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September 2011

Till Death Do Us Part

In the Hollywood film 300, which is an adaptation of the comic series of the same name, a Spartan soldier narrates the story of how King Leonidas led his favoured 300 Spartans to war against more than one million Persian soldiers. His war plan was wrought with deceit and betrayal, but it was his Queen Gorgo who plunged a dagger into the traitor, unwittingly exposing the treachery, and rallied enough support back home to unite all of Greece against Persia. King Leonidas sacrificed himself for his country and, with his dying breath, pledges his undying love to his Queen Gorgo.

This epic tale of sacrifice and loyalty was the inspiration behind The Wedding Present’s latest ad campaign. Fittingly named “Till Death Do Us Part”, the concept behind this series of images tells the story of the empowerment of the woman, especially when it comes to the matters of the heart. While the imagery is dramatic, its underlying significance is very simple yet powerful.

For the contemporary woman who relishes in her modern lifestyle, it isn’t an easy decision to give up her freedom and spend the rest of her life with another. However, the decision tells of her strength and determination to nurture and care for her man while he battles the world, even though she may have to fight her own wars. The woman rules the home, and in this reversal of roles, she tends to the physical and emotional wounds of the man who returns to her love.

The powerful “Queen” in this ad campaign is fully clothed while the “King” is nude and vulnerable, because The Wedding Present wants to emphasise on the qualities of the woman and strip away the usual sexual objectification of the woman. Her power lies in her ability to rise to the occasion and be strong in the times that her lover is weak. You will notice that there is nothing showy and gaudy about her; this collection is all about bringing out the individuality in every woman, so you’ll see silhouette-skimming georgette dresses and draped silk organza gowns that are thick on textures. Much thought has been given into including only a minimal amount of beadwork on the gowns so that they will not distract from the natural beauty of a woman in love.

The message that The Wedding Present sends is clear: the softness and simplicity of the new collection not only brings out the feminine side of the bride, but also enhances the resolve and purpose the bride has in celebrating her union with her man, till death do they part.

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