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February 2011

Amanda Lee Weddings @ Shangri-La Hotel

You were a guest of a very special wedding. You were able to watch as the day unfolded for the bride and groom. Both of them, and the entire wedding entourage, were clad in Amanda Lee Wedding’s latest collection. Mesmerised, you sighed as the groom kissed the bride and you wondered, will my wedding day be as perfect as this?

It was the 17th of October, 2010 and the venue was the ballroom at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. The centre of the ballroom was dimly lit but vaguely, one could make out the shadows of what seems like a beautifully furnished home. Two by two, the invited guests filled the seats surrounding the set-up, and the lights came on.

The day started with the bride, dressed in a short tea dress, who was checking her make-up in front of the mirror. Two of her bridesmaids came into the room to help her with her hair before leading her out to the dining table, where more of her friends waited.

In another room, the groom was chilling out with his best man. Looking relaxed in sleek grey vests over crisp, white shirts, the men looked ready to take on the Big Day.

At the wedding ceremony, the ladies have exchanged their short tea dresses for more elaborate styles. The bride glowed under the lights in gowns featuring translucent bodices and full skirts of layered tulle sparkle net. The guests were enamoured by a toga-style gown framed by creamy white rosettes and a lace corset. But eventually, she settled for a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline and drop-waist bodice. The bridesmaids wore rich, dusty colours of autumn, such as olive and burgundy, accentuated by intricate lace and embroidered flowers, a stunning contrast against the pure, simple gown of the bride.

In the evening, the atmosphere mellowed over drinks and chatter. The shiny, jewelled tones of amethyst and citrine began to take centrestage. The cut of the evening gowns was streamlined, skimming over the delicate curves of the woman form, while luxurious materials like satin and chiffon reflected light with every movement.

Even after the wedding, the guests were in awe of the loveliness of Amanda Lee’s gowns, which strongly featured her signature style that is well-loved by many. It was an unforgettable show, as all weddings should be.

Amanda Lee Weddings is at 46 Niven Road, Singapore 228394 (by appointment only). For enquiries, please call 6333 6678. For more information, log on to

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Amanda Lee Weddings @ Shangri-La Hotel