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Hi, does anybody know when is dbs black card day? i understand that on this day, we can get to enjoy 10% discount from shops in taka (including the high end brands).


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Tiffany's grading system has been said to be as strict or even stricter than AGS.
And also, it's a myth that Tiffany is expensive. I've been shopping around and find that Tiffany's prices are comparable to those from local jewellers.

Say a 0.7c, F, VS1 from Tiffany is around $12000+
A 1c, F, VVS1 from Brillant Rose(Soo Kee) or Lee Hwa (Destinee) will cost ard $15000.

The local jewellers' diamond may have better specifications than Tiffany's but on the naked eye, Tiffany diamonds looked bigger and more sparkly.In addition, Tiffany's rings are set in platinum while the local jewellers' tend to use white gold.

My friend got a loose Lazaare diamond from Larry and requested for the Tiffany setting. I could tell straight away it wasn't the real deal. And when I asked, she said yeah it's Larry's. There are also some comments on forums that Lazaare diamonds tend to leak light.

And also, I really don't fancy the sales or trade-in promises offered by local jewellers. After all, it's a engagement/wedding ring. Do you really wanna buy it on 20% sale and then to find out that the following month, they're offering further sale at 30%? And who would trade in a ring unless they are getting a divorce?

Do shop around; you may just be surprised at the prices and quality of the high-end jewellers. They're really not as expensive as many believed them to be.

Check out
They have a really comprehensive site, educating people on diamonds.


Hi gals,

Am new here... have been reading the recent post and finds that most BTB got their rings from either Larry's, T&Co, Sookee or LeeHwa... anyone got any comments about the classic solitarie from Cartier? I personally fancy its settings and did not catch any one in the forum talking about its rings... Understand that the price of Cartier's ring might be too high..but me and FH are still considering and also Goldheart's Celestial...


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Hi all,

I have a pair of Jac Laurent wedding bands from Sookee jewellery to let go at $1288 (auspicious price) (original price is >$1500)

Men's: Designed with a small diamond on band
Ladies': Designed with 7 small diamonds on band.
*both bands are with lightly embossed cursive 'love' word before the diamonds

We have gotten this as a prize and have already bought our wedding bands prior to this.

We have the proof to show this is a prize...and therefore, not to worry about the reason.

Meet up will be arranged with buyer to go down to the store for collection of bands.


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i have $3000 - $4000 worth of cash voucher for sale. can use to buy anything with certified diamonds.

no terms and condition. meaning sales item also can.

i giving 10% discount.

Transaction must be done in any SOO KEE outlets for safety reasons

[email protected]


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Hi everyone!! Am tinking of getting platinum wedding bands, but my wedding is 3rd quarter next year. As it's the GSS now and some jewellers are giving dicounts and vouchers, not sure if it will be a good deal to buy the rings now... Does platinum rings' price increase fast?


just bought my ring... from Poh Heng..

my HTB ring is platinum..



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Dear ladies,

I would recommend Josi Gems at Park mall. They're on the 8th floor. Very good patient service. And no paymemnt required till you see your wedding bands. But they only accepted cash/ cheque. I went there twice with my hubby, Emilyn didnt pestered me to buy at the 1st time, gave me lots of suggestions and help. Their prices is also not as steep as other custom made jewellary. Simon is also very patient and nice... Great service and stress free for anxious brides like me... Will post my bands when i collect them in Sep.


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Hi, I won a set of Fashion Citrine Jewellery set with 40 Citrine(yellow)stones (ring, ear rings and pendant)worth more than $2000, is brand new and selling off at $800.


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Can I ask a stupid question. Generally, how much does a pair of wedding bands cost?

I know it really varies depending on the design, white gold/platinum/etc, no. of diamonds etc. I'm just looking for something simple, not too extravagent.

Say, a simple set of wedding rings, platinum. Maybe something like this?

I just need a number so that I can put it in my wedding budget.

Thanks v much!


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kass: probably about 1k+? i saw some wedding bands at love&co while accompanying my friends and the simpler ones were about that price.


