Where to buy roast pig (烧猪)?


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Hi all,

got little info to share with ya..
roast pig to bring when return to bride's place, i saw most bring when recieving bride in the morning.... as well cutting the pig must leave the spine connect the head and back area mah..

Luv the pig


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Hi all,

Just to enquire, when and on what occasion should we bring the roasted over? Guo Dai Li? AD? Which day after wedding?

Hope anyone can explain the whole procedure.



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Hi gals
Understand that the cans of pig trotters is needed for GDL for teochew customs to be given to bride side. Now I tried to find from the NTUC, i didn't find any cans of pig trotters. Wonder do you all have the same difficulty? What do you all do? Pls advise. Thanks


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can use ba kwa as substitute. that's what my FW's sister husband bought for GDL. However he did order a roast pig on the AD.


last post was 2008. So where can I get a cheap & big roast pig for wedding in 2010?

I got a quote from a West Coast hawker centre stall, it's 288/388 a pig


reviving this thread!

I saw a bride's blog and there were pictures of a roast pig when the groom went to pick the bride up - it was soooo cool - so traditional and yet kitchsy at the same time, and I bet the roast pig was delicious :D

has anybody done this recently? or planning to do it? the link that somebody else post up on the tiongbahru roast pig is comprehensive, but I wonder how small the small-medium roast pig is?


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I cooked one in my wood oven. Brought the oven up to full heat and let the fire die down. The pig was placed over a roasting tray on a rack, with the nose and ears and tail covered in tin foil, prepped only with a covering of oil and salt.

It took about 4.5 hours to cook, and was FABULOUS, served the Brazilian way with wedges of lime, salt, crusty bread and a herby salad.

It was one of the best meals i have ever eaten.

The day after 3 sets of neighbours knocked on the door and my oven had to be destroyed (unfortunately a non DEFRA certified oven in a smoke free zone.. luckily I have now replaced it with a fully certified oven but have not yet repeated the suckling pig!).


hey, I just had my wedding last weekend. we got a roast pig (small one) from the Basement 4 shop at ION orchard that also sells duck skin. promotion price of S$88!


suckling pig is more tasty than golden pig.
The name of roasted pig is 金猪 or 沙皮猪, for prayer will normally take 金猪 as 金猪 got bone. But 沙皮猪 is more tasty and serve during banquet.

You can buy from ubi ave 2, the smallest 1 is $108 (during CNY).
Normally people will buy from yan chuan roaster but I feel the 1 on the extreme left (when you face the shop) is crispy too, don't know is it because my mum actually air fry it.



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KaiHuat Food and Roasted Supply.

They have both 金猪 and 沙皮猪. Usually wedding will use 金猪.

They have different sizes for different prices also. Small, Medium and Large. The bosses are pretty helpful too.

They usually do supplies to hotels and restaurant.

Their price usually includes delivery as well.

Can try looking for William 96322894 directly.


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You can try to order from this store in jurong:

Kim Soon Whatt Roasted Meat Store
Located at :
Blk 347 Jurong East St 31 , #01-54/#01-55

Opening time: 7am to 12pm daily.

tel: 9819 3358 (mdm neo)

Order from her on my wedding, delivery was on time and roast pig was nice.


gosh seems i am the only hakka peeps getting roast pig...not sure y but it's in our family tradition since my sis time :D


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Dear all,

Anyone bought their roast pig for AD can share where they bought it from? It is a essential for me as I am a Cantonese.