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October 2013

A Diving Love Story

It was their love for the ocean and underwater sea creatures that brought our couple, Hui Fang and Wilson, together. She started with the intention of getting her diving license but ended up with much more at the end of her trip. Walk through Hui Fang and Wilson’s friendship and courtship, and learn how these two like-minded individuals brought their love for the open waters into their big day.

How did the two of you meet and what was your proposal like?

Hui Fang: Wilson and I met during an open-water diving course, where he was the teacher and I the student. I only went on dive trips that he led and very soon, we had a small group of friends between us whom we would dive and hang out together with. For the 3 years we were friends, Wilson was always an older brother to me until a particular dive trip to Bali. The sea was really choppy on our way back to shore and Wilson caught me when I lost my balance. In that moment, I thought, “This is a man you depend on for the rest of your life”. On the last night of our trip, I told him how I felt and that’s when we started.

Wilson: The two years we dated were the happiest times of our lives. Although we only met on the weekends due to my busy schedule, the time we spent with each other was quality time. I proposed to Hui Fang by making a video of her family and friends convincing her to marry me. Needless to say, she accepted my proposal.


Walk us through the planning for your wedding.

Hui Fang: We were already set on having a casual beach wedding party than a formal one, so it was not difficult for us to decide on the venue. Naturally, our wedding had a beach theme with accents of diving by including scuba tanks during our march-in and naming our tables after dive sites rather than the usual table numbers. We also had glass bowls filled with sand and flower ornaments as table centerpieces and our wedding cake was decorated with seashells.

Wilson: Since it was a casual beach wedding, we decided on beachwear as the dress code. We prepared games to keep our guests engaged but they were so thoroughly entertained by our wedding videos that our games were rendered unnecessary. For our elderly relatives, we arranged for a more formal wedding lunch in a ballroom on the next day.


We heard you had an “explosive” time on your actual day. Tell us about it!

Hui Fang: Everything went according to schedule, all thanks to our good friend who was an excellent coordinator. Since we planned for an outdoor wedding, we were most worried about the weather. It started to drizzle lightly just as we made our way to the hotel, but we took a gamble and decided to keep our wedding outdoors. Thankfully, the skies cleared and we had a beautiful weather in the evening. We also got to enjoy a splash of fireworks from the neighbouring Resorts World Sentosa at the end of the wedding dinner before our after-dinner party commenced.

Wilson: We were initially concerned that the music from Zouk Out (which took place on the same day as our big day) would spill over and affect our wedding, but we hardly heard anything from that event, so overall, the day went really well. We were also thrilled to have all our close family and friends there at the celebration with us.

You chose to have a Sand Art wedding video instead of the run-of-the-mill wedding montage. Tell us more about it!

Hui Fang: I wanted something special to express my heartfelt thoughts and feelings to Wilson, and share with my audience how I felt during our friendship and courtship days. Having seen other sand art videos and how it expresses one’s thoughts and feelings, I decided to have one as well and engaged Sandy Stories for the task. Working with them was a pleasure; their artists were extremely, open to feedback and were willing to incorporate what I wanted into the videos.


How did your family and friends feel about your wedding?

Hui Fang: Everyone had nothing but praise for our big day. We kept things casual and relaxing for our guests and they ended up enjoying the program we’d prepared and had a great time during our wedding. Our overseas guests were also impressed with our atypical wedding celebration by the beach and even commented that it was the best wedding they’ve ever attended!

Looking back, were there any moments that were especially significant to you?

Hui Fang: The fact that I was there with my loved ones, made every moment on that day special and precious to me.

The Venue: Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore
The Photographer: Thomas from Peeping Thom Photography
The Video: Sandy Stories
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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A Diving Love Story