Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel - Anyone had your ROM there?

Hui Ling, i spoken to mark as well wif regards to the pink sash. He will be able to cater pink sash for an additional cost. We can share the top-up cost.. Whens ur ROM? Mine is 15 Sept..
u can PM mi for the details


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I never had my ROM there, but I got to say the Poolside is lovely. there is a Rest there name blue potato.
My FH once work there before and I have my Bday celebrate by the poolside. it was great


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folks, jus an update...i went to SMC few days back..met up wif Pris to finalise the details as mine is on 9 Sep..oso took the chance to test my own CD..and hey guess wat? it's worked! i'm soo relieved.
pris oso inf dat she'll be ard on the sunday dat i'm hving my ROM due to the many negative feedback they received on coordination wif F&B side. :p
i oso checked out the hospitality room dat i'll be using for make-up if i'm unable to get an early room check-in. it's not too bad lah, though room will be a bonus.
Ladies, few more days to my rom...
Care to share if anyone did march in during their rom @ poolside? & any pics to share?


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hi evisu, mine was over last sun (9 sept) and it was a beautiful event. Great weather, nice setup, fabulous JP & lovely guests!
i did the march-in...well it was more of a "skip" than "march".
my multiply has some pics taken wif my own camera...there aren't many pics of the poolside area & march-in though cos all wif the main photographer. hvn't receive the "goods" yet.
as i commented in another topic, i was real glad to see pris as she actuali came back on sun (her rest day) to make sure all went well - from solemnisation to luncheon at the cafe. for dat, i give her thumbs up!


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Hi everyone,

This post is probably a little late. But i'm also sourcing for a ROM location.

Can anyone share their package? I'm hoping it will not be too expensive.

Thank you!!
Quite costly i would say .... everything also $$$$$


Thank you for your interest in holding your solemnization event in our
hotel. We are pleased to propose the following packages available for
ceremony :-

- Set-up fee = $700.00+++
- No meals involved

- Set-up fee = $500.00+++ with a minimum guaranteed attendance of 30
- Thereafter, you may proceed to our Ellenborough Market Cafe for the
buffet. Charges for the buffet are as follows:-
* Lunch - $26.90+++ per person
* High Tea (Sat, Sun & PH only) - $22.90+++ per person
* Dinner (Weekday) - $32.90+++ per person
* Dinner (Weekend) - $33.90+++ per person
( Prices are subject to change without prior notice and not
on promotion period)

Package A & B is included of the followings:
- Use of poolarea( Upper deck) for solemnization
- Existing Buffet menu according to package at the Ellenborough Market
- 1 X Oblong Table for ROM
- 1 X Standard Decorations
- 40 X Chairs with Seatcovers
- 1 X PA System with 1 table mike
- 2 X Carpasses
(Back-up room at Blue Potato Terrace for high tea & lunch session)

- We would be able to work out a special buffet to have your meals in
same function room.
- Subject a minimum of 30 persons and above
- Prices for the buffet in the function room are as follows:
* Lunch - $55.00+++ per person
* High Tea - $45.00+++ per person
* Dinner - $65.00+++ per person
- Use of function room
- Buffet menu according to package
- 1 X Oblong Table for ROM
- 1 X Standard Decorations
- 40 X Chairs with Seatcovers
- 1 X PA System with 1 table mike
- 2 X Carpasses

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further assistance.

Best Regards
Priscilia Huang
Catering Sales Coordinator
Swissôtel Merchant Court, Singapore
(Regn. Nos. 199400145W / 52958665K)
20 Merchant Road
Singapore 058281


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I shall be having my ROM at the MCH Ellenborough Cafe. As there wont be any customary dinner, I was thinking if I could actually wear the long gown to both the poolside and cafe. However, I am not sure if I will appear to be clumsy. Can anyone advise?


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hi, just some updates as i have went down to Swissotel to check out the pool area, its pretty cozy and nice. But one of the drawback is we cant have the buffet spread by the poolside. When we went down to Marketplace, we felt that the air ventilation is bad, as the food smell is really bad. Its the kind of smell u will get after eating in airconditioned places. Have any of ur guests complain bout this before for those who had it there?


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Jeslyn> thanks.. he's even better now... he has improved tremendously in his shooting skills..and that means that he has also increased his prices...

you can contact Melvin at

Florence> are u looking for simple or elaborate kind of designs?? hahaa.. not sure if my HB wanna help u do it for a token sum.


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I went to SMC last few weeks. The person who entertained me is Jesslyn, instead of Priscilla.
Actually i really like the ambience. I found the comments from forum that it's a great place to have solemnisation.

Therefore, I went there with my fiance to see around and hope that we can meet the person in charge. Since nobody can entertain us, we just left our contacts.

Few days after that, Jesslyn called me. I asked her, if she can arrange the time to meet and discuss about their ROM package.

Time has been set to be on particular Saturday, at 12.30 since they have the function during that day.
On that day, we came at 11.30 to see about the table set up. We're quite happy with the service that has given to their guests. They serve the mineral water to the guests while they are waiting.
During that day, no follow up at all from Jesslyn about our appointment.

Until the function has finished, we were guessing if it's her. We came to approach her "Hi, Jesslyn?" and Yes, she is! and she was entertaining other people. At that time, i m abit puzzled, why she didnt even bother to call me to confirm our appointment.

At that time, she didnt explain so much about the things. All have to be asked from us and other ppl that she entertained.

