Teakwood Furniture Shops - A Complied List


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Hi all

some feedback for those of u looking for 'balinese style' furnitures...

i went ard looking for balinese furniture for my new home based on this list..very useful =)

1. home merchant - gd service. quality solid teakhouse. value for $$. Look for Uncle Freddy.
2. Lorenzo - more to 'Zen' design.
3.Rainforest Resort Living - limited styles but nice dining chairs
4. Furniture Mall (Geminis Lifestle, Levl 1)unique rattan style furniture

only thing abt Home Merchant is the furniture are made to order thus u will only get ur furniture in abt 2+ mths' time so if u r in ahurry then no choice

I got most of my furn from Home Merchant & Gemini...
Realised dat in Spore there are not many stores dat sell 'true blue' balinese style furn, many are copied into zen style..


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Looking for dark wood furniture and value for money cos on a budget got my dinning set from unik. Any others to recommend around their price range?



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One place for teak furniture, Charis Living at Furniture Mall, #03-26.

Its actually the showroom for Colonial Antiques.


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Workmanship not so good; upon delivery, found some rough edges on drawer and a long scratch on another piece of furniture. Rough edges is due to workmanship and scratch is due to shipping (either foreign or local).

Sent back one piece and still rough although less. Attempted to fix scratch on the spot with filling and colour but the scratch was too deep to be properly fixed.

My point of contention and unhappiness is that I paid hard-earned money not to receive scratched furniture. If that was the case, might as well do second hand store buy and vanish would be just as good?

Better check the pieces delivered and never pay in full from whoever you buy from!


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By the way; the male boss said Scanteak standard is not Teakland Gallery standard.
If you got high standard 'Go Scanteak!'


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Hey Beetlez and little-lamb,

The Pagoda you both talking about issit located at the Kung Chung Road? Near Alexandra Road there whereby lots of car showrooms there? I am thinking of custom made my sofa with them. Please advise are they good?


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Wholesaleteakcompany sells very low quality teak furniture, in my opinion. I knocked on their furniture and got a lot of hollow sounds, so it is not very solid. It is also of a lower grade, stained very heavily. The price is not very low; they just put a price that is five times higher then say they are doing an 80% discount just that weekend (and have the same sale the next weekend). For low quality teak, I saw better value at Vintage in Dempsey Road (beside Woody Antique), if you could just get a lacquer gloss finish on their furniture.

Does anyone here have any tips on how to get furniture made of high grade Burmese teak, not young Indonesian teak that you find more often? Can you recommend any stores? I think the Burmese teak stores like Woody Antique, Barossa and Shang Antique were left out of the above list?


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Hi Mary,

Try Wood Farm at Dempsey Road. They sell Burmese Teak. I customized my furniture with them. Good service.


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anyone bought from furniture from charis living at furniture mall before? if you have, please share your feedback on them. thanks!


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Vade, Charis Living is actually the outlet of Colonial Antique. I got my furniture from them. They re a wholesaler and they actually supply some of their furniture to some teak furniture shop in IMM and Rainforest resort also is their customer.


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1)The Shophouse, 22 Lock Rd, Gillman Village, www.theshophouse.com
2)*Scanteak, 60 Sungei Kadut
3)Mirage Fineteak, 8 Lock Rd, Gillman Village
4)Ethnic Homes, 802 Upper Serangoon Road
5)Teakland Gallery, 20 Upper Serangoon Road
6)Goodfurn, 170 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Tel:6467-5976, www.goodfurn.com.sg
7)Helping Hand, 819 Upper Serangoon Road, thehelphand.3source.org/
8)*The Home Merchant, 11 Changi South Lane, #01-01,Seng Soon Industrial Building, Tel:6546-2378, www.thehomemerchant.com
9)Colonial Antiques, 28 Lor Ampas S(328781)
10)PLANK, Park Mall
11)Natural Living, 9 Penang Rd #03-01, Park Mall, Tel:6334-8928, www.natural-living.com.sg
12)Wihardja, 175 Ubi Avenue 4, Pan Malayan Warehouse, Tel:6741-7717, www.wihardja.com.sg
13)X'tra Resort, 9 Penang Road #02-01 Park Mall Singapore 238459, Tel:6339 4664
14)Pasaraya Gallery, Kewalram House, 8 Jalan Kilang Timopr #01-01 S159305
15)*Marquez, Pasir Panjang Road (opposite PSA/NOL Building), www.marquezliving.com
16)Hendon Creation Pte Ltd, 1 Irving Road #02-00, Neo Industrial Building, Tel: 6289 9379, www.hendoncreation.com
17)Ethnic Woods, #04-08 Paragon, Tel:6737-3440
18)John Erdos Gallery, 83 Kim Yam Road, Tel:6733-5100
19)The Rainforest Resort Living, 6 Jalan Ampas, #01-04, Tel:6338-9788
20)Country Haven, 452 Upper Bukit Timah Road, The Rail Mall, S678206, Tel: 65-67643904
21)Changi village antique's at Katong mall, http://cva.com.sg/
22)Pagoda Teak Furniture, 8 Jalan Kilang Barat Singapore 159351, Tel:6272-5767
23)Vintage Palace Pte Ltd, Blk 7 #01/03 Dempsey Road, Tel: 64792181
24)Teak Villa, 5 Upper Aljunied Link #01-05, S367903, Tel: 62844556
25) Frangipani Homes, 177 River Valley Road, #01-19, #02-26/31, #02-38/40 Liang Court, Tel: 64819182
26)Silver River, 5 Little Road #B1-01/04 & 06 Cemtex Industrial Building
27) Pasardina Fine Living at Dempsey Road


