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October 2012

The One Gown

Most brides spend the majority of their time during wedding planning hunting down the perfect dress. So don’t be alarmed if your first instinct is to pick up the phone and book an appointment with a bridal boutique rather than call your mother or best friends to pass on the good news. While your groom might find that utterly ridiculous, rest assured that your reaction is only natural. With all eyes fixed on you on your big day, it is understandable that you’ll want to sashay down that aisle in a gown that is nothing short of utter perfection.

Securing appointments with various bridal boutiques is only the first step to getting you your dream gown. Knowing what you want in that gown is key to finding it. Is it an A-line or a mermaid silhouette you’re looking for? Do you want a sweetheart neckline or a halter-top? Now, if that doesn’t make the slightest sense to you, that’s okay. SingaporeBrides knows just the person who can help you with that. Jessica, the owner of and designer behind Jess Haute Couture, understands exactly what brides want, even when they themselves don’t. “Every bride desires a gown that shows off a slender silhouette and nice curves,” she remarks. Bearing that firmly in mind, Jessica designs her gowns to hug her brides in all the right places. So if you’re looking to enhance your womanly assets, you’ll do no wrong at Jess Haute Couture.

Jess Haute Couture has been dressing brides in gowns that are simple yet stylish and elegant – a trademark of Jessica’s designs – since 2004. But before Jess Haute Couture came into existence, Jessica spent over 6 years studying and working in the high fashion industry in New York. It was the New Yorkers’ fashion sense that inspired her to dedicate and infuse her passion and flair for fashion design into wedding gowns. “It gives me great joy and satisfaction to see happy smiles on my brides’ faces and know that they walked down the aisle in a piece of fashion,” Jessica gushes. “Nothing inspires and motivates me more than seeing my brides’ happiness.”

Jessica believes that every bride deserves to have a gown that is both well-cut and made and guarantees that every piece of her creations at Jess Haute Couture is exactly that. Drawing from the Chinese culture, Jessica’s signature design is a simple but elegant high collar that is reminiscient of the traditional cheongsam. She adds a touch of modernity to her design by pairing the high collar with a sexier style and cut. Never one to compromise on quality, Jessica only uses pure Swarovski crystals and hand-sews any embroidery onto her gowns.

If thinking about a gown with Swarovski crystals and handsewn embroidery is enough to send your imagination a-flying, Jessica’s latest “Mix and Match” collection will have you racing straight to see her. The “Mix and Match” collection offers brides the option of changing into multiple looks without the hassle of changing in and out of multiple gowns. Gowns in this collection can be worn as a short or long dress, according to your preference. Step out into an outdoor garden solemnisation in the short dress and transform that into a full gown by attaching a long skirt to it. “This is perfect for brides who want to have different looks while avoiding the trouble of having more than one gown,” Jessica adds.

Besides her delectable creations, Jess Haute Couture also provides other wedding related services for the convenience of her brides. A one-stop wedding boutique, Jessica offers hair and makeup services, and pre-wedding photography and videography in addition to custom-made wedding gowns. For brides who are working with a tight budget, Jess Haute Couture also offers off-the-rack gowns so no bride will be excluded. You can also expect to be served personally by Jessica, who will offer her professional advice and design options on the type of wedding gowns most suited for you. You can even ask her about your wedding planning too! Now, where do you get such personalised and professional service.

“The quality of service and advice a bridal boutique gives should be the deciding factor when choosing a bridal boutique, not price,” Jessica advises. “The benefits of having personalised service and professional advice on your wedding gown far outweigh any savings in cost.”

Sophisticated, timeless and romantic – if those qualities are what your dream gown is made up of, then Jess Haute Couture is your go-to bridal boutique.

Contact Jess Haute Couture at [email protected] or call +65 6334 5218 for more enquiries. For more information, log on here.

Image Credits: Jess Haute Couture

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