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December 2010

From College To Corsages

Jeremy Ho, 27, Doctor and Laurencia Wee, 27, Bank Regulator first met in Victoria Junior College as students, and ten years on, they got hitched on 2 October 2010. There’s nothing quite the tale of first love, that leads to a happily-ever-after.

When did you get married?

We got married on 2 October 2010. This marks our 10th year together, hence the choice to be married in October, and incidentally, in 2010.

How did he propose?

We were supposed to meet for dinner after a normal day at work. Imagine my shock when Jeremy emerged from a champagne-coloured London cab at the foot of my office building, all dressed to the nines. I was told not to ask questions, to just “go with the flow”, which included getting dressed in the cocktail dress and accessories which he had brought along. After dinner and the stunning views at the Equinox, we proceeded to the mystery destination, which turned out to be where it had all started – Victoria Junior College.It was an emotional experience for me, strolling around the premises and pointing out to each other the various spots that meant something to us. And when he settled down in front of a piano and started belting out “I love you for sentimental reasons”, I just felt all the thankfulness in my heart, for having the privilege to grow up together with, and now, sayyes to marrying my best friend.

Tell us about your wedding planning process.

Our wedding experience really extended beyond the wedding day itself, because both of us were very much engaged in the entire wedding planning process.

Going “ala carte” really provided us with the flexibility to design every aspect of our wedding, as we were not confined to any specific vendor or package. Of course we were very blessed to be able to engage such wonderful talents to help us pull it all off, from our photographer (Derrick Ong) who made tangible so many precious memories, to our floral designer (Fleur D’sign) who worked with us to bring the feel of an English garden indoors for our church wedding, to the various seamstresses who managed to bring to life my wedding gown and cheongsam sketches.

I have heard many people say that the “ala carte” approach is hard work and unaffordable. I agree with the former, so must say I was blessed with a fiancé who was very supportive and hands-on. But the latter is not necessarily true. We managed to keep within our budget by sourcing for or making certain things ourselves, such as our photo books and montages, decorative items, bridesmaids’ corsages etc. It was all worth the effort.

Was it all smooth sailing on your big day?

The thing about wedding planning is that no matter how organised and meticulous you might have been, someone else runs the show for you. It was quite scary thinking about what could potentially go wrong with so many people (who may not even know each other) involved. The day turned out better than we had imagined, and the joy and love we experienced pretty much made up for any of the bloopers.

Was there an extra special memory you’ll always carry with you that happened at the wedding?

One thing which we are both truly grateful for, which we know we would never be able to experience again in such a capacity, is having all those who are dear and close to us gather at the same place and at the same time, to celebrate love, life and us.

The shared smiles, laughter and even tears of joy and thanksgiving made it all the more genuine and priceless.

Credits: Photography by Derrick Ong Photography Flowers by Fleur D’sign

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From College To Corsages