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August 2010

Once Upon A Time

“Dreams can come true; look at me babe, I’m with you,” Gabrielle sang. For some people, dreams that have come true are just enough, but others want to take it one step further, as with the case of Joseph Ong and Jolene Chong. Having found true love, they pushed the boundaries a little and literally made their union a fairytale dream come true.

Held at Hotel Re!’s Re!Joice Ballroom, their engagement party was nothing short of something that leapt out of a storybook – with fire jugglers, guests dressed in various costumes (we even spotted a Big Bad Wolf!) and Princess Jolene came in a ball gown riding a true-to-life white stallion.

From cocktails in a mock castle courtyard that was mimicked in the ballroom, Ariel The Little Mermaid, Ali Baba and the rest of the fairytale guests were ushered into a dining area that oozed of lavish royalty. Seafoam and white were the relatively subdued colours chosen as theme for the dining area, and it was nothing short of perfect, especially when you have a very colourful spectacle of guests which included Tinkerbelle and Captain Hook (and for once, the two were not fighing!).

The evening ended with the couple cutting their cake, which was a castle-shaped marvel of a pastry which said “And they lived happily ever after.” Of course they did.

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