I read from comment that Priscilla can customised as your request. But i dont feel in that way with Jesslyn.
I read from forum that the set up of 500 can be returned in case of rain and we use the function room.
I dunno if the rules has changed, but it cant.
That's fine, still reasonable for me.

About the price of lunch is $31++ and Hi tea is $28++. And we're ok with it. Then she mentioned, since our date is on 12th of December, and the promotion period will be from 10th - 31st of December. I m asking her, how much is the price increase in roughly? Because we need to re-consider about the price increase.
She said, she not sure. But usually more than $10 increase!!!!
And that's even not confirmed! I just thinking, is it common to have the increase by 30%???

Then after our meeting, she only asked me if we have any other question? At that time, the questions still hasnt pop up yet and she directly said "if so, i'll drop you the email about our quotation"

When on the way home, i just wondering if she has my email address. She didnt even give her name card!!

So, on Sunday, we came again if we can meet her.
On that day, we met Priscilla, she gave her name card. She said that nowadays, she is in charge of wedding banquet instead of ROM. Therefore, she'll tell her colleague (Jesslyn) to entertain us.

I m very happy with Priscilla's attitude. But I dont know why Jesslyn seems doesnt want to give us a complete information and not accomodate our needs.

On Monday, I called to her office and asking if any promotion that cooperate with SMC? Because I search around that HSBC has promotion.
She said "Yes, we have. If you have HSBC, get 15% discount".

I said "If the HSBC card holder is different from us, for example like my friend. Is it possible to do so?" She directly said "No, the HSBC card holder should be either of you".

If she really feels that want to help us, actually she is the one should tell about the HSBC promotion.

Ok, thats fine. Then i asked her to email me about the quotation. And about 1 day after, only she send the email. (Which actually she has promised to me since the meet up time)

I really dont know if this kind of service is common.

Honestly speaking, I know that the food at Ellenborough Cafe is very nice. I also like the ambience. But i really worry if i still proceed, they wont accomodate my needs.

Therefore, I just asked if it's common about this service?



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yellowrose> hi.. it was a very long post...
i didnnt know they've changed coordinator.. it was Meixian who did the coordination with us intiially.... but we ddint feel she was really that good as well.. but we chose the place coz we liked the place.. and hence we didnt both abt her service.. as long as what we want gets done.. we are fine.. Meixian was rather prompt in doing what she said she was doing.. i guess Jesslyn is just new.and prob not so sure abt what she really needs to do....

if u still wanna hold it there.. just give her a few more reminders loh.. hhee.. anyways.. its ROM only.. not that many things to take note of....

Buffet was $22.80++ during my time.. but because of Mother's Day weekend... it became $28++ and no discount card allowed.. so we spent extra $500++ coz it was Mothers Day weekend plus no discount allowed.. sigh.. it was bad.. but everyone enjoyed themselves.. food was great.. weather was good.. surrounding was nice...
Ellenborough Cafe buffet was great .... kekekekekeke.

yellowrose > Just felt really sad about your encounter and IF i were u, i don't even want to consider that place based on their attitude.


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yellowroses, i believe you.

I emailed them and got Jesslyn too. When I called her to make appointment for meeting, I was more polite then her.

She can tell me, I go home at 630, so my latest viewing is at 530pm. And when I try to fix appointment for another time slot, she really don't budge.

She has cant be bothered attitude which pisses me off too. And it really seems like I am so desperate to hold my solemnization there while she is not even keen to entertain me.

After I meet up with her, can I request for someone else to serve me?


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Yes, we decided to not consider this place anymore

Yah... At first, i still trying to think if i can request to change the coordinator. But my HTB too upset. He doesnt want to consider this place anymore though we like the place and the food.

He said, dont put the risk of our happy day into the person that doesnt want to entertain us.
That is exactly how i feel about her. As if i m very very desperately need to hold my ROM at there.

Anyway, be happy for your wedding preparation ;)

would like to know if any brides had recently held their ROM at Swissotel Merchant Court and can share their pics. cos i would like to know what do their standard deco includes. Wana DIY some of the deco but nt v sure abt their std deco colour combi.
Thanks in advance!!
Hi elaine,
i held my ROM there earlier this month.. but must be prepared.. cos weather is v erratic.. we cant decide if we wana have it at poolside or function room cos the sky was vvv cloudy.. but glad we hold on n had it at the poolside.. no regrets! but cos we had our frens to help us deco the place so we have a very warm and heartening affair! =)


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Hi Clouds and bride-to-be,
I had my ROM earlier this mth, the weather was "sunny" just as what i hoped. Tot it's kinda of hot but at least it is beta den raining.
We had Dr Phua Tan Tee as our solemniser thumb up for him, despite the hot weather he still make our solemnisation a heart warming one. He even do the solemisation in chinese and english so that the elder can understand. I would recommend bride to be to have him as ur solemiser. =)
The hightea buffet was good, just that there was a drink corner at the side but instead of telling my guest that is such a drink corner they actually offer them coke, jucies etc and that cost a addition of $5 per pax, at the end of the bill there was a addition charge of $300 for the drinks.
But afterall it is still a place that i will recommend bride to be to choose.


Just ROM there last week.
Had a great day, gd weather, cos ours is at about 7pm but drag till 7.30pm (due to traffic jam)gotta advise your guest to go earlier. Lucky the JP oso stuck in traffic. haha.
Its a great place.