so we can plan the perfect menu for their needs.”

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At Gustos, you don’t have to feel hurried into a decision. A complimentary food tasting and consultation for four guests accompanies all wedding packages, giving you and your loved ones an opportunity to experience the food before making a decision. Also included in the wedding packages are a waiver of transport and service charge, a fully decorated buffet layout with tables and uniformed staff to help with the replenishment of food and maintain cleanliness.

If you are searching for a caterer that goes above and beyond the traditional and the norm to serve a scrumptious spread of gourmet Italian inspired food that leaves a lasting impression on your guests, then Gustos is the one to look for.

Contact Gustos Pte Ltd at [email protected] or call +65 6286 3003 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

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