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July 2011

An Artfully Modern Wedding Experience

Weddings are no longer the stiff and awkward events of our parents’ generation, where rituals and customs were followed to a T, and brides and grooms longed for the day to end so they could run away to go on their long-awaited honeymoons. Today’s weddings are lively and gregarious events for family and friends, and the modern brides and grooms of today know exactly how they want their Big Day to turn out.

Grand Hyatt Singapore’s timely launch of The Gallery late 2010 brings to our shores a concept that has yet to be explored. Entering this expansive event foyer, you’ll be immediately captivated by the natural light that fills up the double-storey height of the Loft Kitchen. This very huge and chic event area consists of a reception counter for receiving guests, as well as a food-preparation counter, and a bar right at the end. Perfect as a Cocktail Reception area, couples can have International chefs prepare canapés a la minute while Mixologists create interesting cocktails for guests. Flowing effortlessly to the right of the Loft Kitchen is the Lounge area, a cosy and welcoming space dotted with comfortable ottomans and sofa sets for guests to mingle.

Designed by well-renowned interior design firm Super Potato—which also redesigned Grand Hyatt’s Mezza9—The Gallery is themed after a modern contemporary art gallery. Exclusive art pieces are being showcased in the two Ateliers and the Salon, which are smaller rooms flanking either sides of the Lounge and a main banquet room. The Ateliers are wonderful ceremonial venues for wedding couples to host their solemnisations or tea ceremonies as the closed off areas provide the privacy that some couples may prefer. In fact, one of the Ateliers is designed as a bridal dressing room, ideal for the bride to change outfits in between ceremonies or as a holding room for the bridal party with its own private entrance. The Salon, which accommodates up to 260 guests, calls for a very intimate wedding venue to host the dinner banquet.

No venue is complete without a team of dedicated staff who will make sure your night goes on without a hitch. The Gallery team consists of international chefs, sommelier, mixologists, designers and florists to customise every wedding to the preference of the wedding couple. Each couple will also be matched with an event concierge, so that the finer details of the wedding will not be overlooked.

To top it off, the ultra-modern and unconventional wedding venue is coupled with high-tech, interactive technology that includes built-in HD cameras to project the wedding ceremony and high definition interactive screens for an unforgettable and engaging experience.

The Gallery is indeed a highly exclusive and versatile venue, and it sets the right ambience for a truly unique and modern wedding. Play host to your dream wedding, with features that will enhance the experience for both the bridal party and your guests, and experience the personalised service that is the hallmark of a Grand Hyatt Singapore experience.

Grand Hyatt Singapore is at 10 Scotts Road Singapore 228211. For more information about Weddings at The Gallery, email [email protected] or click here.

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An Artfully Modern Wedding Experience