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February 2011

Sophia Wedding Collection @ The Regent

It was the perfect juxtaposition of beauty; the gorgeous, stylish wedding gowns from the well-established Sophia Wedding Collection, and the service and worldly charm of the high-regarded Regent Hotel. Couples who attended Romance at The Regent on October 16 were in for a treat.

Set against a backdrop of rose-petaled drapes and red crystal lanterns, The Royal Ballroom at The Regent Hotel was awashed in a shade of dusty pink. Couples were seated around the stage and raised runway as they waited for the show to start. Sophia Wedding Collection was going to feature 45 wedding and evening gowns that afternoon—they were really pulling out all the stops.

When the lights dimmed, the music that filled the room was dramatic and sensuous, setting the mood for a passionate showcase of textures and colours. The first gown was a heavenly, hand-sewn creation of crystals and white faux feathers. It was definitely eye-catching the way the crystals glistened and the feathers floated delicately as the model made her way down the runway. The women in the audience held their breaths, enthralled.

The next few gowns will appeal to the sophisticated and classy. Luxurious pastel-coloured Duchess Satin was the main fabric used in this collection, but what stood out was the sparkle net skirts and long trains that trailed behind every gown. Sophia Wedding Collection invites the brides-to-be to indulge in a little extravagance. Their full lace gowns with high necklines are not frumpy at all, especially when cut perfectly to skim the slender curves of the body.

The men were not forgotten. Grooms will look charming, yet smart, in three-piece ensembles in slate, cream and charcoal. Forget the boring black suit that pales behind the splendour of the bridal gown. Tuxedoes were slim cut and stylish, a far cry from the stiff, boxy creations of the past, while formal suits were updated with chic satin lapels.

When the limelight moved on the evening gowns, you can feel the mood in the ballroom shift. The scene changed with a dark silver evening gown, followed in quick succession by midnight green satin, as well as hot pink, purple and tie-dye strapless chiffon gowns. The jewelled tones were bold and daring, but the fabrics were light and flowy—playful even—and are perfect for brides who want a break from the tight constraints of the day gown.

The youthful and experienced designers at Sophia Wedding Collection clearly understand the needs of today’s self-assured bride, and it was obvious every woman in the audience had a favourite amongst the show-stopping 45 gowns on display that afternoon.

Sophia Wedding Collection is at 43 Tanjong Pagar Road Singapore 088464. For enquiries, please call 6323 2876 and email [email protected]. For more information, log on to

Credits: Video courtesy of Sophia Wedding Collection

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Sophia Wedding Collection @ The Regent