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July 2012

Nail It At The Wedding

It is every bride’s prerogative to look her absolute best from head to toe on her wedding day. And with that privilege in your hands, you embark on a journey to hunt down all the essentials you need to look your best. A few months later, you’ve chosen your dream gown, shoes that even Cinderella wished she had on at her wedding, the best makeup and hair stylists and a few pieces of accessories to complete your wedding ensemble and think you’re good to go. Not quite yet. You’ve been so focused on the macro details during your search that you’ve overlooked one tiny detail that needs dressing up as well – your nails.

While it might be the most inconspicuous and least scrutinised detail on you, don’t doubt for a second that someone, somewhere, somehow will notice your neglected nails – or worse, your bad habit of chewing on your nails when you’re stressed out. So, don’t burden yourself with an additional worry or the need to hide your hands from sight. Include your nails, both on your hands and feet, in the celebration and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure at a nail salon.

If you are a manicure enthusiast, this is an area that is already familiar to you and requires no further explanation. For those of you first-timers, we’ve saved you some time and research by speaking to Jaclyn, from Luxewomen, to get the low down on what nail services are available and which are most suitable for brides.

The Basics

Let’s begin with the range of services you can expect at any professional nail salon. From the very basic manicure/pedicure to one with Gel polish to add-ons such as nail art or extensions, you’ll definitely find a service that suits your needs and budget. A classic manicure (for hands) or pedicure (for feet) is done using normal nail polish. Application usually takes a short time, but normal nail polish takes at least two hours to dry completely and faces a possibility of chipping if you’re not careful with it.

For a chip-free option, opt for Gel polish over the normal one. This new revoluntionary nail polish is fast-drying, smudge and chip-free for up to 21 days. You can expect your nails to be completely dry by the time you leave the salon. However, Gel polish is not entirely fuss-free. You will be required to make a return trip to the salon for a soak-off to properly remove the Gel polish. The basic classic manicure is perfect for brides who want a neat, yet modern look for their nails. If you’re worried about chipping, just opt for the Gel polish instead.

Decorating Your Nails

For those of you who want a little something more elaborate, you can opt for add-ons such as nail art or extensions on top of the basic manicure service. Go for a simple and elegant bridal design or bling your nails up with 3D nail art and crystals. According to Jaclyn, 3D flowers and crystals are some of the more popular services brides today ask for, but notices that cute ribbons, hearts and bows are quickly gaining popularity as well. “I’ve also noticed an increase in request for colours such as fuchsia, black, gold and even green recently, other than the usual white nails,” Jaclyn shares.

But, you’ve never had the patience or tendency to grow your nails out. They’ve always been trimmed as close to the nail bed as possible, leaving little or no space on your already tiny nails for any nail art to be done. That doesn’t mean you have to give up the idea of having your nails carefully decorated for your big day. Say hello to extensions. With extensions, your nails can be extended to any length you desire in an instant. Nail art such as 3D flowers and crystals also last even longer on extensions as these fake nails do not give out oil on the surface like our natural nails do. So, you don’t have to worry about chipping or the extensions dropping off; they can last for months if proper care if taken. A return visit to the salon is necessary to remove these extensions to avoid any damage done to your natural nails.

“Extensions can last for months if the proper care is taken, so brides don’t have to worry about chipping or them dropping off. But going to the wrong salon and having your extensions done by an amateur nail artist might result in the extensions dropping off easily and in the worst case, cause serious infections and fungal contamination,” Jaclyn warns.

How To Go About It

Once you’re familiar with the various types of nail services available, your first step is to pick a professional nail salon. “Opting for a professional salon to work on your nails is essential so as to avoid damage and infections, which can become very serious,” Jaclyn warns. Pay several nail salons visits to check out the services they offer, their nail artists portfolio and the cost of the services you require before you commit to one. Ask them for a rough quote so you’ll have as accurate a gauge of the cost as possible to decide if you have the budget for it. When you’re satisfied with the cost quoted, consult their nail artists for suggestions on the services and designs that will best suit you and your wedding.

Most nail salons are equipped with a wedding package to cater to brides but committing to one may not necessarily save you money as compared to paying for the individual services separately. The package may include services that you do not require or your nails may not end up as you’ve expected it to. Rather than risking such disappointment and making an unwise financial investment, ask salons for a comprehensive free consultation for their nail artists to better understand your needs and wants.

Once you’ve decided on a salon and service, what’s left is to set an appointment date. Also, remember to check with the nail artists on the estimated time required for your nails and time any subsequent appointments at least 30 minutes to an hour later so that in the event of blotch-ups, your nail artist has sufficient time to correct it.

More Than Just Manicures

But that’s not all you can do at a nail salon. Go for nail treatments or indulge in a spa for your feet for healthier looking nails, hands and feet. This is especially important if your wedding gown is short and exposes your legs and feet. Opt for these extra services to deal with rough heels and dry skin, so you’ll be pretty all over. Besides, your feet deserve some pampering after all that running about for your wedding errands.

“We also noticed an increase in request for hen’s night to be done at our salon,” Jaclyn reveals. “Brides and their entourage can get their nails done while enjoying a movie screening with food and drinks.” So, spread the love to your girlfriends and have your hen’s party at a nail salon for some female bonding and pampering.

Jaclyn has one last piece of advice for brides out there: “The best time to do your nails, is the day right before your photo-shoot, ROM or actual wedding day. And to prevent any mishaps with your manicured nails, ensure that you’ve completed all your errands before your nail appointment. Or if you really need to run errands afterwards, ask friends to help you with it.”

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Nail It At The Wedding