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December 2010

Raining On Your (Wedding) Parade

Wish you could have an outdoor solemnisation in sunny—no, wait—rainy Singapore? Of course you can. Hike up your gown and enjoy your day, because you’ve got it all sorted out.

Every Singaporean knows how unpredictable the weather here is. It could be sunny one minute, and raining the next. Still, the sun lovers amongst us simply cannot resist having an outdoor wedding.

When you’ve decided that you want to exchange your vows outdoors, always assume it is going to rain. That doesn’t just mean planning for bad weather, but also setting aside a part of your budget to cater for it. With phone and desktop applications that allow everyone to follow timely weather forecasts, there’s no excuse not to plan ahead.

The obvious solution is to opt for an outdoor tent, especially if the venue you have chosen does not have a “Plan B” indoor location. There are many companies that can customise the look and size of your tent for you. However, they can’t do it for you at the very last minute, so it’s important you plan for this. Even if it doesn’t rain on your wedding, a tent could still provide shade for the seniors and the children.

Another very simple idea is to, well, provide umbrellas. There are many ways you can do this. Go the inexpensive way and purchase the clear umbrellas available at convenience stores, one for everyone. You can also buy large golf umbrellas to be shared by your guests, which is also a good idea if it happens to be an incredibly hot day. A really fantastic way to work the umbrellas into your wedding is to give them away as favours. Buy colours that match your theme or check out Chinatown for the pretty, waxed parasols that look fabulous in photos. Again, you’ll have to prepare these beforehand to avoid the mad rush when the rain suddenly pours down.

One really fun way to bring the sunshine back on a rainy day would be to provide colourful rubber flipflops for your guests in the event that it rains. Encourage them to come in less formal wear, like short dresses, if the morning report doesn’t look too sunny. Put a set of slippers under the seat for each guest with their names personalised on tags and you have a ready surprise gift for them! If you’re only expecting a slight drizzle, why not buy disposable clear ponchos? They come in many colours, and are very inexpensive. They can come in really handy even after your wedding.

Whether you choose to hold your outdoor solemnisation by the beach, at the poolside, or on the greens, always warn your guests on your invitation cards that rain may be expected so that they don’t wear their expensive shoes, and budget for a contingency plan. Despite the 50-50 chance of rain every day in Singapore, outdoor weddings can still be fun if there are no last minute surprises. Why let the weather stop you?

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Raining On Your (Wedding) Parade