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Juz had my rom this sept.. we bought our wedding band fm Soo Kee, Jac Laurant range.. is a pair of identical simple band.. both with a diamond in the center.. this pair of band cost us $1692..

so think if u set aside $2k.. is a safe budget..

personal experience after wearing my band for 1mth+.. dun get those with pertrude diamonds if u intend to wear it everyday.. else, alittle scatch, u will feel heartache.. coz mine nt pertrude ones, bt the 1st scratch.. i already heartache liao...

scratches on bands are inevitable one.. bt we will still feel pain lor.. so i cant imagine those with pertrude diamonds.. dun think can wear everyday lor..


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Like to get opinions from the couples here. Which design do you think is nicer? My SO and I loved both pairs and can't decide which one to get.



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Anybody ever bought wedding bands from "" before? The prices seem affordable!

But not sure if there is a showroom, or an office, where we can go and view the designs... cannot really judge from pics online leh...


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u can go to a factory at lower delta road where they can custom made any designs for you and somewhat similar to blue nile I have my wedding rings custom made there


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Hi judy,

Both the wedding bands is very nice. No wonder you does not know which one to choose.
i got my rings from defred which is customise too. Spec is not bad.


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anyone custom made wedding bands with LING JEWELLERY???

i just paid 50% deposit with them and i'm really worried about the outcome of the ring.

we gave ling our own design but she won't be doing touch-ups for us, really worried how the end product will look like, my drawing is kind of amateurish.


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Anyone went to Fairy's Inc for customised wedding bands and earrings? Went there once and really like their designs Just wondering how's the quality and pricing like. Am looking at the ones with diamonds.


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Hello all!

I am thinking of resetting my solitaire ring from a simple one to pave set. any jeweller recommendations?


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Hey Mae.. I would highly recommend the good peeps at Vivodiamonds.. My engagement ring's from them.. And we are getting our bands customised as well..

Not only do they hv a good selection of settings.. Their workmanship has been excellent too! U can visit to see your desired setting.. And the prices are also stated..


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can anyone advise how much is a pair of cartier wedding bands? without the diamond one, the really simple thin looking one. Love the slink design.


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Hi all, new to this forum. To Melody, I recently popped by Love&Co, they offering 10% discount, u may wanna chck it out. Any other shops to recommend for their quality & reasonable prices for their wedding bands?


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I think nearer to year end, there will be more discounts in the shops..

@sshl85, can consider goldheart or soo kee as well.. Generally I think the prices of wedding bands are okay if you don't go for too much diamonds on it..


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Hi, anyone considering/bought handmade wedding rings?

I really like this one in 14K rose gold and moissanites:


Anyone bought moissanites instead of diamonds?


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I just ordered a custom handmade wedding rings for me and my fiancee. My ring will be platinum eternity ring with Diamonds, but I also asked could he make the ring with moissanites, and it was possible
and I will have an engraving on the side of the band, and that is why I choose to order our rings from the place. My fiancee will havea titanium band with engraving oin the side as well.
My ring:


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Me and my wife had chosen Lee Hwa Destinee for their designs, and good customer service. We were rather pleased coming 1 1/2 yr into our marriage, but one of the diamonds dropped out from my ring recently. Unfortunately, have no idea how it can drop out despite normal use?
For workmanship, that's one of the worst that can happen. Wonder if anyone has the same experience?


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Me and my wife had chosen Lee Hwa Destinee for their designs, and good customer service. We were rather pleased coming 1 1/2 yr into our marriage, but one of the diamonds dropped out from my ring recently. Unfortunately, have no idea how it can drop out despite normal use?
For workmanship, that's one of the worst that can happen. Wonder if anyone has the same experience?

*updates 5/11

We went to the Lee hwa outlet in marina square to check what can be done. Apparently after some investigation by them, i was offered a replacement.
Very glad and happy for the way they handled this issue.
Cheers and thumbs up to Joseph and partner for providing such excellent customer service!


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Saw a question here about ring resizing and wanted to recommend this place in Lucky plaza given my excellent experience there.
Got my ring resized at La Ronde Jewellery centre in Lucky Plaza, increased from size 8 to 10.5. Very happy with the end product. Diamond ring is as good as new. I can't tell where it's been extended and my diamond is nice and secure. There was a claw that had a bit of defect and he fixed it. He has full facilities to do everything needed at the shop. Polished it nicely and engraved it back. Diamond is nice and shiny again too! I stayed throughout as mine is a 1.5 carat diamond and I wanted to make sure.
The craftsman has over 30 years of experience in jewellery and is very good at what he does. Can also articulate very well what he's doing.