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March 2013

For Couples Who Believe in True Love

One cannot simply think of a wedding without thinking of that tiny Blue Box so synonymous with love and happiness. When Charles Lewis Tiffany’s first diamond engagement ring made its first appearance in 1886, it did more than create an iconic gift of commitment; the world fell in love with Tiffany’s now signature six-prong band setting, which lifts the diamond so more light can pass through it, resulting in an elegant sparkle no woman can resist.

Tiffany diamonds are famously one of the finest in the world. In the 1840s Charles L. Tiffany purchased some French Crown Jewels and was called the “King of Diamonds” by the press. Then in 1877, one of the world’s largest and finest fancy yellow diamonds was discovered in the Kimberly diamond mines of South Africa. The rough stone weighed an impressive 287.42 carats and was purchased by Tiffany the next year. After careful scrutiny, Charles L. Tiffany and the company’s preeminent gemologist, Dr George Frederick Kunz, agreed to cut away over half of the stone. The cut and polished Tiffany Diamond, as the stone was named, weighs 128.54 carats. That yellow diamond sealed the company’s reputation as not only the leading authority on diamonds but also the place to buy diamonds of the highest quality and design.

Tiffany Setting and Blue BoxTiffany Setting and Blue Box. Photo Credit: Carlton Davis

Standing by their promise of providing diamonds of the highest standards, Tiffany’s recent gemologist reports showed that only 0.02% of the world’s diamonds can meet the company’s exacting standards. A Diamond Certificate, which itemises the individual characteristics of the stone, accompanies each diamond solitaire sold at Tiffany & Co.They are cut for beauty to maximise brilliance, not size, a sacrifice not unlike those a couple often has to make to ensure the longevity of their marriage. The sparkle, together with the famed settings of the band, makes a really magical proposal. This was what Charles L Tiffany, a hopeless romantic, wanted to achieve all along.

Before there was the Tiffany Setting that we all know today, diamond rings were set in bezels, where a piece of metal surrounds the stone to hold it in place. But Mr Tiffany’s innovative setting of six platinum prongs, shaped like claws, lifted the stone off the band and into the light, showcasing Tiffany’s diamonds and design excellence. To this day, it is the most sought-after symbol of love, with a legacy that has been celebrated in film, art and literature.

Tiffany has a wide selection of ring styles, including the Tiffany Legends collection, which consists of five diamond rings that have achieved large and very loyal followings world-wide, and, as any woman who has tried on several rings in search for the perfect one can attest, each design has its own unique personality.

Apart from the iconic Tiffany Setting, Lucida®, which is a patented Tiffany exclusive, is a square diamond with its high step-cut crown and proud, wide corners. Lucida® has a passionate following among those who prefer the brilliance of a diamond with a large table. Tiffany Novo was inspired by the Tiffany Diamond. It marries modern style with timeless grace, giving a nod to the past and a glimpse of the future. Tiffany Bezet, the newest of the Legends, reinterprets the traditional bezel setting in shapes including heart, pear and round. The bezel-set profile sits closer to the hand, following the contours of a diamond to accentuate its shape and beauty. A period piece inspired by archival drawings from the early 1900s, Legacy evokes “La Belle Epoque”, and is feminine and romantic, with a cushion-shaped modified brilliant-cut diamond (exclusive to Tiffany & Co.) surrounded by a frame of bead-set diamonds. The effect is mesmerizing, drawing the eye into a seemingly endless kaleidoscope of layer after layer of facets.

Tiffany Art of RomanceClick for larger image

And those are not all that Tiffany has to offer. Luckily, Tiffany & Co. will be hosting a month-long Tiffany Bridal Event, from March 1st to 31th, at Tiffany stores in Takashimaya S.C., The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Raffles Hotel, Changi Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. From 1st to 31st March, guests are invited to make a personal consultation appointment with their friendly sales professionals to select diamond engagement rings, jewelry and gifts for a brilliant and memorable wedding. Through the session, brides-to-be will be able to gain insights of the unparalleled quality of Tiffany diamonds and choose from a wide range of elegant designs.

You absolutely have to see the diamonds for yourself.

Tiffany Joy of True LoveJoy of True Love. Photo Credit: Craig Cutler

Feature Image Credits: Tiffany Diamond Engagement Rings in platinum (from left): Lucida, Tiffany Setting, Legacy, Novo and Etoile. Photo Credit: Carlton Davis

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For Couples Who Believe in True Love