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June 2002

Holding an Outdoor Wedding

You’ve been dreaming of a wedding under the stars or of saying your vows on a beautiful beach, but you’re not sure if you should go ahead and do it, thanks to a million what-ifs that are racing through your mind. We share how to accomplish an outdoor wedding with aplomb – from private pool parties to large-scale garden affairs.

Updated July 6, 2011

What if the rains come? What if Grandma can’t take the heat? Do I want to sweat buckets in my satin gown? We’ve heard all these what-ifs and concerns before. And they’re all valid. But with Singapore being the sunny island, why limit yourselves to a traditional banquet in a hotel ballroom or restaurant? Holding an outdoor wedding is gaining a lot of popularity here, and it’s certainly a great way to celebrate the most important day of your life. When you exchange your vows amongst the beauty of Nature, your family and friends will probably remember the romantic moment more than if it were a run-of-the-mill sit-down affair.

The trick of planning the perfect outdoor wedding is not to assume the worst. But yet, it is absolutely important to consider what could happen and come up with solutions for them. Here’s Outdoor Weddings 101 to guide you along.

Things to consider:

You shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, but don’t forget these as well…


Many couples have the misconception that outdoor weddings are expensive. In fact, the actual cost of everything can be adjusted according to budget. Consider how much you’d like to spend, taking into account important outdoor essentials like logistics, photography, catering, sound system and venue décor such as floral arrangements. This is also the time to decide if you’d like to hire a wedding planner to coordinate everything for you.


Not all of your guests will be sun worshippers. When you’re making up your guest list, consider if any of them will have unique needs. The elderly will need to be comfortably seated, while the children should probably not be exposed to too much sun. Do check if the outdoor venue is handicapped-friendly as well.


The fact that your wedding lunch or dinner will be held outside will actually determine the kind of food and drinks you should have. Make sure your caterer has experience planning an outdoor wedding menu because this means they know they should prepare foods that keep well in the heat. Also, alcoholic drinks can be dehydrating so offer your guests a selection of refreshing, cooling choices like iced teas AND fruit punch.


If you’re holding your wedding in a relatively remote area, consider whether your guests might need transport to get there. Not everyone drives, so it’d be A good idea to arrange for free shuttle buses at strategic locations like the nearest MRT station. Your well-wishers will appreciate the gesture.


The heat and humidity in Singapore can be a little too much to bear. If you’re worried that the event may be too warm for some, you can always ask for cooler fans to be installed. That way, your guests will be able to enjoy the proceedings in a comfortable environment – without sacrificing the outdoor feel.

If the rains come…

… it’s on to Plan B. Having a contingency plan while organising an outdoor wedding is crucial.


Many outdoor venues have a “back-up” space that couples can use in case of emergencies, so ask the venue if you will have access to indoor space. However, if you’re holding the wedding in a public space, you might have to think harder to make alternative arrangements.


If you don’t have access to a back-up space, then a proper shelter to shield your guests is absolutely crucial. Make sure that your wedding planner or events organiser understands the importance of a sturdy tent – so it won’t flip over in a thunderstorm. A tip: It has to have thick and weighted sides. Also have carpet flooring and transparent rain curtains on standby so that your guests won’t be soaked to the bone or slip accidentally.


Why not provide your guests with comfortable essentials? Consider printing your wedding program on a pretty fan so that guests can cool themselves. Or give out small bottles of sunscreen to concerned mums. If the weather doesn’t hold up, why not surprise your guests with chirpy wellingtons and personalised umbrellas?

Sun, sand and… shelter

As mentioned, one of the most important aspects of an outdoor wedding is the shelter. This is what will make or break the event. The most obvious choice is to rent a lovely white marquee. If you’re holding the wedding at a hotel, it’s likely that they will be able to arrange it for you, or point you to a trusted vendor.

There are different styles to choose from, so know what you want. A century tent has more peaks with windowed sides – it can be air-conditioned and definitely fits the requirements of a formal ‘do. A frame tent, as its name suggests, is supported by a frame with no poles down the centre. If you’re holding an al fresco wedding in a picturesque location, go for this.

1-TwentySix Beach ing (now closed)

Location, location, location

There is no lack of suitable establishments or lovely outdoor venues in Singapore, but here are some suggestions.


Located on the East Coast beach and surrounded by lush greenery, 1-TwentySix is an ideal choice for holding romantic sunset weddings. There’s a tropical pathway, which leads to two distinct areas for solemnization – the trellised garden or the beach. They have in-house wedding planners too!


A classic choice for couples who want a picturesque garden setting for their weddings, Burkill Hall at Singapore Botanic Gardens is situated on the highest point of the National Orchid Garden. Guests can expect stunning panoramic views of the lush greenery. A plus point: Burkill Hall is a 2-storey colonial house that has been lovingly restored to capture the romance of a bygone era. You can also look at more garden venues we’ve recommended here.


If your romantic dates have centred around visiting exhibitions at the National Museum of Singapore, why not get married here? For an outdoor feel, opt for the Glass Atrium, which commands a view of the exterior façade of the iconic dome. No worries about bad weather, generous space for stage and lighting setup, and guests can actually enjoy banquet-style seating.

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport


Want a poolside wedding with resort-like outdoors in a cutting-edge, city-like hotel with stunning architectural exterior design? If so, then head east. At Crowne Plaza Changi Airport, you could not only hold your wedding on the refreshing poolside deck, but also put your personal stamp on your event with a customised theme.

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Holding an Outdoor Wedding