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August 2012

Vintage Love

Sometimes, love takes an instant to bloom while other times, it takes years. In our couple’s case, it was seven years. Meifang and Dickson were schoolmates and enrolled in the same extra-curricular activity for years but love for them came only after their graduation. With the help of a social networking site, their love took flight and Meifang soon found herself drawing a proposal from a lucky dip box one Christmas Eve. Be inspired by this quirky and fun couple’s vintage wedding and pick up some tips for a similar themed wedding of your own.

How did the two of you meet?

Meifang: We came from the same secondary school and both of us were in the NPCC. Strange enough, we weren’t close at that time and never contacted each other until after we graduated. It took us seven years and a social networking website, the then-popular Friendster, for us to make the first contact. Eventually, we started hanging out, which soon led to us dating.

We heard the proposal happened because of a lucky dip? Tell us more about that!

Meifang: Together with our friends, Dickson and I booked a room at Orchid Country Club on Christmas Eve. We played games and exchanged gifts via a lucky dip. Everyone will pick a name from the dip and the person whose name they’ve picked out will be presenting them with a gift. I happened to be the last person to draw and because Dickson was the name I had picked out, I was calling for a redraw. It wasn’t until I opened his present that I realised the whole gathering and “lucky dip” was a set-up.

Dickson: She was in such a shock that she dropped the box onto the floor. I picked it up, went down on one knee and proposed to her, while our friends took photos and videos.

What was the concept and theme behind your pre-wedding shoot?

Meifang: I’ve always been a huge fan of everything vintage – from cars to clothes to accessories. Naturally, I wanted our pre-wedding shoot to have a vintage feel to it as well. So my photographer suggested we do some casual shots in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Although we’ve never been to the location and didn’t know what the placed looked like, we had absolute trust in our photographer. The photo shoot went smoothly and was very relaxing on the whole.

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

Meifang: I knew I wanted a vintage theme for the wedding but my ideas were scattered here, there and everywhere. I researched on vintage-themed weddings on the Internet and by flipping through wedding magazines but it wasn’t until we completed our casual shoots done in a vintage style that I had a concrete idea of what to do for our wedding. To stay true to our chosen theme, we decided to have a showcase of vintage photos and to provide some vintage-inspired props such as the classic moustache and geeky spectacles for our guests to take photos with at the photo shoot corner on our actual day. As for my wedding gown, I decided to go with a more classic design instead of a vintage styled one.

Were your family and friends impressed with the shoot?

Meifang: Yes! Everyone told us how beautifully they were taken and wanted to see more of them!

Looking back, were there any moments during your pre-wedding shoot that were especially memorable or special to you?

Meifang: Rather than going back to places that we have been during our courtship for our pre-wedding shoot, we decided to have our photos taken at new places. That way, we’ll have new memories at these places and the process of creating new memories at a new place together became a special moment for the both of us. When we look back at the photos, we’ll always be reminded of that special moment and how fun and sweet it was during the whole process.

The Venue: Furama City Centre, Singapore
The Photographer: Max and Yikeshu from Wayne Studio
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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Vintage Love