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October 2013

A Writer’s Wedding Speech

Good evening.

Thank you for joining J and I on our very special day. Tonight, we’re very happy and honoured to have you all with us. Seeing you all here together, and having you see us in very uncomfortable clothing, it means the world to us both.

Make no mistake, ladies and gentlemen. You’re about to witness a momentous occasion. For the first time ever, J’s letting me speak first. And if you don’t laugh at my jokes, it’ll probably be the last time too.

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who’s helped made this wedding possible. To my groomsmen G and LK, thank you for letting me look more handsome than the both of you. That must’ve been hard. It’s been a long, hard day, and I wouldn’t have survived it without you. Especially you G, thank you for braving the flu. Please take an MC tomorrow. It’s the decent Singaporean thing to do.

To all the lovely bridesmaids, Mei, Nik, Ast and Jo, thank you for getting up so early to be by J’s side. And for attempting to poison us with unnameable food, then robbing me of my ang pows. You’ve made our most important morning together an unforgettable one. For that, I’m eternally grateful.

To my brother Vince, for driving us around the whole day, and not crashing Pa’s car in the process. And also for helping us put together our wedding videos. I don’t say this often enough, but I’m immensely proud to have you as my brother. I missed the times when I could order you around. This wedding gave me a reason to do that all over again. So thank you for being such a good sport.

To my present and former colleagues from D** Singapore. My folks still have no clue what exactly it is I do for a living. They see me go to work in t-shirt and jeans, convinced I don’t have a proper job. Thank you for making my advertising life anything but humdrum.

To my dad’s colleagues, thank you all for joining my father on what I hope is the happiest day of his life. Some of you have flown in just for this, and we are extremely honoured by that. My father often speaks of you like you were family, and many of you have been exactly that. You’ve practically seen me and my brother grow up, and I cannot thank you enough for looking out for my dad through all these years.

To my friends from poly and uni, thank you all for coming. We’ve shared some wonderful times in school, and you’ve seen me in some ridiculous haircuts. I look forward to seeing you in one of yours when you get married.

To two of my oldest living friends: Ding, whom I’ve known since we were nine or 10. And JR, whom I met on the school bus when I was six and a half. I hope we’ll still be playing Nintendo together when we’re all 80 and senile.

To my Pa, for helping us out so much in this wedding. We wouldn’t be standing here without you. Or your wallet. I haven’t been the easiest of sons to bring up. I’ve been stubborn, difficult, and downright strange at times. In other words, I’ve been just like you.

Thank you for welcoming J like the daughter you’ve never had. Because she’s made me realise you’re the best father a man can ever have.

(What follows is a tribute to my mum and J’s parents in Mandarin.)

Surprise, surprise, I’m bilingual. Barely anyways.

To my new sister-in-law, Mei, you’re the coolest sister anyone can have. Because you’ve made me cooler than I really am when I tell people, “I know somebody who worked on the Clone Wars series.” I only hope I can be half as cool a brother to you.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my wife, J. First, for saying yes to me. Then for planning the bulk of this wedding. But mostly, I thank you for not killing me in the process of the planning. Heaven knows I will only get more annoying from here on. And I don’t envy you.

But know this: I will hold, protect, love and take the first, and every other bullet for you, always. Just like how I’m taking this speech, and the awkward silence that will soon follow.

Thank you all for listening. I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of your evening.

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A Writer’s Wedding Speech