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Hi ladies,

Love this link. Was looking for somehting like this...So which of all these choices had good quality teak at affordable prices? I went to gallery 278 the other day and they have beautiful stuff but the bed i wanted was over S3000!!!

i don't really want to go to all these places and most don't have websites.

thanks ladies!


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Kelvin (kelamel)
do you have a photo? Is that place big? i saw their website....can i ask how much you paid?



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A folding teak chair has the style, comfort and sophistication that suit the outdoor gathering. When buying the furniture to use for outdoor spaces, many people choose a teak chair as it is more resistant to various elements and does not require a lot of maintenance.
I bought a chest of drawers for 2k+ from Woody Antiques and it kept moulding. It was re-varnished a year ago but the white patches are showing again. I also bought a customized bed frame in solid Burmese teak from them. The side panel cracked within a year. Again, I was told that the panel would be replaced but we went bedless for a month. Now, I noticed that after the frame was sent back, the bed was not properly assembled and a nail on the left broke. I haven't gotten a reply from them even thought an email was sent 2 weeks ago...

Hai... Spent so much and thought I'll get quality furniture but...


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Hi All

Tread with extreme caution if you are buying custom made Burmese teak furniture from Barossa Furnishing (business is now at Mid View City at Sin Ming).

I have already gotten rid of all the furniture I bought from Barossa (sold them really cheap to my friend) as I can't stand the sight of his poor finishing quality (numerous construction and finishing defects). Its really an eyesore !

From my experience (after visiting about 20 teak furniture shops, including all at Dempsey Road) I can say Barossa is probably the most expensive in Singapore. And be prepared for an extremely long waiting time for delivery. How does 10 months sound like when you are promised 3 months ?

If you are going to custom made with Barossa (a British owned business), just simply insist and ask him to show you where his furniture is being made in Singapore, he will most probably decline your request. Why ?

It slipped pass my mind, but it is worth mentioning that Barossa also did not issue a Delivery Order on delivery. It is important to have a Delivery Order on all sales proceed in order to record any issues so that matter can be referred to CASE at a later date if required.
If you really insist on having Burmese teak, then go to Myanmar, have it custom made there and shipped back to Singapore. Special permit is required to export Burmese teak as this is a tightly controlled item by the Burmese government. However all this can be arranged by furniture maker. Overall it is still a cheaper option including the air ticket.

From my point of view the good teak furniture shops in Singapore are Woodfarm, Maywell & Pasardina in Dempsey Road, Gallery 278 at River Valley and Leyon Collections at East Coast.


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I agree with Oceanics. Unfortunately, i did not see your warning before sending my vintage teak cupboard to Barossa for restoration. The workmanship, customer service and boss' behaviour were bad. And there was an original piece that they lost but insisted they did not receive. Our family's dejected.

Too late for us
I don't think CASE or Small Claims Tribunal will be of help in our situation, so we didn't pursue the matter. Regretted not recording down the whole time that the boss raised his voice at my husband for no good reason. It was a disheartening experience for us as the item belonged to our recently deceased mum. Can't bring back the original state of our furniture, just as we can't bring back our loved one. So no choice, we have to learn to slowly let go...