Whether to serve Shark Fin????


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Dear Wedding Planners,

Should you wish to receive the 'No-Shark-Fin's Thank You Cards', please write to Victor Wu at [email protected].

If you have broadband internet access, you can view a short clip on the Sharks and Shark Finning by visiting http://onezine.s-one.net.sg/_Thur/18042002/Shark/

Should you have problems viewing the clip, you may want to try switching your video player to Windows Media Player or Real Player.

Save Our Sharks!


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I have some of those cards Prionace mentioned (i obtained them fr Victor Wu).

As my wedding banquet is over already, I'd like to pass them to the next couple who may need them. Pls drop me an email at [email protected].


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Hi, I also replaced sharks fin with another soup and used the 'No Shark-Fin's Thank You Cards'. There is a new design now available, plus it's red background thus more eye-catching and the graphic is nicer.


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Yay! Good to see a couple of socially conscious brides here
I never order sharks fin now and decided many years ago that I won't have it at my wedding.

Here's why sharks are not your average chicken:
  1. they are not farmed <LI>their fins are cut off &amp; they are tossed back into the sea to die a slow painful death
And here are more stats on the 'sharks are dangerous' argument...
<ul>[*]In the U.S., chances of getting killed by lightning are 30 times greater than dying of a shark attack. <LI>Bees, wasps, and snakes kill more people each year than sharks. <LI>Drowning, heart attacks, beach accidents resulting in spinal injury, sunburn, cuts from stepping on sea shells, dehydration, jellyfish stings, and traffic accidents going to or from the beach are all far more common than shark attacks. <LI>In 1996 in the U.S. there were 18 reported injuries and deaths from shark attacks, but 198,849 injuries from working with screws, nails, tacks, and bolts; 138,894 injuries from ladders; 43,687 injuries from toilets; and 36,091 injuries while pruning, trimming, or edging plants <LI>Between 1959 and 1990, 5,528 people were stuck by lightning in the 22 coastal states (excluding Alaska) and Puerto Rico, with 1,505 fatalities. During the same period, there were 336 shark attacks in the coastal waters of those states, with 12 fatalities. <LI>In 1987, New York City reported the following number of people bitten by dogs: 8,064; other people, 1,587; cats, 802; rats, 291; squirrels, 95, raccoons, 11; ferrets, 7; skunk, 3. There were 13 shark injuries reported nationwide the same year.[/list]


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I just sent an email to victor but got a bounced mail. I'd like to request for the anti-sharksfin cards. Wondering how to go about it. Anyone any advise? Tks?


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I also opt out of shark fin because we dont eat it personally due to personal beliefs.

Am glad there is a group of ppl who are like that! =) and increasing as well..

I am going to serve 3 treasure soup in place...


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Glad that more ppl are conscious to the poor sharks. They way they die for our food is a bit unhumane....if they din die in such a painful manner, i wun feel so bad gee....

Also, my sis once saw that frogs also die in a painful way. They are being smashed against the wall to knock them out, with their head oozing with blood and skin alive.....my sis happen to see this in a famous geylang frog porridge stall.

I love frog porridge previously but gave up on eating that since she told me bout this..I din know they had to die in this way, sigh.

What other food can I subsitutue with sharks fin ? Hmm, think gotta chk out wif my hotel, if I can replace with Abalone or buddha jump over the wall....with no extra costs.


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Hi Erica,

Me also dont eat frogs.. although I used to love it.. I also dont eat turtle and foi gras .. Tell you frankly all the food I gave up are my favourite. Anyway to stay off meat together will be better but slowy weening myself off meat.. dont know when can be 100% vegetarian!

Anyhow buddha jump over the wall also contain shark fin so that you know. I guess abalone will be better subsitution?

The thing with shark fin.. the content that used to wash the fins are also not too good for human. I was in china a couple of months ago and there was a huge report of this place that got close down becuase they use bleach to process the raw shark fin. Some of the workers' fingers were rotting due to the harsh chemical involved.. they also found a high content of mercury in the fins served which was above the allowed limit.

Gawk.. I got carried away.. never mind me.. =)


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Hi, anyone can tell me if there's any other contacts other than victor? coz my email got bounced back too..


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hi anyone has update on where to get the no sharksfin card? I also intend not to serve sharksfin for conscience reasons.


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halo mintee,

u can get the no sharkfins card from Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) located in Tanjong Pagar... i got 2 cards per table ...

i called them and went down to collect... not sure of their number now as my wedding was some time back.

thanks for no serving sharkfin in ur dinner


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Hi mintee,

Got this info from some other threads. I believe you can try either of these people, and pay a token sum for them to reprint the postcards for others to use:
1. Grant Pereira from Seashepherd Asia - [email protected]
2. Grace Ang from SEC Volunteers (if i'm not mistaken) - [email protected]


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<font color="119911">hi girls, I'm getting the cards from Grace and would like to know roughly how much to give in donation. I don't want to give too little...</font>


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YEAH! Add me &amp; my FB into the "NOT SERVING SHARKSFIN" list!!! we are also very against eating that "tasteless-rubber" thingy that they sell for big bucks!

3 Cheers!


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Hi All, my HTB would not like to serve sharks fin. I understand some replace it with harsma or some sort of soupy stuff with seacucumber, but I personally dislike these. Is there something else similar and interesting that can replace these ?


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hi angelmara, it depends on the hotel that you are having the banquet with. some replace it with lobster soup or birds nest soup


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hi, i'm not serving fins as well... i wan to get those cards.. anyone knows if the wu person is still around? btw, how much you all gave hime for the cards ley? thanks.


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hi guys now the anti shark fin wedding postcards are not handled by singapore environmental council anymore, you can email [email protected] or [email protected] directly to get them. any token amount can lah don't have to be too much!

you can also get anti shark fin angpows (maybe now a bit late for cny but can give at weddings!) at http://www.lovesharks.sg

there is a anti shark fin facebook group especially for singaporeans at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group.php?gid=34443472709.


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you can replace shark fin soup with fish maw soup or crab and corn soup. i think the price of shark fin soup is too expensive for what it is!

i just went to a buffet style wedding and half the people there boycotted the shark fin soup (myself included) so it was even more wasted loh.


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hi guys, being an environmental science major, was wondering how i can spread the environment msg to my wedding guests without coming off as 'telling them off' or preachy... i think the anti-sharks fin cards are wonderful

perhaps can incorporate some nice green postcards holder as well, etc.
in my own experience, when im served sharks fin soup, i will eat it (poor shark already died, and if u dont eat, hotel will discard!). but i will advocate to friends and family not to buy.


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"hmm... actually me considerin it oso but my hubby strongly protested against it. he said "sharks oso eat people" n he doesnt care if sharks become extinct."

Your husband is an idiot.

Next time he goes to geylang and screw some prostitute. He'll tell you: "She oso screw other people."

Just cut his arms and legs off and throw him into the sea, can or not?