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May 2013

Your Friendly Guide to Choosing Wedding Banquet Packages

It is often suggested that the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach. While we cannot verify if that age-old saying is true or not, there is no denying that everyone feels a little happier after being fed, especially with good food. So work your way to your guests’ hearts and leave a lasting impression by serving them plate after plate of delectable cuisine at your wedding. To help you along with your wedding planning and speed up your decision-making, SingaporeBrides spoke to Peony Jade at Clarke Quay and Peony Jade at Keppel Club, Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore and Regent Singapore to find out what you need to know about securing a wedding banquet package.

Where to Start

Before you go down to any hotel to enquire about their wedding banquet packages, there are a few essential wedding details you should decide on first. Chanel Tan, Director of Events Management at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore, zeros in on the two wedding details they require from couples. “We will need to have the exact wedding date so as to check on the ballroom availability, as well as an estimated number of tables the wedding couple intends for their wedding banquet,” she says.

Next, you should have decided on a budget for your wedding banquet. Knowing the estimate cost of one table for the wedding venues will help you do this. Visit the SingaporeBrides Banquet Price List to find out how much a wedding banquet might cost at your preferred venues without you having to go door-to-door for the information. From the banquet price list, you can also zero in on the venues that fit your budget and guest-list requirements, and pay a visit only to those you’ve shortlisted to learn more about their packages.

Saffron Ballroom  Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa Reveals Magnificent New Wedding Venues

What You Should Know

Once you have your wedding date, estimated number of wedding guests and banquet budget, you can start zooming in on the wedding venues that fit your requirements. During your research, you’ll notice that most wedding venues have a minimum requirement for their wedding packages. Some venues like Peony Jade at Clarke Quay and Peony Jade at Keppel Club have a minimum requirement of 160 guests for weekday weddings and a minimum of 200 guests for a weekend wedding while Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa, Singapore has a minimum requirement of 250 guests for a Chinese wedding banquet and a minimum of 200 guests for a buffet or Western Set wedding banquet.

Do be aware that every wedding banquet package have different minimum requirements and pricings for weekday and weekend weddings, and you are required to fulfill the minimum seating capacity requirements in order to take up a package. “It will not be operationally possible for the venue to lower the minimum requirement,” Chanel emphasises. “Likewise, it is impossible to exceed the maximum capacity of the function space.” So, remember to always pick a venue that is able to accommodate more than your initial estimate on the number of guests as your guest-list is most likely to increase as your wedding date draws closer.

What is in a Wedding Banquet Package?

So, what exactly is included in a typical wedding banquet package? While different venues may offer more or different items in their packages, these are what are usually included in one:

  • Free-flow of soft drinks, mixers and Chinese tea
  • Choice of wedding themes and complementary decoration
  • A wedding cake
  • Wedding favours for guests
  • Wedding guestbook and invitation cards
  • Complimentary bottle of champagne and champagne pyramid for the champagne pouring ceremony
  • Free use of the projector and screen
  • Complimentary one night’s stay at the hotel inclusive of breakfast
  • Car passes

In addition to these items, a trial dinner before your actual day is also included in the banquet package. While some venues offer the full set of wedding menu for the trial dinner, others might feature only half the chosen wedding menu. Decorations for the wedding dinner and venue are also included in the package since most venues offer couples a variety of unique wedding themes to pick from.

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Is an Exchange or Request for More Items Allowed?

Don’t be afraid to ask for an exchange of items in the package if you are not satisfied with what is being offered to you. If it is an extra night’s stay, complimentary parking or extra complimentary barrel of beer or chair covers that you want, do voice it out and see if it can be done. “In such circumstances, we will consider and do our best to accommodate our couples’ requests on a case-by-case basis,” Bhunikar Lim, Director of Catering at Regent Singapore says. Some venues, however, have a strict no-exchange policy for their wedding packages. Others may only allow for couples to exchange their complimentary night’s stay at the hotel for a discount on one table, as in Peony Jade’s case. While there may be a certain degree of flexibility practiced when it comes to this, package prices are strictly non negotiable.

Tips and Advice

“When it comes to picking a wedding banquet package, couples should consider the venue’s seating capacity, the perceived value of the package and the quality of the food,” Robert Han, General Manager at Peony Jade, highlights.

Aside from those, you should also pay attention to the overall feel of the wedding venue. “The ambience of the hotel is very important because it sets the mood and tone of the wedding,” Bhunikar stresses. “Couples should also consider booking their packages early, especially if they are set on only one wedding date.”

Aside from these tips, you should also pay your shortlisted venues a visit to find out more about their wedding banquet packages and do so early. Some venues may offer discounts or extra perks if you book with them early. Besides, booking early also gives you a higher chance of getting the venue and package on the top of your list. Visit our directory to learn more about our listed wedding banquet venues and check out our article featuring 37 of the most majestic and dreamy hotel ballrooms in Singapore.

Credits: Feature image from Germaine and Mitchell’s Glamorous Wedding at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore by Antelope Studios.

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Your Friendly Guide to Choosing Wedding Banquet Packages