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May 2013

Tokyo Love

It is common for some couples to go for a destination pre-wedding or actual day shoot. But a destination post-wedding shoot? Now, that’s something different. Due to their busy work schedules, Nancy, 27, Graphic Designer & Video Editor of Substance Films and Yang, 31, Cinematographer & Director of Substance Films – a pair of lovebirds who bonded over a game of Volleyball – decided to opt for a post-wedding shoot in Tokyo after their big day on 16 May 2012. Scroll down and be inspired by a destination post-wedding shoot where their love for one another was the focus of every photograph, against a city full of personality and artistic flair.

How did the two of you meet?

We met through mutual friends over a game of beach volleyball at Sentosa some eight years ago.

What was the proposal like?

Yang proposed on my birthday two years ago. My birthday present – which was the proposal ring – was locked up in a safe at the Fairmount Hotel and I had to unlock the password to get to it. T’was an enjoyable night.


Post-wedding shoot? In Tokyo? Tell us more!

Instead of a pre-wedding shoot, we chose to do a post-wedding shoot due to our tight work schedule. It was a great idea because not only did we enjoy the shoot and were not in the least stressed out, the trip also served as our honeymoon! We didn’t have a specific theme or concept, only that we wanted our photos to be done in a travelogue style with a touch of journalistic and artsy flair.

Since Tokyo was a city that left the deepest impression on us even after we’ve travelled to other cities for wedding shoots, we chose to have our post-wedding shoot done there. It’s got a personality of its own and we simply love the artsy and old streets in this ever-moving city.


We heard there were casino games and plenty of partying on your wedding day – do tell us more!

Our vision for our wedding day was to have a simple wedding that ends with plenty of partying. True to our vision, the celebration ended with plenty of booze and partying in Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s ballroom. Even though it was a Wednesday night, many of our guests stayed back for the party! The enjoyment of our guests were important to us as well, so we prepared a few tables of casino games during our cocktail reception and left “wedding notes” on the guests tables for them to answer some questions on us to keep them entertained throughout the celebration. We even prepared prizes for the top 3 winners of the casino games! Needless to say, all our guests were very happy and impressed with the experience.

What did your family and friends say about the post-wedding shoot?

All our family and friends were thoroughly in love with our post-wedding photographs! They loved the style and how unique our photographs turned out to be. We still have friends telling us how much they adored the photographs months after the shoot! Personally, we ourselves are in awe with how our photographs turned out to be. It was wonderful, perfect and like we’d envisioned it to be, and even today, we still can’t stop admiring them.


Looking back, were there any moments during your post-wedding shoot that were especially memorable or special to you?

Our post-wedding shoot was plenty of fun on the whole, especially when the locals and tourists in Harajuku came up to us and requested to take a photograph with us!

Although the weather was quite bad, it was a thoroughly memorable and fun photoshoot. We were impressed with and deeply touched by our photographer’s can-do attitude even though he fell sick during the shoot. Our makeup artists’ dedication and patience during those few days of shoot also left an impression on us. Because of them, we felt relaxed and enjoyed the entire shoot.


Her Gown: Silhouette The Atelier
His Suit: Silhouette The Atelier
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

Images from Tinydot Photography.

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Tokyo Love